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5 Wedding Pattu Sarees for Every Bride-to-be for All Occasions

Dreaming of a beautiful wedding silk saree but can't decide which one to pick? Go through these classic looks of wedding pattu sarees before you do. These are sure to take your heart away.

The only attire that can beat the charm of bridal lehengas is a wedding silk saree. Even among those, wedding Pattu sarees are what really take the cake bringing in all the grace and elegance needed for the big day. Their contemporary designs and use of bright colours set these sarees apart from any other kind of silk sarees. To save you the hassle of having to choose from the variety of colours, designs and motifs we’ve put together the ultimate go-to list for wedding Pattu sarees.

A saree, when worn in the right, can do wonders to your overall personality. The beautiful draping and the sensuousness that it brings along - a saree for a bride is one of the quintessential outfits. Take some quick inspiration from these absolutely stunning looking wedding Pattu sarees and get ready for your wedding shopping.

1. Pink and Gold hues - a combination to die for

Gautam Khullar Photography

A bright and stunning shade of pink with gold zari motifs through the saree accompanied with a thick gold border is one of the most stunning combinations for a wedding Pattu saree.

Team this up with light bridal jewellery since the saree itself is so ornate and complete your hairstyle with fresh flowers. This is a look that is sure to leave your groom stunned. The bright shade of pink is more contemporary but the embroidery gives it the touch of tradition that makes it special. And, once you get all of this on point ask your makeup artist to give you bright makeup with shades of pinks and pastels.

2. Maroon and green

Dream wedding clicks

Maroon and green are traditional colours for wedding Pattu sarees. These colours are said to be auspicious for the bride to be and so, they are the most widely available. While this combination might be traditional you can certainly set it apart by picking a design that has motifs of peacocks, mandalas, flowers or deer.

These motifs are created out of gold zari and are usually designed for the length of the saree. For the blouse, you can pick a green brocade design with an embroidered border. And, one done a dash of bright red lip colour and you'll look like a walking dream.

3. Green, Gold and Pink

Kranthi Photograpahy

A wedding silk saree must have golden zari work, what sets each saree apart is the design that the zari is embroidered into. A creeper or plant-like weave with petals, leaves and flowers on an off-white base makes a subtle statement.

The added colours of pink and green which are considered auspicious, give it a twist of tradition. The signature broad gold border is always a winner. To make this look stand out more you can team it up with a bright hand embroidered blouse that gives it a pop of colour.

4. Red and Gold with an embroidered border

White Frog Productions

An ornate red and gold Pattu silk saree is breathtaking. It is bound to look beautiful and to stand out in a crowd. While many brides may pick this combination yours can be different with the right design.

Pick a saree that has a dense gold weave, this may sound like it’s too much but on the gold silk, it fits right in. For the border choose a design that tells a story like a traditional wedding scene with the palanquin escorted by the wedding party. Since the saree itself has so much work and detail keep the blouse, jewellery and hair style simple. This will allow the saree to be the star!

5. Multi-coloured

Jashan Artworks

If you're having trouble deciding what colour to wear, why not get a wedding Pattu saree that is multi-coloured. You can easily find various motifs woven into the saree with different colours such as this one. Since it will already have a lot of contrasting colours, you need not find a contrasting blouse and can simply use the same pattern for it. This will be your way of treading away from convention while still being a gorgeous traditional bride.

We Will Now Enlist Some Cool Tips so That You Can Look Amazing on Your Big Day!

While a lot depends on how spectacular your wedding outfit is, there a few extra pointers that will make you look extraordinary. Read on and start nothing them down before your big day approaches! 

1. Look at a handful of colour options and combinations before you finalise the one. Wedding Pattu sarees come in every hue imaginable, so it is wise that you pick the colour combination that not only complements your skin tone but also matches with your jewellery and makeup and the overall theme of your wedding and its related functions. 

2. Stay true to your personal style aesthetic, just because your BFF thinks it looks good does not mean you have to like it too. Remember it is your big day and your happiness means the most to your family. So, wear something that you really like! 

3. Also, once you purchase your fair share of wedding Pattu sarees don't forget to get the final alterations of your blouse done prior to the day of your wedding functions. Also, when you try it out, do wear your footwear to see the length of your petticoat and etc

Keep in mind these two pointers when you go out shopping to stock up your bridal wardrobe and don't forget to have some fun while you're at it. After all, you only get married once, right? 

The key to choosing and wearing the perfect wedding silk saree is in keeping the style true to your taste. Wedding Pattu sarees are therefore perfect for this. You should certainly team up the saree with a chic and stylish blouse and some contemporary jewellery. This is sure to make you a bride to remember. so, with these stunning designs and styling tips, you should we ready to serve some serious looks at your wedding festivities.

Don't forget to share your classic look with other brides in the comments below.