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Check Out These Unique Table Setting & Decor Ideas for Your D-day

A wedding venue is not the only place for you to plan a perfect decor, table setting for the wedding is also a class apart. Here are some ideas you can opt for table setting decor!


The meticulous process of wedding planning is as happening as it gets, but nonetheless it is hectic and the toll on the creative heads to find out something unique is taxing. Amongst all other decorations required for the wedding, from the venue to the cars for the happily married couples, table setting decorations have seen a class apart in the weddings of the past decade.

The wedding venue decor will obviously follow a theme and to match the dreamy decor, you must take a look at some of these absolutely stunning and unique table setting and decor ideas that will make it all the more fairytale-like for your big day.

The Beduin Beach Setting


Beach weddings have picked up pace in the trending Indian wedding sphere. Apart from the gorgeous backdrop of the blue waters and the sandy shores that have beautiful seating, draped in pretty colours, this low seating has won our hearts. It is impeccably simple to look at, but with the right combination of cushions and seating around, this is going to be one gorgeous dinner!

The Boho Luncheon

Image Courtesy: Home My Design

Did you know that dream catchers are the new IT for wedding decoration? After the umbrella decor took the weddings by a storm, it is the Boho decor that the dreamcatchers make so perfect. The Haldi decorations and the Mehndi decorations can be decked with dreamcatchers and streamers and to go with the theme the table decor for the Mehndi or Haldi ceremonies can be this chic boho low seated table setting with the quirky cushions and mats.

The Elegant Rag Decor

The Wedding Salad

Atisuto has proven once again that in simplicity lies the most elegant moments and this simple low seating on the lawn is perfect for a day time ceremony. Who knew rags and wooden boxes would look so pretty when set rightly. This picnic setup is right for a table setting decor and gives it a very DIY feel. The garden flowers from your backyard can make it even prettier.

The Bright Dinner Table

Rani Pink

Floral centerpieces have been occupying the tables on almost every celebration that had a table. Keeping that intact, you can, however, choose to make non-floral centerpieces like the candle stands and the lights a more highlighted centerpiece. This adds more sparkle to the event and if it is your Sangeet night, it fits the mood perfectly.

The Rustic Canopy Dining

Devika Narain and Company

If you want your dinner table to be more simple and less crowded, with an easy-to-use vibe, then this is the right kind of table decor that should work wonders. The table setting requires minimal things. The tie and dye napkins with the satin wrapped plates are subtle yet perfect with the tropical canopy and rustic lights on the pillars to cover the space.

The Carnival Culinary Night

Rani Pink

If the theme of your Sangeet night is a carnival or even Bollywood of the 80s with disco on top of everything else, this dining experience is going to be that one idea that does justice to you and your guests. The giant wheel centerpiece with the shiny streamers and striped furniture sets the right tone for you to enjoy the night right!

The Traditional Touch

Rani Pink

The bright orange table setting decor displayed by Rani Pink is oozing with traditional elements. It uses satin covers and utensils of brass, copper or silver to go with the colour scheme of the decor and that makes culturally beautiful. The single tabletop stands and the marigold flowers on the pillars make it more aesthetic. This setting is a great idea for a day as well as a nighttime event.

There is a gazillion more things you could do with your wedding table setting and decorate the dining space in as gorgeous ways as possible. Things are made more happening and fun with all the stationery - like name cards, personalised napkins, or even the plates. You can put up personal messages for the guests in envelopes and place them on the tables to bring a smile and spread the warmth.

If you liked any of the table setting decor ideas from this piece, make sure to let us know and if you are inspired to get one for your D-Day, get in touch with our professional vendors and make your dream wedding come true!