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Last-minute Wedding Details That Will Bring Everything in Order!

Wondering what should your 'the most final' last-minute wedding details list consist of? Here's the most important supervision & arrangements that you should be taking care of!

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There is so much that goes into making any wedding a success. No matter how many months you have been planning your wedding, last-minute wedding details still remain crucial. Whatever Monica Gellar (From the sitcom FRIENDS) wedding plans and checklists you have made, a final last-minute checklist still has to be put in place.

Giving you a wider picture on things that need to be taken care of right before the D-day and helping you understand how to sort out the last-minute wedding details flawlessly, we are tapping the most common to-dos on the list.

Right from organising your every move, managing things with all the vendors and supervising arrangments at the wedding venue, we have got it all covered.

Delegation Is The Key

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You might feel the urge to do all the tasks a wedding requires on your own. But truth be told, it is just not possible to do so. With wedding planners, best friends and family present round the clock, it will be a great idea to sit back and delegate all the work to them instead. Right from welcoming guests, arranging welcome kits, guiding the guests to every function venue to managing catering and decor, let everyone take charge and be a part of your wedding in its true sense.

Stay Connected With Vendors

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Wedding vendors are one of the most important people at any given wedding. It is always a great idea to stay connected with them to discuss and get updates on all the arrangements, give your feedback and be assured that everything is in place. With better communication, even the vendors who work round the clock feel humbled and put in their best efforts to make the wedding a grand success.

Keep Plan B & C For Decors Ready

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We all dream of having a certain style of decor for our own wedding interiors and exteriors. With wedding decorators and their skill sets, creating the most complex of wedding setups are now possible. But we should always stay prepared for the worst as well. So having a decor plan B and C in check, discussed well in advance and conveyed to the vendor right is a great way to stay prepared wedding last-minute wedding details as far as decor is concerned.

Arrive & Arrange Early

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Adding your own itinerary on the list of last-minute wedding details should be your top priority. Arriving early at the wedding venue and setting up your wardrobe, makeup and accessories in the room will help you get ready for every wedding function on time. Laying out all the elements of your wedding attire will also help you cross-check that everything has arrived at the venue and if not, you will still have a good amount of time to get the missing things arranged easily. Don’t forget to pack an S.O.S. personal kit which will include makeup, pins, sanitary pads, emergency medicines and some cash.

Get Food & Drinks Stocked Early

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While this is the job of a caterer to get everything arranged early, you can still add supervising the pantry to your last-minute wedding details list. Get the drinks arranged section-wise for every wedding function, get drinks which need chilling stocked up in fridges, get foods arranged on time and everything prepared right on time to serve the guests. You can also sit with your caterer beforehand to plan what foods and drinks should be served first, followed by other things from the menu at every wedding function.

Multiple Music List Copies

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You are all decked up for the Sangeet ceremony and are on station ready to show your grooves. But, the pen drive that you asked the DJ to play has become corrupt and cannot be played anymore. If you don’t wish such a nightmare to become reality, then getting more than one copies of all the songs and a written list of them for the DJ should become the topmost last-minute wedding details to manage.

Get Final Guest Counting Done

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In India, weddings don’t necessarily follow the R.S.V.P. rule. But by doing so manually, the party organisers get more clarity in terms of how much food and drinks should be stocked, how many hotel room arrangements need to be made and other fine last-minute wedding details that include guests and their presence at the wedding. Dialling up all the guests for a personal invitation and R.S.V.P. can be considered for this task.

Pack Your Honeymoon Bags

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For couples who plan on leaving for their honeymoon right after all the wedding ceremonies are over, packing honeymoon bags in advance is a must. Advance packing ensures that you get to pack everything that you might need at your honeymoon, you will get more time to relax post-wedding ceremonies and will arrive fresh at the honeymoon destination without any dark circles or fatigue at all.

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Jot these pointers on your to-do list and keep checking the boxes every time you get a task completed. This way, you will know how much still needs to be managed. Since time is important and needs to be well utilised, give each of your tasks ample time to complete with ease. Above everything else, halt, breathe and relax. Try and enjoy and put in extra efforts to get a beauty sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours every night.

For all of your wedding worries, there are many talented wedding planners listed with us. Check out the one that suits your requirements best and book an appointment sooner than later.