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Exquisite Range of Bridal Long Earring Designs to Choose From

What’s that one piece of jewellery that you never stop buying? We’d say a pair of long earrings is what you need to invest in to catch all the attention on your D-day.

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

A pair of long earrings go a long way in creating an impact through your look. Especially at Indian weddings where your outfit is already a little OTT, you do not want to overdo jewellery to look like you’re competing with the bride. Therefore, put all your energy towards cracking the perfect pair of long earrings that you need to rock this wedding season like a diva.

While there is a lot that you can experiment with when it comes to long earrings, we’d like to stick to the classic choices that have a modern touch. So here are some long earrings that are absolutely breathtaking that we think will help you figure your jewellery out. Scroll through and pick the ones that you’re most likely to spend on in 2020.

Traditional Gold Jhumkas with a Spiral Design

Ra Abta by Rahul

The first pair of long earrings that come to our mind the minute we think of the wedding season, is this traditional gold Jhumka pattern that has an open spiral-like design below with pearl embellishments. These long earrings seem one of a kind and are sure to make you look drop-dead gorgeous this wedding season.

Mughal Inspired Devasena Earrings

Image Courtesy: Khanna Jewellers

While Devasena earrings are every new age bride's favourite, this one is different because of its Mughal-inspired shape and design that uses rubies and emeralds beautifully to give it a Midas touch. For the millennial women that love traditional choices with their classic Indian outfit, these long earrings are for you.

The Dream Catcher Inspired Design

Image Courtesy: Prerto

Now here’s something for women that prefer non-traditional and quirky choices when it comes to their long earrings and its design. This dream catcher inspired earring design is a perfect fit for the brides who are looking for something chic and elegant at the same time.

The Layered Meenakari Chandbali

Just Jewellery

Meenakari earrings are for the brides that love a little dash of colour in their earrings. This layered meenakari Chandbali with hints of green and turquoise is refreshing and unlike anything we’ve seen before. So millennials that are looking for long earrings like these, take inspiration and get yours made now.

Long Golden Jhumka with Big Polkis

Image Courtesy: Ramit Batra Photography

The combination of gold and Polki is classic and said to almost never go wrong. However, it is difficult to find a design that is unusual and breath-taking at the same time. This long gold Jhumka design with two big Polkis placed in the middle is one such design that we think is different and also something new age women would like to invest in.

Long Silk Thread Tassel Earrings

Outhouse Jewellery

While this list of long earrings has a lot of variety, the silk thread earrings with tassels are definitely the most unique out of the lot. While new-age women do not care any less about artificial or real jewellery, what they are looking for is something eye-catching. This floral long tassel earring is just what millennial women would carry this wedding season in 2020.

Delicate Meenakari Long Earring with Lotus Motif

Image Courtesy: Sunita Shekhawat

As you can tell, meenakari earrings are one of our top choices in long earrings and that’s not only because they look very pretty but also because they have the most endearing designs that catch all the attention. This dainty lotus design with delicate gold strings that has a dash of blue and pink make for the prettiest long earrings we have seen on the internet in 2020.

Multiple Pearl Strand Chandelier Earrings

Ra Abta by Rahul

Next on our list is a quirky beauty that does not just look stunning but also makes for a perfect addition to your wardrobe this wedding season. The dainty pearl strands in this chandelier design are just as millennial as long earrings can get. However, this one is special also because it is one that is sure to match any and every kind of outfit this wedding season.

Contemporary Long Diamond Earrings

Image Courtesy: Blacktie Project

Amidst all the gold, this beautiful contemporary design for diamond earrings is one that you can’t miss in 2020. For every new age woman that wishes to spend on evergreen choices, this contemporary design is a must-have as it is sure to look stunning every time you wear it for as many years as you want.

Exquisite Jadau Long Earrings

Gautam Khullar Photography

Last but not the least, our list of long earrings had to end with an all-time classic choice that can never go wrong with anything. These exquisite Jadau earrings with embellished rubies and emerald and pearl hangings are for the new age brides that love the traditional choices.

If you had to, which of these long earrings would you have rated as your topmost choice for this wedding season? Well, we surely think it’s a difficult decision to make. However, this list is sure to have widened the array of choices you had in types of long earring designs that you can opt for in 2020.

On a scale of 1 to 10, tell us in comments which long earrings from this list are a perfect 10.