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12 Simple Nail Art Designs to Look Drop-dead Gorgeous

Chic nails don't come easy ⁠— there's a lot of thought that goes into them. Take inspiration from these 12 simple nail art designs and create nails that look magical on you!

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Choosing simple nail art designs for your Big Day can be quite a hassle. From deciding on a colour to the patterns and accessories that go on them, how do you know which one suits you best? Well, there's no reason for you to worry any more because we've curated a list of 12 trending and simple nail art designs! 

Ethnic and Simple Nail Art Designs

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If you want to go the 'Desi' way choose an ethnic nail colour like maroon. To make it stand out to decorate it with white stones. The best part? The stones can be assembled in traditional wedding motifs like flowers and simple two dots or any other way that you'd like.  

Shaded Simple Nail Art Designs

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Your nails can be an expression of your creative experimentation, which is why we have this option of shaded nail art. Getting this is quite simple ⁠— choose two contrasting colours and then put them as half and a half on all or some nails. You can either have solid shades or one colour and a pattern with another.  

Simple Nail Art Designs With Clear Polish

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Some brides may not want over-the-top nail colours and this clear polish nail art design is a perfect example of that. If minimal is your style then get your nails painted in clear transparent nail colour and add some glitter to it. That way, you'll have the best of both worlds!  

Simple Nail Art Designs With Nude Colours

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Nude shades always blend in with your outfit and enhance your overall look instead of drawing too much attention to them. Nude shades like light pink, peach and so on can be the perfect addition to your wedding attire in the form of your nail colour. You can also add a few stones here and there to add a touch of dazzle to your nail art!  

Simple Nail Art Designs With Glitz and Glamour

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Metallic shades are a classic when it comes to simple nail art designs. Be it gold or silver or a shiny shade of brown, be rest assured that colours like these are going to make you look alluring. The V-shaped pattern on one-off nails makes it look sweet, simple and gorgeous.  

Simple Nail Art Designs in Neon Shades

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For brides who love making bold and edgy statements, there's good news! Nail art in neon shades is at the top of all the trends lists and are taking the wedding market by the storm. You can also experiment with different neon shades on different nails as shown in the picture or go ahead with a single shade for all your nails.  

Simple Nail Art Designs With a Gold Foil Finish

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Glamorous patterns on nude bases are always a great way for any bride to go ahead with. The gold foil pattern leaves traces on your nails instead of covering it completely. You can match the base colour with the rest of your outfit or choose a contrasting shade to make your nails look a class apart!  

Custom Simple Nail Art Designs

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If you want a nail art design that matches perfectly well with your outfit then there are options to customise the designs too. A solid shade as shown in the picture or a few patterns in similar colours makes the custom nail art designs perfect for brides who love experimenting, exploring and creating something rather unique for themselves.  

Mix N' Match Simple Nail Art Designs

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How about a muted shade on one nail, metallic colour on another and glittery patterns on other nails? If you're wondering then yes, that's possible too! Go all out with your nail art designs and let them be a reflection of your inner quirk and craziness. If gold is not your colour, then experimenting with silver is a great option too!  

Simple Nail Art Designs With Stones

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Want that extra shine for your nail art? Go big with the stones! They can be either transparent, coloured or in simple white and can be placed to form attractive patterns. The trick to getting this right is, instead of decorating all your nails with the stones, you must embellish only one nail on each hand with these designs.  

Simple Nail Art Designs With Pretty French Tips

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If you're looking for an elegant, classy and poised nail art design the one with the French tips is just right for you. The rest of your nail can be of solid and heavyweight colour like grey while the tips can be in gold for added glamour or even white if you want it to look simpler.  

Basic and Simple Nail Art Designs

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If you don't want the added hassles of nail art, go basic! Choose a generic colour like bright pink or bright red and get ready to slay them all. This is also a great choice if you're short on time or don't want all eyes on just your nails.

Choose your style from this list with varying options for all brides and create dreamy nails you've always wanted! Be sure to discuss it with your stylist before zeroing down on any one of these.

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-Written by Rohini Roy