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In today’s times, the term Indo-western has been made to look much more complicated than it is. In layman’s words, they are your Indian outfits with a western twist to it. While the numbers of styles you get to choose from are gazillion, it is not always necessary to spend a handsome amount of money to get Indo-western dresses for ladies right.

It is a rather simple concept that you can execute on your own and mix and match some of your old pieces and be ready to grab the centre of attention. Don’t think you can pull it off? Well, our bloggers have broken it down into basics for you to pick cues. Want to have a look?

What really makes Indo-western dresses for ladies work is the right combination of Indian as well as western touch to your outfit. While you can carry them off to almost any function or party you go to. Bridal showers, Mehndi and Haldi function, Engagement party, and cocktail night are a few of our favourite times when the Indo-western dresses for ladies really do its magic.

Excited to put something together for this wedding season without having to spend too much money on getting it right? Well, you’ve reached the right place.

1. Indian Sarees with Peplum Top

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

Let’s start with a rather simple one, and also one that most women will feel confident experimenting. Since sarees are a piece of Indian clothing that every woman has, it is easier to style them with something unique and make it look as a great option for Indo-western dresses for ladies.

So, for those of you looking to wear a saree to the next wedding function, let’s jazz it up a little. Look for a peplum top that matches your saree or contrasts it in a way that it looks like a set. With same shade combinations being the latest fad we’d suggest you look for something in the same colour family.

For those that don’t have a peplum top, peplum short Kurtis will work beautifully too, and for the rest that doesn’t have a saree, go raid your mom’s wardrobe immediately.

Styling Tip: To ensure that your peplum top gets the attention it deserves, pin your pleats of the saree pallu a little low that making its curve a little lower on your back to show your peplum top off. 

2. Tank Tops and Printed Skirts

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While all of us have printed long skirts, we never think of them as formal or fancy. If I ask you to pair it with your white or black tank tops for a function you’d probably think I’m crazy. But the cue here is to use bold and heavy Indian accessories over this combination to give it an ethnic look. Make use of those skirts lying around in your closet doing nothing and pair your oxidised silver jewellery with it to make it look like one of the Indo-western dresses for ladies that you worked really hard for.

Styling Tip: For those of you that aren’t too happy with how the tank top looks tucked inside the skirt, you can take it out to tie a knot with it at your waist. This will make your waist look slimmer and give your outfit a better definition.

3. Flared Pants with Sheer Top

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

This one is also something that most of you can experiment with. Take your flared pants out and pair it with any sheer top or a fancy lace top that has embellishments to give it more an Indo-western look. Besides being sure that most of you have this in your wardrobe, the key really is to go for the right kind of pants as you do not want it to look office formal bur rather wedding formal.

Sheer embellished tops do not just add the drama but also make for the perfect addition to your flared pants. This is all in all the trendiest look that you can go for.

Styling Tip: Don’t go for Indian accessories with such indo western dresses for ladies and rather keep it stylish. Match the flashiest and biggest embellished studs that you have with it and carry this look off as a pro at the next party you go to.

4. Ruffles for the Win

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

Now this one’s for ladies that want to use their old skirts or lehengas but do not want to wear in the same combination as earlier. Indo western dresses for ladies really take much less efforts that women believe it to. Pick out the trendiest lehenga that you have and get a ruffled blouse or ruffled dupatta matched to it. Ruffles these days are pretty much the answer to all your questions as it has the potential to convert any outfit into indo western dresses for ladies in seconds.

Styling Tip: For those of you going in for a ruffled dupatta, make sure your blouse designs are minimal and not very Indian looking as it may make your outfit confusing. (IMG-indo western dresses for ladies-masoom minawala-ruffles)

5. White Shirt and Silk Saree

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

For those of you that follow the trends closely, white shirt in Indo western dresses for ladies is the biggest fad this season. They are being paired in a whole lot of combinations that we truly love, while this one has by far been our favourite. So take out your mom’s priced silk sarees and pair them up with your white shirts to give it a whole new look. Whether yours is an off-shoulder shirt or a regular white shirt, there isn’t anything that a Kanjeevaram silk or Banarasi silk can’t handle.

Styling Tip: For those that wish to pair their white shirts with anything other than Kanjeevaram silk or Banarasi saree, do make sure that the fabric you choose goes well with the look of the shirt. Pairing white shirts with a flowy fabric might not create the effect you started out for. 

6. The Unthinkable Pant-Saree Combination

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

This one might be the most surprising out of the lot for you. It is a slightly bold move for one to make, but we are pretty sure that you can carry it off like a pro. So it is time you take your white pants out and pair them with a matching white top and add a beautiful silk dupatta to it for the look of a pant-saree. Yes, pant-sarees are a style of Indo-western dresses for ladies that are very in these days and we have a much cheaper and yet effective version of it for you.

Styling Tip: For all those of you going in for organza dupattas instead of silk as their pick can choose anything other than a plain white top too. Organza fabric is a translucent and brighter colour to inside it can give the whole outfit a more vibrant look. 

7. Blazer with Garara Pants

Image courtesy: Style Drive

Another unique and yet very endearing combination is that of your blazers and your Gharara pants. Well, if you don’t believe us then you try one for yourself. Match your printed or solid Gharara pants with a blazer and a tube top if needed. This can be one of quirkiest Indo-western dresses for ladies that you’d see around, but also one that is sure to look eye-catching.

The accessorizing of this look will depend on your blazer and the Gharara completely. If your Gharara is more Indian looking then some statement jewellery would look nice, but if it’s a slightly western looking Gharara then you can keep jewellery minimal and focus on making it look trendy.

Styling Tip: With a style as interesting as this one, try matching the base colours of your Gharara and your blazer. The mismatch can make the entire outfit look messy and unnecessary. 

8. Saree with a Cinched Waistline

Image courtesy: Masoom Minawala Official Instagram account

Bored of trying too hard for these Indo-western dresses for ladies to look flawless? Let’s look at something rather simple and doable. Take out your organza sarees this wedding season, add a matching crop top to it and pair them with a cinched belt on the waist to give it a more dramatic look than normal. You can also do the same with your silk sarees.

As we all know this is the trend started by ace designer Sabyasachi and now we are coming up with our own versions of it.

Styling Tip: To make this look even more dramatic, go in for a unique way of draping your saree. Look up the internet and learn how to drape a Mumtaz style saree. Then add the cinched belt on the waist to make this look unforgettable for people.

9. Long Waistcoat with Saree

Image courtesy: Style Drive

Another fairly challenging combination of Indo-western dresses for ladies, but here what we‘ve learnt is that sarees are now becoming women’s first option when it comes to experimenting with styles. Well, we love everything that’s got to do with mix and match just like this unimaginable combination of wearing a long waistcoat and a crop top with your silk saree.

It goes without saying that accessorizing this combination is a must, so you can go in for your long rani haar or anything similar that takes the attention off the crop top.

Styling Tip: Being something that only a very few will attempt; we’d say for all those of you that do, this one is for the win wherever you carry it. Wear your saree with an open front pallu to show off your waistcoat and the rani haar a little more.

We hope these cues from bloggers help you get Indo-western dresses for ladies right this wedding season. We have tried to list out options that are both simple to carry as well as daring in its own way.

We hope to have added more ideas to your fashion bank and are more than excited to see you carry them off with panache. In the end, the biggest accessory that makes every experiment work is your confidence because that’s one thing no one can take away from you.

What do you think of our curated list of blogger’s cue on Indo-western dresses for ladies? Which one would you opt for?