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7 Essential Wedding Ring Finger Facts We Bet You Never Knew About

Planning to seal the deal and call your beloved your man/wife. First get these facts about your wedding ring finger straight and keep calm about the big moment ahead.


There are many theories that go to say that the engagement ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand and call it the wedding ring finger. This is a tradition that was adopted in India much later and is not essential to Indian wedding customs and rituals. However, many couples have now adopted this culture and wear engagement rings as a sign of their marriage.

Many even print the pictures of wedding bands on their invitation cards. Traditionally, the groom does not wear any jewels or jewellery or accessory as a sign of marriage and so the rings now pose as a symbol of this union. Here are a few myths and facts about the ring finger.

1. Straight to the heart

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It is believed that the vein on the fourth finger of the left-hand goes straight to the heart and is called Venna Amoris also known as the vein of love. This is why the gold engagement ring is worn on this finger. This theory is widely popular and it is hard to say whether this is a myth or a fact even so many cultures abide by this belief and chose to follow it.

2. The Chinese Way - Go left

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According to the Chinese, every finger on your left hand symbolises a different phase in your life. They believe that the thumb represents your parents, the index finger represents your siblings, the middle finger is yourself and the fourth finger represents your partner. The little finger represents your future children.

So, when you tie that bond with your future spouse, mark it with a ring on the wedding ring finger for the left hand.

3. The Christian path - Go right

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The early Christians were driven purely by their faith and the church. As the priest would recite the verse “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” he would place the wedding ring on the palm of the hands.

As he said “Amen” the bride and the groom would slip the ring into the fourth finger (the wedding ring finger her) and would and it was then said to be a sealed marriage.

4. The Indian approach - Take it Shubh

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In India, the left hand is considered to be inauspicious. Thus, one would notice, that Indians never give money using their left hand or they always touch the feet of elders with their right hand. So, in India, the engagement ring was traditionally worn on the right hand. This, however, has changed over the years and become more contemporary.

Married couples now choose to wear their engagement rings on the left hand as per the popular culture and also have a pre-wedding shoot dedicated to the engagement ceremony. Just slip on a band on her wedding ring finger as part of yours and feel the difference.

5. Astrologically Speaking


It is also believed in some parts of the world that the wedding ring finger is a symbol of the Earth’s moon. This represents creativity and beauty and also the strength of a romantic relationship. Therefore, the wedding ring finger is a symbol of the strength of the marriage. It is also said that if the groom drops the rings on the wedding day then that is a bad omen.

6. How long do you wear it

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Engagement rings have a different significance in different cultures. But, at the end of the day what matters is what it means to the bride and the groom. Some couples wear it all their lives as a reminder of the vows they made to one another. Some wear it on the occasion of the wedding to get some stunning wedding photographs.

Some even get rings that match their bridal lehenga! Make sure whenever you head for your pre-wedding photoshoot, ensure that the photographer gives special recognition to your wedding ring finger and that bauble that sits beautifully on your finger.

7. Switching the rings - from engagement to wedding

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While most couples swear by a single set of bands to don their wedding ring finger, this concept is undergoing a change as well, courtesy of the presence of both engagement and wedding bands. In this case, the bigger question becomes which ring gets a spot on the wedding ring finger.

Normally in a Christian wedding, the wedding band is put on the wedding ring finger after the ceremony and you may choose to don the previous band on your other hand. If you like both to be there, there is an approach for this two - simply choose a set of rings that fit well with each other as your wedding and engagement rings.

Buying an engagement is one of the foremost important and grounding steps before the couple officially commences on their journey to get married. It is the first official pre-wedding ceremony in most cases that announces the couple to the world. And, believe it or not, it is a great feeling to receive this ring as a token of love and security that one receives when someone puts a ring on it. So, take some time in finding an engagement that speaks the most to you because it will always stand as a reminder of your union and this new journey that you are about to step into. And, you can also use your engagement ring as a pendant and wear it with pride for the rest of your life. Make sure you get a stellar manicure done right before he puts a ring on it so that your wedding ring finger shines through and through. 

What kind of an engagement ring did you buy for your spouse-to-be? Tell us through the comments!