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The Magical Mehndi Designs 2019 Guide: What To Wear For The Bride, Groom And Guests

Keen on a set of mehndi designs that you'd be remembered, Instagrammed and cited for? So, were these brides. Presenting the guide for mehndi designs 2019 that would give your palms, feet and bridal visage that absolutely extra edge.

Image courtesy: Henna By Divya

A keen set of eyes know the amount of effort a bride's put in for her look - from the carefully chosen bridal jewellery to the dazzlingly spectacular bridal outfit. However, when the whole world's eyeing you, they would still look for that elusive depth in design, meaning and shade - right on the bride's scintillating palms. So, here's the mega deck on the right set of henna for your hands, feet, shoulders, legs and everywhere else. We present the all-inclusive set of bridal (and everyone else's) mehndi designs 2019 guide.

Go ahead, browse and pick, pick, pick.

Bridal Mehndi designs

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Brides, let the power of your love fuel a darker shade as you are spoiled for choice when it comes to bridal mehndi designs. In this compilation of mehndi designs 2019, we've got options for designs for fingers, palms, both hands, front hands, back hand mehndi, legs, feet (even the under feet) and quirky spots to get henna tattoos.

Take a look:

1. Elbow length mehndi designs

Keep your elbows up as you dive into this set of elbow length mehndi designs - the first among our set of bridal mehndi designs 2019 lookbook.

Filled up arms

Cam Catches

Get your mehndi gauntlets on! Mehndi designs 2019 are all about flaunting your look with style and these pair of elbow-length designs capture it just right.

Filled to the brim

Be like the Perk girl as you try to squeeze in a bite to satiate your hunger pangs through these circular set of whirls in an elbow length bridal mehndi design. Reverse mehndi flowers and jaal details in absolute symmetry make it a rocking combination indeed.

Oh, come on

Let your set of mehndi designs enliven your attitude with equal zest too. What say you?

Peak a boo, henna style

Let your designs live another day with this quasi-mirrored approach to a nearly full hand set for bridal mehndi designs. And look at how the floral jewellery here completes the total look.

Groom Mehndi designs

Nitin Arora Phorography

Think Mehndi is just for women? Puhlease! Grooms are rocking henna designs from a basic dot to a full hand with expert ease. Don't believe us? Here are some groom mehndi designs for your candid inspiration.

Create your own jutti:

Weddings by Knotty Days

Imagine yourself as a Rajputi royal and get your feet in for a treat. Here's how you exercise your groom mehndi rights and add swag to your feet. Don't forget to pose with these for your mehndi pictures!

Add in your names

Weddings by Knotty Days

Why should the bride hold your lovely names on her palms alone? Partner in, with just the names up for some. A basic mandala design, jaal fingers and orange tips make this one for mehndi designs 2019.

Dear Dulhan images

Think Tonk Photography

Gather your dulhan's appeal on your palms, with a caricature of your dearly beloved as part of your groom mehndi. This could vary from a clear portrait to a cartoony caricature. You could even slap on a Dulhan motif for this detail.

Mehndi for Bridesmaids

Image courtesy: Wedding documentary

Stand in for your sister in crime. From the busy bridesmaid to the happy-go-lucky set of friends, the Mehndi ceremony is a day of celebration for everyone. Stand in with the same with these set of mehndi designs that would also add to the occasion.

What's more, team up with your main girl for this astounding set of mehndi pictures.

Mehndi designs for kids

White Frog Productions

Trust me, no one loves the mehndi party drama as much as the kids. And why not? It's fun, art and craft, messy and attention-grabbing all in one. So, our guide on mehndi designs 2019 covers this set of adorable monsters as well. 

Go ahead and choose from these designs.

Pairing it with your girls

Believe me, no one cherishes Mehndi night as well as the bride and the young ones. Let them have their own spot in the spotlight with filled in hands (if they want them). Better yet, if there are more than a couple of children at your Mehndi ceremony, get them matching designs and then ask them to pose along in the fun.

A name stamp

Sometimes, adding a name stamp in an intricate circle is enough to please the little ones. So, bookmark this in your set of mehndi designs 2019 and make the same impression.

Toon directory

Let them choose their favourite characters for their henna designs. You'd be surprised by the sheer range of ideas they would come up with.

Care for your Mehndi

Remember, getting the right set of mehndi designs 2019 is just half the job done. To maintain the look to your wedding day, you need to invest in a lot of aftercare. Consider the following mehndi tips to retain and even darken your shade -

Mehndi designs 2019 dos -

Let it dry naturally. Time, patience and care will lead to stellar mehndi designs every time.

Add a dab of lemon juice and sugar after it is dry, not before.

Bandage your hands in case you're going to sleep.

Rub in some balm onto your palms before you remove the crust. It will make this simpler and enhance the colour.

Mehndi designs 2019 don'ts -

Don't blow-dry over your mehndi to dry it out. You would only end up smudging details and ruining the depth of the design.

Avoid water, washing your hands with soapy water to remove the crust.

Don't plan beauty treatments after your mehndi, especially shaving or waxing routines

Also remember, choosing the right set of henna designs is just the first part. To get the best out of mehndi designs 2019, you also need to find the right mehndi design artist to draw them in. Do your research, shortlist the right vendors, connect and maybe even go in for a mehndi trial session before you book them up.

Had a good time, while browsing this list of mehndi designs 2019? Let us know in the comments below.