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12 Henna Designs To Etch Your Exhilarating Love Story On Your Hands

You may don henna designs hundreds of times, but they have to be extraordinary every time. So, here are our perfect picks for everyone - from a bride-to-be who wants to etch her fairytale love or a guest who wants one matching her quirky outfit.

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

Weddings and celebrations have always been an integral part of our beautifully diverse country. Women from almost every demographic enjoy the mehndi function, where they decorate each other's hands and feet with gorgeous henna designs. While some consider henna a natural ornament, some consider it a sign of good luck. Either way, it's highly loved by brides as well as the guests. 

Trending Henna Designs for 2019:

Let’s explore twelve unique and stunning henna styles for the season!  

1. Portraits

Design Aqua

Portraits have slowly and amazingly made their way into the bridal mehndi scene. This henna design basically involves getting the portraits of the couple or, at times, their loved ones and even pets created in the form of henna. This style leads to fascinating results if attention is paid to details. Being one of the trickiest styles, it calls for a highly talented artist - someone who specializes in portraits - else you might end up with caricatures or cartoons of your own self.

2. Under Feet

The Cheesecake Project

When getting your bridal mehndi applied you are supposed to sit still for hours. Why not put this time to some good use and to further increase the beauty of your henna! Since mehndi is applied to the feet as well, this modern idea lets you extend and apply mehndi under the feet, too.

3. Symmetrical

DotDusk Photography

Such designs are perfect for girls with major OCD issues. The henna designs on both hands and feet are created equal, hence they are symmetrical designs. A part of one design is applied on one hand while the other half adorns the other hand. When united they create a perfect match. A perfect metaphor for the marital bond, right?

4. Arabic

Dilip Kumar Anil Jaypuri Mehandi Artist

The trend of Arabic henna designs keeps ruling the Indian bridal scene every now and then. Layers, shade and light, vines, flowers, big spaces - all types of Arabic styles are being loved (and flaunted on IG) these days.

5. Things you love

Cupcake Productions

It's your henna design and ought to contain every beautiful thing that you love. With this freestyle mehndi, one can include motifs such as foods, monuments, pets, coffee etc. Be selfish and get only your fave stuff applied to your hands and feet, or take marriage seriously and add your partner's favourite stuff too.

6. Parrots and Lotus


This henna style is apt for nature lovers as well as for girls who would love to add something pretty, unique and meaningful to their mehndi. Parrots increase the cuteness quotient of your henna but there's more to them. They invoke hope and promise and offer a fresh new perspective about your future. On the other hand, the lotus is one of the most sacred flowers. It symbolises purity and a new life. Some even say the flower simply defies logic, just like love.

7. Minimalist

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Yes, you are a bride. No, you don't HAVE TO go crazily overboard with henna. This henna style is perfect for girls who believe in 'less is more'. The intricacy and precision of such minimalist henna designs are usually on point. This style is also great for brides (and grooms) who cannot stand the smell of mehndi on their skin, and for people who cannot sit still for extended hours to get their henna done.

8. Love Story

Plush Affairs

The wedding is the celebration of one's love story and a gorgeous henna artwork can make it more special. Imprint your whole love story and related elements to weave your fairytale on your arms and legs. Again, this style requires mastery over artwork and precision to avoid goof-ups. Whether it was the proposal under Eiffel Tower, your love for food or your travel goals - tell it all through your henna. Also, don't forget to include the official wedding hashtag.

9. Mantras, Shlokas and Vows

Knotting Bells

Bless your henna - and life - with mantras that are close to your life, shlokas that'll define your marital life or wedding vows that your promise to keep. Choose to write the entire verse throughout your arms or dedicate a particular spot.

10. Finger Jewellery


Yet another perfect choice for bridesmaids and minimalist design lovers. Create the illusion of stunning jewellery on your hands with this finger henna style. This style doesn't cover the whole arm but appears very ornamental, which makes this style perfect for weddings.

11. Contemporary Jaal or Net

Hitched & Clicked

Jaal and net designs have been around for ages but contemporary brides love to add a modern twist. For example, opting for a Victorian style jaal or an extremely intricate net. One can also opt for lace patterns or rose mehndi patterns instead of classic paisley.

12. Mandalas

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

Just like marriages, Mandalas signify unity and harmony. From brides to guests, everyone loves this henna style for its sophistication and understated brilliance. A lot of artists add a hint of gold or silver glitter or even pearls for added enchantment. Semi-circle, flora, floral diamond, ornamental, chandelier - all shapes are ruling the trend right now.

We hope you could find some unique henna designs to low-key compete with all the ladies at the upcoming mehndi function. From traditional to modern and statement-making, these trends are here to stay and slay with 2019 brides.

We know we have spoilt you all for choice now. But, don’t forget to tell us which bridal mehndi style has managed to sweep you off your feet.