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India is so diverse in a culture that literally every season is wedding season. While North Indian brides like to experiment with their hairstyles for their wedding functions, South Indian brides prefer their traditional and timeless classic braids, embellished with flowers and jewels.

If you’re anything like Monica from the sitcom FRIENDS, you would have already decided everything about your wedding – outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. But if you’re still confused about what hairstyle to choose for your big day that would compliment your outfit, worry not, we’re here to help!

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

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Indian bridal hairstyles are all about finding what's right for your bridal look, comfortable with you and goes well with your face structure. A fashion trend may come and go and be an inspiration for your chosen piece, but ideally shouldn't dictate your choice.

Bridal Hairstyles for long hair

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What is the point of having gorgeous long hair and hiding it in a bun? Gone are those days when brides did their hair in a simple bun. Have a look at the gen-next brides who have all chosen to flaunt their beautiful hair. As one bride opted for side-swept curls, she added a set of bridal accessories like the passa on the other side to add drama. Another bride opted to keep her hair straight, clutched partly and added a flower hair band for her white wedding.

Face type to hairstyles:

If you have a round or an oval face, it’s best to let your hair open – straight or curls. This type of hairdo takes away all the attention from your chubby cheeks and double chin. Avoid too sleek and straight hair as this can make your already round face appear rounder. For a heart-shaped face, you want to take the attention away from the forehead and appear to have a fuller chin and cheeks. And then, there are specific styles which work best with square-shaped, rectangular-shaped or diamond-shaped faces. Here are a few pointers for all of them:

  • Round face - Open hair with a sideways fringe, fringe with bun or braid
  • Oval face - Open hair, straight or soft curls or up done hair
  • Square face - Long, layered hair with a mid-parting
  • Diamond face - Layered soft waves
  • Heart-shaped face - Flowy waves, curled or tucked below chin length, either in side-swept style or with a fringe
  • Triangular face - Shoulder length hair, with sideways bangs

Here are a few hairstyle inspirations:

The long braid

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Braids – whether they’re fishtail braids or waterfall braids – are extremely loved by the brides. Braids usually work well on brides with medium or long hair, but fret not, if you have short hair, you can opt for some hair extensions and you’re all set.

South Indian brides are known for accessorising their long braided tresses with gold jewellery, gajra, juda pins and a lot of hair jewellery which transforms them into a complete traditional bride.

Here are a few other inspirations:



Flowing Tresses


As we discussed above, there's nothing more freeing than letting your hair run in the wind. Here are a few inspirations:

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Bridal up-do

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The classic bun, curly waves pinned to the top of your head and carefully done up twirls - you can have all of these hairstyles and tuck them under your bridal dupatta.

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Bridal Hairstyles for Medium hair

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Medium hair length sees most brides opting for a bridal bun. It is a traditional yet classic style that stays evergreen. Whether you opt for a middle parting or a puff on top, adding quirky hair accessories makes the hairstyle pop.

Bridal hairstyles to face type

Medium length hair can be accommodated to all types of styles, be it trending fishtail braids or braided headbands, pulled back to heavy, ornate buns (think ballerina buns), half updos or French twists. Again, it's important to try a style that goes with your face type. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Round face - Side bangs, textured braids (read Fishtail braids, French braids), polished top bun, long bobs, loose curls
  • Oval face - Open loose curls, relaxed hair-dos, partial updos
  • Square face - Loose curls, relaxed braid with flowers
  • Diamond face - Layered soft waves
  • Heart-shaped face - Bangs, either side-swept, deep bangs a long bob or wispy ones
  • Triangular face - Sideways bangs

Here are a few ideas and inspirations:

Flowing tresses

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Partial updos

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The classic bun

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If you are confused between opting for a traditional or a modern bun, try a decorative side bun or a messy bun. You could also opt for gorgeous head accessories to make your groom go weak in the knees.

Side-swept curls

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Another bridal hairstyle that is a hit among brides with medium hair is the side-swept curls. If you have a pear-shaped or an oval-shaped face, this hairstyle will encapsulate your facial features.

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

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One of the most sought-after Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair is the low side up-do. It is an extremely low maintenance hairstyle, keeping hair out your face, leaving you enough room to dance the night away.

Another bridal hairstyle that works well for short hair is the low twirling bun. If you add fresh flowers to it, you’re all set.

Last but not the least, a simple headband made from flowers can also add the right amount of drama to your bridal outfit.

How to choose a bridal hairstyle

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Fashion trends may work one season and will be out of fashion in the next season. Always remember that just because one hairstyle suits a celebrity, doesn’t mean it will suit you too. To avoid a huge blunder, we suggest you follow these thumb rules before you choose your bridal hairstyle:

1. The Bridal hairstyle should suit your face cut.

Not all hairstyles are meant for all face-cuts. It’s true that hairstylists can experiment more with long hair, but even short hair can be styled in a number of ways to give you an elegant bridal look.

2. Opt for a hairdo that doesn’t take too much time.

Most brides take 3-4 hours to get ready for their big day that includes hair, makeup and draping of the outfit. Choose a hairdo that will not take too much time and effort – and ends up making you late for your own wedding.

3. Opt for a hair and makeup trial before the wedding.

To keep things organised and not leave anything ambiguous, it’s best if you try the bridal makeup and hair a month before the wedding. So you have enough time to make any changes – whatsoever. Also, a tip: play safely on your wedding day. You don’t want an experiment to go wrong on your special day. In fact, we have a list of questions you should ask your hairstylist.

4. Make sure the bridal hairstyle compliments your outfit.

If you plan on draping the dupatta over your head, ensure your hairstylist uses some kind of hairspray so that the dupatta doesn’t end up messing with your hairstyle. You should also not end up in a stuck up situation over your bridal lehenga. Also, the hairdo must last you 8-10 hours as most weddings stretch late into the night. It’s extremely important for brides to follow a hair care regime, just like it’s important to take care of your skin. Regular oiling, getting a hair spa and using the right shampoo ensures your tresses shine brightly on your big day.

5. Ensure that you are comfortable with the hairstyle and accessories.

A bride should be able to enjoy her own wedding. As a bride you must ensure that the hairstyle and accessories you choose don’t poke you or make you uncomfortable. You can opt for a jewelled matha-patti, real flowers, artificial flowers, gajra, passas, or anything that screams bling!

Regardless of the length of your hair - whether they’re short, medium or long; make sure to finalise a bridal hairstyle that is dreamy and yet attractive.