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Breathtaking White Henna Designs That Would Steal Your Heart

If you are a fan of off-beat fashion choices, we've selected some stunning white Henna designs for you. Check them out now!


Image Courtesy: Deepika Ghose

Interestingly, many henna artists say that "there's no such thing as white henna." Because natural henna always colours your hands red. But in spite of that, the overwhelming demand for white henna is just astounding. Even if it's for just a night, brides love to paint their hands, fingers, and feet with gorgeous white Henna designs for their special occasions. And why not? They're stunning, chic, and oh-so-in-style! With the rightly coordinated outfits and styling, you can totally rock your white mehndi designs and become the talk of the town!

So here we have some of the most spectacular images of white henna for you check out. Take a look...and you won't be able to stop looking, we promise!

Arches & Boxes

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Give a whole new look to your white Henna designs by incorporating intricate patterns. The multi-layered arches and the diagonal boxes with dots and petals give this design a heavier and fuller look. Somewhat similar to Rajasthani mehndi designs, you could opt for this style if you like complex routines.

Bold Arabic

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Some brides prefer bold and beautiful white Henna designs to adorn their hands with. If you too are inclined more towards Arabic henna designs, try this one but in white! The large flowers, the thick lines and dots, and the curvy patterns would go perfectly well with your fancy sharara dress. If you want you could add some tiny sparkling dots or bindis at the centres of the flowers.

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Pretty Vines

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Vines or more commonly known as "Bel" is one of the most popular white Henna designs or Henna of any kind, for that matter. They're simple, elegant yet look extremely gorgeous on your hands and feet. If you prefer simple Mehndi designs to the complex ones, this one is just for you. You could even watch some simple Mehndi videos to give DIY a shot for these patterns.

Leaves & Branches

Image Courtesy: Henna by Wiwie

Tiny leaves on long curvy sleek branches-one of those white Henna designs that you can't go wrong with. Whether you're planning for a mehndi design for pre-wedding functions or something for the big wedding, you can always rely on these henna arrangements. The tiny pointy leaves bring out an edgy style whereas the branches give your fingers a longer look. Paint your nails in white or silver for that extra punch!

Fine Lines For Fingers

Image Courtesy: Henna Artist KL & Selangor

Decorate your delicate fingers with precise white Henna designs! These fine designs exclusively for you fingers are created using very thin brushes to attain this exact kind of pattern. The tiny arches, distinct lines, and occasional blue dots together make this design quite elegant. Go for a manicure treatment with French tips to make your finger Mehndi design shine even better!

Floral Patterns

Image Courtesy: Nurul Henna Kendal

Always a winner, floral Mehndi patterns will never go out of fashion! Even for white Henna designs, if you can't decide what exactly do you want on your hands and feet, we say go with floral. The large flowers at the centre surrounded by strings of branches with leaves and petals, accessorised with tiny stones-there isn't anything about this design that wouldn't work. Try this one on your wedding or Sangeet night and you're a fashionista!

Jewellery Patterns

Image Courtesy: Sri Henna Bandung

Another great thing about white Henna designs is, you can skip your hand jewellery altogether and replace them with your Mehndi design! These jewellery style henna designs are quite a rage among brides who believe in less is more motto in terms of jewellery. The exquisite finger rings, the elaborate Haath Phool and the graceful bangles...all covered with one single henna design! Now that's what we call beauty with smartness!

Jaal Pattern With Nail Art

Image Courtesy: Anna Henna Demak

Fill up the back of your hands and palm with extensive Jaal pattern using white henna. This net-like pattern looks extremely artistic if styled right. Use glitters, beads and sparklers over the design to enhance the depth. Sport some fun nail art designs to complete the look!

Flaunt your white Henna designs with poise in every wedding event. try out different styles and patterns for different occasions. The best thing about white henna is you can get them removed and get a new design the next day. as they're mostly painted. However, make sure you use only good quality products for your skin to avoid any kind of allergic reactions. Do a dry patch run first days before the main event. Accessorise your mehndi designs with stones, beads and glitters to up your hand art game!

Which of these white henna designs did you love most? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.