The Memory Filmers

Receiving the invite

Once you’ve received a formal invitation to the event, mark the date on your calendar. Give yourself a few days and then decide whether you can attend the ceremony and also if it will be possible for you to show up for every event you’ve been invited for. Don’t leave this for later since most couples do tend to stress over the guest list in order to make sure all the arrangements are done on time. Ensure that you let the couple know your decision and even if something comes up last-minute, make it a rule to inform them instead of simply not turning up for the wedding. Whether you decide to let them know via a phone call or send a text or anything else, just inform them about your plans.

Your wedding wardrobe

It’s of course a good idea to stick to traditional finery for the occasion. Do consider avoiding anything too flashy or too controversial because you don’t want the couple to get upset on their big day. Consider the venue and the weather before settling on your outfit. If you’re confused or not sure about the rules, you can ask an older family member for help and information. You can also turn to fashion sites and magazines for inspiration and advice.

The ceremony

Don’t show up late for the event. Be polite and leave for the venue on time, and ensure that you double check the location and get directions in advance. While you don’t need to subscribe to any religious notions if you don’t want to, it’s thoughtful to follow the lead of the guests and stand up when everyone else does or shower the couple with flowers during the ceremony if you’re handed out a bunch of flowers along with everyone else. Avoid only showing up for the reception if you’re invited to both the events and make some time to witness the couple getting married.

The reception

This is relatively more casual and will allow you to talk to the couple. Do queue up if there’s a stage and greet the couple and congratulate them once you reach the venue. Don’t keep this for later. It’s also a great idea to mingle and talk about your connection with the couple instead of only sticking to people you already know. Even if you’re starving, don’t head straight to the food counter and wait for things to settle a little and follow seating arrangements if there are any. Do make space for other guests at buffets and don’t leave as soon as you’re done. It’s acceptable to leave some time after dinner but make sure you let the couple’s parents or someone else know.