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5 Timeless Wedding Cake Trends That Will Sweeten Your Wedding

Looking for design ideas for your wedding cake? Here is a little inspiration and tips on wedding cake trends to help you customize yours.

The Hot Pink

Wedding cakes are one of the most popular traditions that we’ve adopted from the west. And their Indian versions are decorated in unique styles and colours inspiring newer wedding cake trends. You can see cake toppers in the form of Indian groom in sherwani and a lehenga-clad bride or a dholak and even wedding hashtags are imprinted on the cakes these days. Expert bakers combine the classic and latest wedding cake trends to create some of the most breathtaking ones in beautiful bright colours like hot pink, mustard, aquamarine and the likes. To give you an insight into the elaborate world of wedding cakes, here are the most popular trends that all the experts swear by.

Artsy cakes

If you love art and want your wedding cake to reflect the same, you can totally ask a vendor to customize a cake with a beautiful design for you. Marbleized cakes or even stained-glass paintings will make your guests gasp at the sheer beauty of it all. However, remember to keep other details like the tiers simple to ensure that the final effect isn’t too chaotic and all over the place.

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Metallic styles to the rescue

This is something you can think about trying if you’re all about vintage feels and classic vibes. Why not opt for gold or silver and play around with the details? If it feels a bit too much for you, consider adding elements like sparkle. This wedding cake trend will look good in all shapes including the classic geometric styles. Remember that this is a glamorous option and will perfectly complement your modern wedding theme.

The Hot Pink

Classic white

You can opt for a timeless look and settle for white on white for your wedding cake. Add a few fun elements of several tiers, beautiful embellishments, intricate details, personalized messages, a pop of colour and more to make your cake even more special. You can also incorporate unconventional shapes to give it a different kind of appeal. An upside down hanging cake is one of the wedding cake trends that look really captivating in the ivory shade.

The Hot Pink


Semi-naked or Half-dressed cakes

These evolved from the wedding cake trend of the extremely popular naked cakes which got a lot of attention in the past few years. A thin layer of icing is trapped in the crumbs of the cake before frosting. The cake is essentially bare; it doesn’t even have frosting on top but catches your eye with floral details or a striking cake topper. This really is a great option if you’re not big on old trends and prefer opting for something more experimental and edgy.

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The Ombre effect

Who says ombre is a trend just for your hair or dresses? You can opt for an ombre effect for your wedding cake too and make it look so good; you’ll want to gape at it for a good while. You can choose a combination of colours if you like and switch to either a retro style or a more modern version. There’s a lot of variety here for you to pick from. You can keep it as classic as it gets by choosing ivory with an ombre effect.


Another raging wedding cake trend is getting one for other nuptial ceremonies like engagement, mehndi, sangeet or reception. These can be in beautiful mehndi designs like paisleys, motifs of your lehenga and even in the shape of an Indian bride. Discuss with your baker for more tips to personalize it.

We’d love to hear how you created your unique design idea so please leave a comment below.