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6 Simple Ring Ceremony Cake How-Tos To Land A Divine Dessert For Your Day

What goes into selecting the perfect cake for your ring ceremony? A lot of thought, sure, but how do you end up with the finest fit? Go through this guide for selecting your ring ceremony cake.

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Taking a leaf of out of western wedding traditions, couples nowadays are celebrating the wedding festivities with the cake cutting. If you're planning to do the same for your ring ceremony, you will need a phenomenal cake that suits your event well. That implies in every way, the theme, the size, the flavours, the designs and the budget, of course. So, to help you finalise your ring ceremony cake, we have prepared a simple guide that will help you choose among all the options available today. 

1. Choosing a style

Baked by Ayesha, Gurgaon

Take a call on the kind of dresses and the reception decor you want to go for. All of that would serve as the starting point of what the design and structure of your ring ceremony cake should be like. Look for a cake that compliments the outfits that you and your significant other wear, or the ainteriors of the venue where the ceremony is going to take place, or even the menu of the occasion.

If you want some colour to pop up on your cake, make sure you give your baker the basic colour scheme to work with. Make the cake an integral part of your ceremony and not just a standalone piece.

2. Choosing a shape

Baked by Ayesha, Gurgaon

Wedding cakes are typically multitier and well-structured. You can go for something simple or something elaborate - as long as it suits the event. A formal ring ceremony cake is usually round, but you can even go for a square or a hexagonal one to make things interesting. The levels or tiers can be stacked right on top of each other to achieve a solid look, or with a little spacing between them for a breezy feel.

3. Choosing a size


Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you’ll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more. A venue with high ceilings calls for a grander-looking cake, maybe one with columns between the tiers. A cosier venue should have a cake with the tiers stacked on top of each other for a more compact feel.

4. Choosing a flavour

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Regardless of how much you may labour over how fancy your ring ceremony cake looks, what it really comes down to in the end is the taste. Taste trumps all, and it should be your point of focus when going cake-shopping. You can go for a classic flavour like vanilla, but also consider some new-age ones like chocolate, lemon, carrot, and hazelnut. On top of that, you could have some fun with the fillings to add another layer of flavour. This could be done with either buttercream or fondant. Buttercream can make a cake really luscious and delectable. On the other hand, fondant has an almost hypnotising level of finishing. For a cake that has the best of both, you can go for a cake that has a layer of fondant over a buttercream frosting. If you want to be even more adventurous with your ring ceremony cake, you can choose to adorn it with jam, lemon curd, fruit purees, whipped cream, or chocolate fudge.

5. Keep the cost in mind

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A ring ceremony cake is often priced by the slice, and the cost varies by how much details are needed in the design. The cost increases with each little detail that's added to it. For example, fondant is costlier than buttercream. In addition, if you go for elaborate designs or handmade detailing, the price shoots up.

6. Alternates to cake

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Fun Tip! Try to garnish your ring ceremony cake with fresh flowers. Find out if the cake designer will do this for you, or if they would be willing to work with your florist to achieve your vision for the cake. A substitute for a typical cake is many mini cakes, one for each guest. This, however, can be an expensive option as each mini cake will require its own decoration, and may even need a separate box for each for transportation.

Multiply it by however many guests you’ll be having, and you’ll see that this can quickly up the cost but if you’re planning a small wedding, it’s definitely worth going the extra mile.

Take notes of factors mentioned here and contemplate on them according to your requirements. The choice you ultimately make will surely bring a smile on the faces of all your near and dear ones when you cut that ring ceremony cake. You can even plan a soundtrack for that moment and give it to your wedding DJ in advance.

This will surely make the moment magical and give you some of the most spectacular photos of the day. Tell your wedding photographer capture all the candid shots at the time of the cake cutting. And of course, don't forget to smash some on the groom's face. (just kidding)

Share your journey of selecting a wedding cake with us in the comments below.