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Bridal Nail Art for Your Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac

People say that it is difficult to dress according to your personality. Time to prove them wrong. Check out these bridal nail art designs that are in tune with your zodiacs!

Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

Weddings for brides means sporting a traditional look from top to bottom. From their ensemble to their bridal jewellery and hair accessories, everything has an Indian design. Your honeymoon is the time to let go of these inhibitions and embrace the millennial in you.

You should never leave a chance to express yourself with the way you dress. Nails are one body part that you can easily use for the same by getting bridal nail art that resonates with your personality. Every zodiac sign has come common personality traits and we have found them and made a list of the best nail art for you. Scroll down to check out the 12 bridal nail art designs!


Image Courtesy: Bridal Nail Art

Pisces are daydreamers. They paint reality with their whimsical take on it. Soft hues like white and nude are perfect for them. We love this blush pink bridal nail art with white brush design. When it comes to the length, do not go for fake nails that are too long. It will be picture perfect for all the western outfits of yours.


Image Courtesy: Foxy Claws

A water sign, cancers are emotional beings. What better way to show your love for water than a bridal nail art with waves brush art. Their style is no way simple, so chrome nails with glitter are perfect to complete your honeymoon look.


Image Courtesy: Foxy Claws

A Sagittarius is outspoken and the life of a party. She wants what she wants and does not care what people think. Her style is best described as effortless. We know she will love this nude and golden chrome nails, as they are quite different from the others.


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

An Aquarius is a nature lover whose style is boho chic. They love being outside the box, but that does not necessarily mean their style is gaudy or over the top. We think this bridal nail art for honeymoon is perfect with the leaf motif and silver glitter. It expresses her love for everything green while keeping it stylish.

If you also want to go with white as the base, we assure you, it will look beautiful against your mehndi clad hands.


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

An Aries woman is bold and ambitious. She has a super competitive style and loves to be the best in a room. If you want to express your bold personality, surprise everyone. Instead of going dark and gloomy, take the vibrant route. This is why we picked out this rainbow bridal nail art for Aries women.


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

Ambitious and daring is a unique combination, and exactly what a Capricorn woman embodies. Her style is distinct and makes a statement every time. Therefore, we picked a bridal nail art with long nails and crystal work. The base colour is subtle to create a balanced look. However, if you want to go for a bright colour, it will work too!


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

Gemini women are professionals. They are busy 365 days of the year. That does not mean they do not know how to party. Their style is fun yet subtle. We think you will love this geometric nail art in 3-4 colours. It is perfect for every working bride who has to join work right after her honeymoon.


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

The centre of attention, you cannot help but notice her as soon as she walks in the room. She loves being OTT and we decided to go all out with her bridal nail art. We bet there is no one else willing to try it!


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

A Libra has a fun and flirty personality. She is chatty but knows that balance in everything is important. Express your young personality with studded bridal nail art and keep the balance restored by using nude and pastel shades.


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

We think a Scorpio’s personality has a dark and mysterious vibe. She always dresses in the darker shades, her nails are no exception. A dark burgundy or wine coloured nail art is perfect for her broody personality!


Image Courtesy: Nails Corner

Chic and comfortable is a Taurus woman’s style. They love being in baggy t-shirts and sneakers. We know she does not want sparkly nails! If you think we described you perfectly, take our advice, go for a light nail paint, and maybe get some flowers printed.


A Virgo is logical but stubborn and there is nothing she won’t try at least once in her life. Virgos are a fan of bright colours and getting a bridal nail art like this for their honeymoon is in their bucket list. The foil art and use of brush keep it bridal worthy!

Now you have an idea which bridal nail art suits your personality. However, these designs are not set in stone. Browse through all the images and pick out your favourite!

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