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Why do I want to invite my ex?

If your ex shares a great connection with your family and friends and you’re comfortable with it, it’s okay to ask. It’s also fine to issue an invite if you dated for a bit but remained friends for years even after the relationship ended. However, if you’re seeking revenge or trying to show your ex that you’re over that relationship, don’t do it. If you’re also trying to get on good terms again, a wedding isn’t the right time to do it no matter how benign it may be. You don’t want to get over past hurt in an unhealthy way and cause complications in your wedding festivities.

Is my partner okay with it?

This is, of course, a crucial question. You must communicate with your partner about this and make sure that they don’t have any problems with you issuing an invitation to the ex. The last thing you need is to upset your fiancé(e) right before the wedding and make them unhappy over something like this. If causes discomfort and may possibly lead to a heated row, it’s definitely not worth it.

Consider the worst-case scenario

You have to think about what’s the worst that could happen if your ex does show up to the wedding. Will be there a lot of ugly drama or a drunken brawl?  Or too many tears and flying accusations? Or an argument between the two?  Or will they try to dance with you to a romantic song? You have to take into account all these possible scenarios. You can also ask a friend who knows everything well to look out for your ex and handle the situation if there are any issues, just in case. Do think about all this beforehand before clicking the send invite button.  You don’t want your wedding to be any less than a fantasy and complications may arise if you don’t consider everything carefully when it comes to calling your ex.

Does my ex even want an invitation?

Your ex may feel extremely awkward about showing up for the wedding. Maybe they don’t think your mother will like it if they come or maybe there won’t be anyone to talk to. Or maybe there are too many awkward questions that may be asked and the vibes may just not feel right. Do ask first before sending a formal invitation and if your ex decides to turn down the offer, it’s best to let it go and not start a fight about something like this. Also, you must consider whether your ex still has feelings for you in any way possible. Avoid a messy situation before it comes to pass.