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Wedding Tasks for the Mother-Of-The-Bride

A wedding is a stressful time. It’s a huge responsibility if you’re the bride’s mother. Here are useful tips for you to navigate across the wedding frenzy:

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Volunteer To Help Out

The bride and groom can always use extra help especially from someone they love and trust. If they’re confused about a certain aspect of the wedding – like the wedding venue, for example, ask if you can do the research, call the right people and suggest accordingly. This will be highly appreciated and make things smoother.

Help Your Daughter Finalize the Guest List

It’ll be overwhelming for your daughter to work with the guest list and figure out how many people to send a wedding invitation to. Because you know her network and members of the extended family, you can help her finalize and organize the guest list. It’ll make a meticulous task much easier to complete and work out much better with teamwork.

Offer Moral Support

This is going to be an extremely intense experience for everyone in the family especially your daughter. Offer help, support and let her rant and release pent-up emotions in front of you. Offer to talk to her, guide her through it and make sure she doesn’t keep things to herself or get too stressed. It’ll be very reassuring for her to have her mother support through it all.

Go Shopping With Her

She’s going to find herself getting very confused as she finalizes her wedding trousseau. Having you with her as she goes on several trips will help a lot. You’ll be able to give her honest feedback she can rely on, and it’ll just be nice for her if you’re there to keep her company as she struggles with multiple shopping bags and scouts for the best boutiques and designers.

Offer Your Experienced Perspective

She’s going to be unsure about the religious ceremonies and the meaning of it all. Because you’ve already been so much and this isn’t unfamiliar territory, offer to sit her down and explain what she should expect. She’ll be able to ask you any questions at this point and ease her fears too. If there’s something she’s nervous about, clarify things for her.

For Old Times’ Sake

Arrange a big family dinner and outing for her. It’ll help distract her from her nervousness and she’ll be touched by the surprise. You can even prepare her favourite dish on a quiet evening and spend long hours just talking and laughing about old memories with everyone in the family.