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7 Plain Saree With Heavy Work Blouse Designs That Work Perfectly If You're The Bride's BFF!

You are your best friend’s pillar through the wedding shenanigans. Thus, you are undoubtedly an important part of her wedding day. It’s important that you look lovely. Here are some ideas for plain saree with heavy work blouse to help you do that.

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Being the bride’s best friend comes with a lot of responsibilities. From handling her tantrums to making sure everything goes perfectly so that she doesn’t freak out. All this while managing to look stunning. Sounds tough, right? Well, not so much. When you have to be on your toes handling those beautiful but heavy lehengas become a task. Thus, you could go for a lovely plain saree with heavy work blouse and look gorgeous without having to drag the outfit around. It’s comfortable, light and unequivocally elegant.

Here are some lovely options to choose from.

1. The Golden Work

A Knotty Tale

This extremely simple silk and plain saree with heavy work blouse is perfect for the reception. The leafy golden work woven on the purple blouse looks really beautiful. The slight border on the sleeves complements the one on the pallu and that is what makes this a great combination.

Pairing it up with matching gold jewellery was the best idea. Do go for something like this if you want to look opulent without effort.

2. An Exquisite Back

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Orange is a lovely vibrant shade which you can don for the wedding day. The best part about this plain saree with heavy work blouse is that the work extends to the back. Moreover, it incorporates the architecture of a temple in its design, that’s brilliant really!

The hardly visible golden printed work on the saree is what is making it look so lively. Go for an up-do where your bridal hairstyle is not open so that the lovely back is visible.

3. The Beautiful Sleeves

Lumiere Wedding Company

The grace this plain saree with heavy work blouse emits is to die for!  White is as plain as it gets and the fact that this saree has the same coloured work on it makes it really subtle. The loveliest part, without a doubt, are the blouse’s sleeves.

The net sleeves with matching work is a brilliant idea. Pair this up with nice pearl jewellery and it will make you look like an angel, literally!

4. The Embroidered One

Lumiere Wedding Company

Such a polished and rich design, this plain saree with heavy work blouse is so dreamy. Extremely stately yet makes one look so lovely. The same coloured threadwork on the blouse is amazing. And oh! The colour. Olive green is always a good idea.

The net saree being completely plain and translucent has been well utilised in the blouse that can be seen through the pallu. A lovely concept suited perfectly for the Sagan ceremony.

5. With The Belt

Parul Gandhi

This simple drape saree is the perfect plain saree with heavy work blouse. You do not even have to worry about draping it let alone carrying it, which is super easy. The sleeves of this heavy work blouse look amazing and the intricate katt-dana work is beautiful too.

It really is the highlight of the outfit. What’s also noticeable is the attached belt, it effortlessly completes the look. You could pair this up with some light silver jewellery and lovely curls for the hairstyle.

6. The Brightest Saree

Roma Ganesh Photography

Such a bright and lovely combination this plain saree with heavy work blouse is. Although the saree is completely plain it looks brilliant with all the colours in it. The yellows and pinks in the saree against the bright blue blouse are super pleasing to look at.

Moreover, the only visible part of the blouse has been brilliantly utilised with heavy work on the sleeves. We would even suggest wearing this for the Mehndi, especially considering how vibrant the outfit is.

7. The Royal Colour Black

Roma Ganesh Photography

Who would’ve thought that orange and black would look good together? It is the little bits of gold that has been incorporated in both parts of the outfit. The printed golden work on the saree in almost unnoticeable and that is why it looks so subtle and chic. Matching that with golden leaf and flower work on the blouse, makes the whole thing look cohesive. Pair this up with a deck of pretty bangles and you are ready to rock the wedding day outfit.  

These effortless and easy to carry ensembles will surely do you well while you prance around. Make sure you pair up some statement jewellery with the plain saree with heavy work blouse. Since your saree is very light, going for heavy jewellery is something you can surely opt for. Remember to sort your outfit out on time. That way that you can completely focus on your BFF’s big day and help her get through with ease on her special day.

Which one out of these is your favourite?