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Look Now! Nail Art Designs Images Worth The Love For Your Talons

In a wedding picture, we all are guilty of noticing the ring and the freshly manicured nails flaunting chic patterns, so check these nail art designs images for some inspiration!

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he entire wedding starting from the cards down to your outfit, it is all about the small details, so pay attention, take notes and be prepared to keep the stress away! In this edition, we bring to you some beautiful nail art designs images that will help you with your engagement makeup look and ensure that your close up ring shots stand out and everything looks lovely.

Before we begin and dive right into nail art designs images, there are a couple of things you must bear in mind.

Which shape do you want?

Image courtesy: Nailed it by Instagram

When it comes to different nail art designs images, the nails are shaped in so many different ways and each type suits a different person more, so you must be aware to make the best choice.

While square and round remain the most common there are more nail shapes including stiletto, almond, squared oval, ballerina. But before the big day, we suggest you ask your nail artist to show the shapes for you to understand which suits you the most.

Gel vs Acrylic finish

Image courtesy: Glamour Nail Lounge on Instagram

The next main factor to consider before checking out these stunning nail art designs images is what kind of nail art do you want the gel or acrylic. Basically, both are enhancements to make your nail look healthier, longer and more proportionate to one another.

While it is not necessary to increase the length dramatically when it comes to getting splendid nail art designs, it can even help with a natural boost! Gel nails while last about 15 days look more natural than the acrylic ones which can stay in place for up to a month.

Yet gel nails are generally more expensive owing to the comfort factor as well. But do not confuse gel nails with your basic gel polish which is like an ordinary polish but can last up to 15 days on a natural nail.

Now let's jump right into these amazing nail art designs images to set some engagement goals...

1. The twisted basic

Image courtesy: Nailed it by Instagram

Honestly, there is nothing classier than your basic french manicure when it comes to nail art designs images. They are a timeless trend which will always manage to deliver quite an impression owing to the neat, natural and just healthy look.

When we saw this interpretation of the classic trend, we just had to feature it in this list of nail art designs images. This sleek french manicure with curly whites is just something especially because of the almond shape of the nail.

2. A touch of glamour

Image courtesy: Nailed it by Instagram

When it comes to nail art designs images, the latest trend is that of nude colours, pastels and just a hint of glitter. This entire trend has us bowled over as it is so timeless and appealing with any outfit.

Be it a gown or a lehenga this nail art design is just perfect as it brings with it just the right amount of glamour. Pick the colour closest to your outfit or even a nude, and get some form of glitter on two nails across your hands for the wow effect!

3. The bare look

Image courtesy: Nailed it by Instagram

Out of all the nail art designs images, this one has to be one of our favourites. This is like your nails but a better version of natural nails, which stick to a clear base or even a natural colour accentuated with the ombre like effect with glitter, this is bound to make wedding closeup photos pop and would go with any Indian attire perfectly.

In fact, we'd even suggest a natural and simple nail art design like this for all your function to keep it fun!

4.  50 shades of pink

Image courtesy: Nailed it by Instagram

The latest trend we spotted in nail art designs images is using different colours on different nails which are so chic. While we thought this trend would be perfect just for the summer bright colours. When we saw this pastel beauty we could not help but admire it for the subtle beauty and fashion statement.

You could customise the colour to suit the palate of your bridal lehenga or even go with different hues of nude to keep it neutral across all functions but this is for the bride who wants something fun yet something elegant!

Image courtesy: Liya Basova on Instagram

When it comes to the latest nail art designs images, there are so many routes to take from marble nails to matte finish, to painted flowers to even embellishments on the nail, there is always going to be something new and pretty but the key to nailing your nail look is to go simple with subtle glamour to not overpower your jewellery and look flashy because of the nails.

Be sure to try out the acrylics/gel before the big day if you haven't before to know your comfort and preference. 

So which nail art designs images did you like? Do let us know in the comments.