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Stunning Wedding Invitation Card Designs You Need to Look Before Finalising Your Own

Getting married? Great! Don't forget to invest your time, effort, ideas and energies on this seemingly small detail - The Wedding Invitation. We list how you can send your guests an invitation card that they'll remember for days to come.

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Congratulations on your wedding! We know you're excited and have shared the news all over social media. You're probably busy planning your save-the-date video, envisioning your look at the bridal lehenga, thinking about finding a wedding planner, wedding photographer and the ideal wedding venue for your perfect wedding! But have you spared a thought for the wedding invitations that will carry the merry news to your loved ones? Remember, even in 2018, guests appreciate a heartfelt note on a creative wedding invitation card! In this blog, we help you with a complete guide for your invitation: 

Why Wedding Invitation Cards?

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This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but there are people who are wondering whether such invites are still relevant or not. So, we're addressing the question. 

A wedding invitation card began as a thoughtful note, a privilege and honour for your intended guests and the duty of a host. It asks the recipient to afford their time and availability for a momentous occasion in the person's life - their wedding. It shares the agenda of the day (often as an event schedule or list of events that the person is invited for). It allows the recipient to plan their day accordingly -  or send a declination if that's not possible. 

Here's why you should still do it:

1. Mark of honour and respect for your guests

2. Advanced notice for availability for the day

3. Helps you plan efficient logistics for the day, in terms of guests

4. Outlines all details (Who, When, Where, RSVP)

5. Acknowledges your loved ones (who are often deeply engaged in the Wedding Planning process)

5. Reflect your personality, as a couple

Wedding Invitation Cards - What Kind Should You Pick Up?

Next on the agenda? Deciding what kind of wedding invitation cards would work the best for you, in terms of time, budget, your own style choice, number of guests and the like. Here are your options:

1. E-Invites:

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In 2018, Wedding Websites are becoming an essential affair. And so are e-invites. A lot of people will appreciate the handiness of having the invitation on their phones which can help them sync the event with their calendar, on the maps and always be easily accessible. You can also monitor the RSVP count, using the QR code, in a non-haphazard manner without worrying about the cards getting lost in the mail. A win-win for both, your guests and you.

2. Printed invitation cards

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Sure, the digital invites will be handy for a lot of your guests but give due consideration to the ones who might feel handicapped on receiving a digital version, especially the elderly. So, to stay safe, it’s best to send out printed invites with all the details, including a map with directions to the venue.

3. Invitations with Giveaways/ Wedding Favours:

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The traditional sense, especially in India has included a sweet treat with the invitation to sweeten the news for the guest and ensure a pleasant experience. Over time, the sweets have been replaced with modern gifts or wedding favours. Here are two ways in which you could do that.

4. Boxed Invite

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A lot of couples are choosing to send boxed invites with the invitation and wedding favours packaged as one. This sends out a warm message of how cherished their presence will be at your wedding. You can offer desi edibles like dry fruits and chocolates or opt for the unconventional green teas, exotic coffee beans, scented candles, care packages and much more.

5. Bespoke Invitations

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As you set out to look for wedding invitation cards, the hundreds and thousands of designs really make you wonder how you will make yours stand out from the rest of the crowd. If your idea of wedding invitation cards is to introduce your story to the guests and none of those templates brings your story alive, why not opt for customised creative invitations. There are vendors who can actually design quirky or traditional wedding invitation cards tailor-made to your expectations without costing you a bomb. And for inspiration, you can always look at the creations of the legendary Entertainment Design Company that they craft especially for the elites like Virushka's wedding, Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai's wedding, King of Bhutan's wedding to name a few.

6. Wedding Story/ Photo Keepsake

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Wedding invitation cards now are not only just pieces of paper tucked in an engraved envelope but much more as it carries within itself the beautiful tale of the love and bond that two people share. You can use your invitation cards as a display of affection and telling the world about your romantic love story. It can have a picture of the design of the place you met or something that you both cherish and carries a meaningful bond with. Finding a perfect match to spend the rest of your life is not easy but telling everyone how you both find a perfect solace together would really be inspiring. You can even get your wedding invitation cards customised according to your favourite movie, book or even the game.  You would just have to keep that creative energy flow which would help in creating a perfect masterpiece of your wedding invite.

How To Choose Your Wedding Invitation Cards:

Design Dimensions

1. Discuss What Kind of Invitations You Wish To Opt For. Is it the printed one or the digital one or the boxed invite with goodies and wedding favours. Get your priorities set before you pay the designer a visit

2. Opt For Rough Figures For Your Wedding Guest List

3. Research and Finalise on Inspirations. Create a board such a Pinterest and keep adding the designs and styles that you love most

4. Discuss Budget Options With Wedding Invitation Vendors based on the above three steps

5. Close on Your Wedding Invitation Cards

Expert Tips to Keep In Mind:

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  • Discuss with your partner the styles you prefer
  • Research and find inspiration
  • Finalise a unified theme for all of your section in the wedding card
  • Go through the selected pieces in person
  • Finalise upon the texture, size, colour etc.
  • Decide the typography and invitation wordings
  • Provide all the necessary information
  • Pay attention to the packing of the invites
  • Always proofread the cards to make sure there are no mistakes

In the end, remember that your wedding invitations are a core reflection of your own sense of style, design and the import you place on your guests. Get your cards printed accordingly. Your wedding invitation card is going to be the first official announcement of your couple and your wedding, so make it worth it. It will forever exist as a memoir of your union so by a lot of thought and creativity as you sit with your designer to curate a bespoke wedding invitation card.

What did you think of these hacks on finding the right wedding card design? Tell u though the comments!