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Unique Themes for Your Wedding Decoration That Will Turn Your Wedding Dreams into a Beautiful Reality

Wedding is the right time to work with a theme that has always fascinated you. Check out these fun and unique themes for your big day and turn your wedding venue into a sublime dream come true!

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Hosting a wedding for yourself or for someone close to you this wedding season and don't know where to begin from? Well, it's alright. It happens to the best of us. First and foremost, before you dive right into booking a wedding venue or hire a wedding photographer or perhaps begin the hunt to search for a bridal lehenga or a groom's sherwani. there is one last thing you must consider. Yes! It's deciding the theme of your wedding. What's it going to be? A unique theme or something to do with pastel or something absolutely sensational? There is a lot you can do when looking for a unique theme for your wedding. From shifting between choosing a colour for your theme or a concept, it is quite confusing. These are some of the unique themes that are completely breathtaking and we couldn't take our eyes off of! From colour coordinated combination to a set of colour that you think will bring the best of your wedding decoration - these unique themes are completely one of a kind. 

Take a look at a few of these pointers and get going!

1. Embrace your inner wild child

FNP Wedding - Decor

No matter how crazy it sounds. If you really love it, go for it. Baubles, beautiful lights, dream-catchers – there’s a lot you can look at. You can put up quirky messages and pictures for your guests and even write down family histories in brief in cute little charts and cards all over the venue. Your entire setup can revolve around one thing you particularly love or attracted to such as freedom, birds, angels’ wings, and more. This is one of those rare unique themes that make you believe in the theory of anything is possible.

From oversized chandeliers to floral chandeliers, there is nothing we would change about this spectacular decor inspiration. But, it doesn't end here, for a unique theme such as this, you can choose any colour combination that you please and have your decorator ensemble everything within the set colour palette. 

2. Go traditional

Show Makers India

If you don’t mind being old-school, you can even choose traditional themes from your home state and allow everything to be inspired by it. From the cuisine to your décor and accessories, you can experiment with everything if you wish to. You can even get your wedding band members to dress up traditionally and play musical instruments synonymous with your native place. This is a lot of fun and will offer something new to guests who aren’t as familiar with the local culture. Kids will really like this one too, and you’ll be able to play around as you wish by adopting subtle or bolder tones.

3. Vintage everything

FNP Wedding - Decor

You really can’t go wrong with this one ever. Embracing a style that has lingered for decades with elements such as beautiful chandeliers, delicate ornaments, fresh flowers will always work, no matter what. You have many options to work with such as candles, pearls, lots of lace, a glorious white cake. Look online for ideas and ask your wedding coordinator to help you. It’s a versatile theme which will make things a lot easier for you.

4. Use more than one idea

Chattarpur Central

If you love a classic look like black and white or black with shades of gold, you can incorporate that into the venue and the décor. However, you may want to highlight a certain aspect of your personalities such as your love for literature and words. You can put up your favourite quotes around the venue in fancy lettering. This will look really creative and eclectic. It’s a great way to avoid being boring and make things interesting by personalizing your wedding in every way possible. You can even include a quote on a massive wedding cake or send out invites with a lovely poem attached.

5. Talk to some people

Sanskriti Greens, Mehrauli

Sometimes talking to a bunch of people is your safest bet. Get in touch with a few friends who have a creative side to themselves and take their suggestions on colour palettes, fabrics, whether to go bold or minimalistic. You'll be surprised by how many new things you'll get to learn. 

Now that we have fed you some pointers to keep in mind when finalising a unique theme for your wedding, we hope you feel a little more confident than before. Put your mind to work and work out a unique theme for your wedding and make it the talk of the town now! so, which one of these unique themes did you love and would be using for your very own decor inspiration? 

Share your unique wedding theme ideas with us through comments and let us know if we missed out a unique theme that has been the rage this wedding season.