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Go Green! Eco-Friendly Wedding Reception Ideas That Are Also Smart and Hip!

Want to plan your reception with a Green theme? Here we have an exclusive article for you with some super smart Wedding Reception Ideas that are also environment-friendly. Keep reading to know more about some pro-nature concepts for your reception.

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After all those months of planning your engagement and the wedding, it's time for the final segment- your reception night. And just like you chose to go green for your wedding as well as your engagement theme, why not doing an eco-friendly reception too? We have come up with the whole list of wedding reception ideas that are stylish and yet nature-friendly that you can incorporate in every aspect of your event. From reception catering to your bridal outfits, we've got everything covered- Green themed! Take a look.

 1. Green Catering

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When you're looking for eco-friendly wedding reception ideas in the wedding catering area, think recycled plates and glasses or bamboo sweet-baskets. Here are a few interesting "Green" ideas you can go for while organising the food and beverages:

  • Serve sweets, desserts or starters in banana leaf-plates or Sal leaf plates instead of using plastic. You can use sturdier recycled bamboo plates to serve the main course food. Glass, ceramic or porcelain are good options too.
  • Donate all the extra food to an NGO. Keep their contact numbers handy and call immediately after the event is over.
  • Make it an absolutely NO Plastic ceremony. Use glass or steel water bottles and water glasses. In fact, use huge earthen pots for storing water and small Kullads (earthen cups)  for tea/coffee. Get them hand-painted or coloured. They're 100% eco-friendly and look extremely artistic.
  • Use as much local produce as possible. Ask your wedding bakers to use fresh milk and eggs for cakes an sweets. Fresh and locally grown produce would mean fewer storage requirements and hence lesser use of refrigeration.
  • Plant basil, thyme, lemon or rocket leaves and other herbs on food tables. Your guests can appreciate the decor while they can treat themselves with some fresh herbs!

 2. Green Decor

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As far as your reception decor is concerned, the number of "green" wedding reception ideas can be huge. You have a lot of scope to recycle old stuff as decorative items and still make your reception venue look stunning. Here are a few tips:

  • Use old banglesRajasthani umbrellas and large hand painted earthen pots for decorating your reception venue.
  • Instead of lights, use earthen lamps (Diyas), mirror and water reflections.
  • Use colourful dupattas and sarees as drapes to decorate the stage area, stairs and entrance.
  • Instead of real flowers, go for dried fern streamers or paper flowers.
  • Decorate guests' tables with handmade terracotta plant pots.

3. Green Gifts

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If you're attending a green wedding event, how about some eco-friendly wedding reception ideas for the wedding gifts? Chuck those conventional flower bouquets and extravagant gold or silver jewellery sets and go for some organic gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organic tea or coffee packs.
  • Handmade fruit baskets.
  • Bamboo or cane jewellery bangle boxes.
  • Plant saplings, herbs and seeds.
  • 'Gift a smile' cards or donation to an NGO.
  • Jute bags, terracotta jewellery, handlooms and artefacts.

4. Green Outfits

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Now let's talk about your wedding dress! So what could be some interesting wedding reception ideas as far as your wedding outfit is concerned? Let's take a look:

5. Green Venue

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You can go green while choosing your reception venue too! Here are some inspiring wedding reception ideas for you to consider:

  • Go for some creative DIY decor ideas and turn your backyard or courtyard into an attractive reception venue.
  • If you're having a destination beach wedding, just use some colourful cushions, mattresses, chairs and bolsters and your reception venue is ready! In case of a forest wedding, just add wooden chairs, logs and lanterns to deck up the venue with jungle vibes.

6. Green Music

While choosing the music for your event, here are some amusing wedding reception ideas. Go for a live Shehnai instead of a DJ to avoid all the noise pollution. You can also hire folk dance and music performers for a rustic touch to your reception theme.

With the mentioned wedding reception ideas and your own creative inputs, there is so much you can do with an eco-friendly theme. Use cloth, paper, jute or woollen wraps for your wedding packing. Recycle as much as you can. And if at any point you feel you're running out of ideas, consult a wedding planner. Communicate your whole environment-friendly theme idea to them and how you want your reception to be executed. Mention your theme on your digital invitation and request your guests to adhere to the theme as much as possible. Celebrate your love and togetherness while you give a little something back to the mother nature!

Do you have more ideas for an eco-friendly wedding event? Share them with us in the comment section below.