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9 Happy Wedding Anniversary Cake Images in White for Pure Elegance

Wedding anniversary cakes on your mind? Check out these fabulous happy wedding anniversary cake images for some inspiration!

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

Wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate, and enjoy the special day with your loved ones, so go ahead and celebrate it in style. A celebration without a cake seems impossible. So, whether you want to book up a cake for your mom and dad or even for yourself on your wedding anniversary, you have loads of different cakes to choose from. Right from elaborate wine cakes and marzipan to the regular simple chocolate options, you have tons of different designs and flavours to pick from.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate with laughter and love, so go ahead and book that yummy, delicious wedding anniversary cake. To make your search easy, we’ve listed 9 white wedding anniversary cakes just for you. So go ahead and get inspired!

Vanilla Cake with Sugar Flowers and Macarons

Image Courtesy: Let's Eat Cake by Leah

How delicious does this one look, right? This wedding anniversary cake image is a very sophisticated vanilla cake. Perfect for an anniversary gift for your parents, a friend or even your better half. It is a huge vanilla cake topped with sugary iced flowers and macarons.

The creative buttercream white chocolate icing drips add a stunning decoration to the cake. A very delicious and yummy treat for all the guest. You could go for the exact same design, or choose other designs to make the cake even more attractive.

Quite tempting we have to say, and the creative work just makes this cake look even prettier! Happy wedding anniversary cake images like these make you want to slice a piece right away!

White Roses Sugar Flowers Cake

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

If you’re looking out for happy wedding anniversary cake images that are pure white, then you have to check this 3 tier wedding cake in white. Perfect for a 25th-anniversary celebration. You could even choose to go in for a cake like this for a wedding as well. Simple, yet elegant, an all-white cake is definitely one of the best ones you could choose as it symbolizes love and purity that’s perfect when it comes to a wedding.

The cake comes with beautiful roses with silver leaves covered in a swirl design from the top to the bottom of the cake. It is a very simple and neat design that is sophisticated and fabulous. The cake is also surrounded with cupcakes with a silver covering to bring out the best in this wedding anniversary cake. You could choose to serve this cake during the function as well.

Pure White Wedding Cake with Lace and Flowers

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

Are you looking out for happy wedding anniversary cake images for a small gathering of guests? This chic and elegant happy wedding anniversary cake features a pure white cake. It is a cake that has a delicate detail of lace-like designs beautifully placed throughout the cake, giving it a very classy look.

The bunch of iced flowers is placed at the top right corner of the cake and finishes the look perfectly. Each flower is done to perfection, making it seem like a beautiful bunch of flowers. You could gift this cake to your parents on their wedding anniversary or even your better half and watch them go speechless.

Wedding Anniversary Platinum Flower Cake

Image Courtesy: Barila Cakes

A very well designed sophisticated and simple cake for a platinum jubilee – you could even choose the similar cake design for any wedding anniversary if you love the flavour and style of this happy wedding anniversary cake image. It is a great gift for a 70th wedding anniversary. This wedding anniversary cake has beautiful brown and white shades all over the cake.

It’s topped with a sugar iced flower-like design that brings out the best in the whole cake. Order a cake just like this if you want something unique and different for a wedding anniversary celebration. The cake could be made using wine, walnuts and raisins.

If you love your chocolate, then you could ask for your regular chocolate cake as well. With a cake like this, your guest would be craving for more. Now, go ahead and wish the couple – “a very happy wedding anniversary to the best couple!”

White and Gold Sequin Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

This happy wedding anniversary cake image is definitely going to make you go wow! For a spectacular cake with all that glitter and shine, look nowhere else.  This wedding anniversary cake is decorated in the best way possible. It’s a 4 tier cake that comes in layers of pure white and gold. It’s alternatively decorated with both colours to give this cake a very classy look. It is great for a golden jubilee celebration.

The sequins-like layer sparkles and a sugar flower that’s placed at the side of the cake add a complete and stylish design to this amazing wedding cake. You will also find pretty bead-like designs surrounding the white layer of the cake, and these beads are placed in a flower-like pattern.

If it’s your mom and dad’s gold jubilee and you would like to order a beautiful wedding anniversary cake for their function, then something like this would be a brilliant idea!

White Wedding Cake with Turquoise Ribbon and Flowers

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

Looking for a pop of colour when it comes to an all-white cake? Check out fabulous happy wedding anniversary cake images just like these to get inspired right away! Very attractive and cute, this wedding cake design is sure to bring happiness to the couple when they lay their eyes on this awesome cake.

It is a 3 tier cake in white that comes draped with a turquoise ribbon at the bottom of each tier. The topmost layer is covered with white flowers, while the last two layers have flowers placed randomly all over the cake. You could choose a cake like this for a wedding anniversary or even a wedding day.

The ribbon used could be matched according to your wedding theme colour, so that it’s well-coordinated with your wedding décor as well. If you’re having a combination of two colours as your wedding theme, then you could have alternate ribbons running through the base of each layer.

White Wedding Cake with Oreo and Pretzels

Image Courtesy: Bakersmith, Singapore

You can make even a simple cake stand out by just adding cookies, oreo or even chocolate balls and pretzels. If you’re looking out for the best idea, then happy wedding anniversary cake images like this will show you how to get it right. If it’s a small house party or a party with the family, choose something like this and you would never go wrong.

This is a white buttercream cake that’s topped with oreo and pretzels for the best look. It is the perfect sweet dessert for any party or wedding anniversary celebration. The bottom layer is designed with chocolate balls beautifully surrounding the cake, so all the little ones would be tempted to pick and taste right away!

It also has few chocolate balls scattered at the top of the cake, keeping it simple and elegant. There are different flavours to choose from, so make sure to taste and order your cake before the big day!

White Wedding Cake with Silver Detail and Pink Pearls

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

Do you love your tall cakes? If your answer is yes, then take a look at this amazing cake from the list of happy wedding anniversary cake images. This stunning 4 tier cake is unique and simple. It comes topped with a sugar iced flower with little bead-like designs running around the top layer and third tier of the cake.

The bottom tier of this cake is overlapped and looks outstanding. The second tier is covered with silver, bringing out the best in this cake design. A cake like this would be great for even a silver wedding.

So, if you’re having a silver wedding anniversary celebration for mom and dad, then you could definitely choose a cake design like this.

Box of Flowers Cake

Image Courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

This happy wedding anniversary cake image is the ultimate choice if you’re looking out for a pretty cake to gift someone on their wedding anniversary. This is a beautiful white buttercream cake made in the form of a box with pink and purple sugar fondant flowers placed beautifully inside.

Completed with a gift wrap bow on the top, a cake like this is so unique and pretty. Gift this, and watch the couple smile away with happiness!

Check out these wedding cakes and make sure to include them in your special celebrations. No matter what the occasion, a cake has to be on the list no matter what!

Found these cake images interesting? If you did and would like to book a wedding anniversary cake soon, contact our wedding cake vendors for the best.