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Awkward Wedding Moments And How To Deal With Them

A few slip-ups are expected at every wedding. Here is a list of awkward wedding moments and tactful ways to handle them:

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Indian weddings are a riot of fun, colours, music, dance and lots of emotions. It is the ultimate saga of wedding traditions and familial values. But often times, there can be some unexpected wedding moments that you are not ready or equipped to deal with all of a sudden. But you should be prepared for the most common scenarios. The most common mishaps are usually taken care of by some or the other family member. So delegate this responsibility to someone you trust, can manage things quickly and smoothly, and whom people listen to. Here we discuss what generally occurs at weddings that lead to such awkward wedding moments.  

1. Someone unexpected shows up

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If a guest you weren’t expecting comes to congratulate you, how do you deal with the awkwardness? It’s understandable if you can’t accommodate someone who didn’t RSVP and there are a few ways to deal with a situation like this one. You can politely make room for an extra person or you can politely explain how you don’t have space. You can even offer a few refreshments to the person and thank them for coming.

2. A friend or family member has a tendency to drink way too much

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If there is alcohol at the reception or one of the wedding parties, it’s understandable if you feel concerned about avoiding a messy situation or a ruckus. If there’s someone in your wedding party who tends to go overboard, you can politely request them to be a little careful this time and explain the situation. You can also ask some of your closest friends to tactfully a situation like this one if someone ends up going slightly overboard and avoid drawing too much negative attention to the event.

3. Inviting guests with their adult children who live with them

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If you are not sure about being able to accommodate all your guests, it’s fine to be very clear in your wedding invites and name the people you’re asking to come. This is a little complicated if someone you’re calling has adult children at home with them but it’s understandable if your budgetary constraints prevent from calling everyone.

4. Handling family grudges


There may be people in your family who don’t get along with each other at all and have old unresolved disputes with each other. This is tricky and the best thing to do is keep them apart and carry on with the proceedings normally. They’ll understand too that this is a special occasion. Be diplomatic and plan in advance with your closest family members to keep things stable during your wedding celebrations.

5. Inviting exes


This might not just be related to your ex or your partner’s but even with other situations – like mutual friends. If you’ve remained friends with people who used to date and aren’t sure about the situation, you can talk to them and explain things or request them to be adults and not pick a fight. This will really depend on your personal rapport with them and how comfortable everyone is with the situation.

Some of these might be unlikely with regards to your family, some might feel completely relatable. The wedding is a celebration of all thing happy so you should make an extra effort to avoid such awkward scenarios. It is wedding moments such as these that become sour memories later on. So before any of such situations become a big issue, nip them in the bud. Take help if required because trust us, you will need it. Don't even think about handling everything on your own. That is the biggest myth that will burst the minute you try to handle multiple things.

Tell us your experiences awkward wedding moments and how you handled them in the comments below.