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These Red Theme Decor Ideas Would Look Beautiful for the Wedding Day

The decor of your wedding venue is a big thing. It sets the tone of the whole event. What better way to depict your love than to go for a red theme decor on your big day. It looks classy, elegant and romantic. Here are some ideas to choose from.

Abhinav Bhagat

One of the main things in hosting a wedding is the decor that you go for. It's more important than anything these days. Moreover, there are so many crazy yet cool ideas that can be employed for the decor. However, one of the most lovely and classy routes to take is a red theme. From the lovely red roses to the table decorations, there’s a lot you can dabble in with this colour. Here are a few ideas you can use for your wedding decor.

1. Red And Golden

Abhinav Bhagat

These two colours look beautiful together. Being as both are universal colours they complement each other effortlessly. There is definitely a simplicity to this decor which is why it looks so stunning. Do away with those Oranges and Yellows, because this combination is perfect for the day event. We love how the decorator has amped the red theme with the addition of the green coloured leaves. Surely, adds a pop of colour.

2. The Red Linen

Abhinav Bhagat

Surely a lovely entryway, these curtains are super trending these days. Especially with these small chandeliers. Pairing up the red curtains with white flower garlands was a really good idea. Red and white anyway a lovely combination together. If you plan to add this to your red theme decor then a few candles somewhere along the passageway would look really elegant.

3. A Beautiful Mandap


This Mandap is so stunning! Who wouldn’t want to get married here? A perfect addition to your red theme decor this Mandap is perfect for both day and night function. The huge bells look perfect for the day function. You could also use it for the night function by weaving little fairy lights through the flowers.

4. A Beautiful Chandelier

Abhinav Bhagat

Such a chic addition to your red theme, this chandelier would be perfect for the cocktail night. The bits of crystals in the chandelier look really pretty. We also love the little elements that have been used as hanging decoration items, they are making the prop all the more trendy. With decor based around something like this, you could surely have a carnival theme for the cocktail. Trust, us people will not forget your cocktail party.

5. The Plush Table Setup

Wedding Decor India

Truly a setup for royals, it is lovely how the decorator has gone for velvet seat chairs. Even the table cloth is velvet. Undoubtedly a royal setup. The simple round candles and low hanging chandeliers take us back in time. And the roses are definitely the finishing this table needed. Apart from that, the pop of white flowers perfectly balances out this red them decor addition.

6. Lights And Cages

Enjay Events & Entertainment

Bird cages are everywhere these days. And why not? They look super chic and pretty. The aesthetic of this red theme entryway is just perfect. The attention to detail is impeccable too. Not only have the bird cages been used as a hanging but they too have been decorated with hangings and flowers. Adding those little bulbs to the mix make this a super elegant decor too! You could surely add an enormous and stunning flower vase in the middle to amp up the setup a bit more.

7. The Elegant Canopy

Enjay Events & Entertainment

The stage! Of course, it is the most important part of a wedding. That is where the bride and groom will be seated, so it’s only fair that the decor does justice to it. While the canopy maybe simple in colour, the flowers and chandelier definitely boost it up. More than the roses it’s the green strands through which the roses hang, that add colour and bring the look together.  

8. A Flower Ceiling

Shyamalee Thevar Events

If you have a beautiful ceiling for the entryway then you are surely off to a good start. A ceiling like this would look exquisite as a part of your red theme decor. The graceful red flowers do a great job of filling up the area while the bird cages surely make up the aesthetic. It's amazing how the bird cages have been employed as lamps. The lights within the cages are surely the highlight.

With these lovely red theme ideas, you are sure to host a lovely event. The vibe would be undeniably romantic and yours will become a wedding to remember. A quick tip: Now that you have the decor decided, you can also consider your outfit accordingly. Believe it or not, deciding your outfits according to the theme can make for gorgeous pictures. So, get the interior designer in you to work and start whipping up some ideas for your big day.

What red-themed decor element would you go for to bring to life the wedding you always dreamed of hosting? Tell us through the comments!