Sahil Vohra Photography

Pick the right venue

As obvious as this may sound, you need to make sure that the venue is big enough to accommodate all your guests. Everyone should feel comfortable and the space shouldn’t come across as too crowded or mismanaged. Do consider whether your seating arrangements can easily be taken care for all your guests and ask as many questions as you need when you visit. Make sure you don’t simply rely on online reviews or word-of-mouth or even lovely photos. Scan the space for yourself and think about whether you can visualize it all in that environment. Another useful pointer is to be doubly sure about the air-conditioning to avoid a disastrous situation when the space ends up feeling way too stuffy.

How to greet everyone

This can be especially difficult when you’re feeling overwhelmed and unbelievably tired from all the excitement of the day. At the wedding reception, you can consider including tables for everyone and greet guests at their table instead of standing on a stage and waiting for everyone to get to you. It’ll be extremely time-consuming and even a little frustrating. Consider hosting pre-wedding parties and fun photo-taking sessions with cocktails to make sure you get a chance to mingle instead of simply rushing through everything. Do include a number of options to make this job easier instead of restricting yourself to a few ideas.

Let people move around

Don’t restrict people only to tables either during dinner time. You can either choose to include several food stations and stalls which continue to be a popular choice for a lot of couples. This will not only allow you to include variety in your cuisine options but also give your guests some space and a chance to walk around, talk and mingle. Remember that it may be very time-consuming to stick to only a sit-down dinner for so many guests. Plus it’ll be a lot more fun for most of your guests to try out new food stations and explore all the available options.

Consider your history

Have you spoken to the person you’re thinking of inviting in the last five years? This is important to ask because a huge guest list will definitely mean more expenses. While finalizing everything and making sure you’re not sending out unnecessary invites or if you’re confused and can’t decide how many more people to invite, it’s a great idea to ask yourself whether you’ve kept in touch and things won’t be awkward or too formal at the wedding.