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Choose the Right Indian Wedding Planner with This Handy Guide of 7 Tips

Considering the number of options available on the internet, choosing the right Indian wedding planner can be quite a task. So follow our tips to find yourself the perfect wedding planner so that you can have the wedding of your dreams.

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If you’re about to get married, then you’d agree to the fact that planning a wedding is no mean feat. There are a million of things you have to cater to, and which is why people hire wedding planners. Simply because they take a huge amount of load off your shoulders so that you can sit and relax and have the perfect wedding. However, with the internet filled with countless wedding planners, it becomes a tad difficult to find the one. Which is why we’ve come to your rescue and listed a few tips you could keep in mind while finding the Indian wedding planner of your dreams.

1. What's your budget?


Perhaps the smartest thing you can do before even starting to look for your Indian wedding planner is finalising your budget. Sit with your partner or your families and decide how much are you willing to spend. It is only then that you should start looking for a wedding planner so that money doesn't come to question. However, the rates that every wedding planner charges vary pretty dramatically and you'll find many new wedding planners charging fairly low prices. But, however tempted you are to go with the ones charging the lowest rates, you should be careful since most of them are inexperienced and are willing to work on less profit.

2. Do your homework

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After deciding the kind of a wedding you want and the amount you're willing to shell out, we suggest you spend some time researching on different wedding planners. You can start by checking out their websites for pictures of the weddings they've planned and how recent was their previous project. You can also check out if they have a particular style in terms of the colours and the themes (just like many fashion designers) and decide if they match your preferences. Make a list of the ones you and your S.O. like the most and then choose from them. If you'll know what you want, you'll be able to explain it better to your Indian wedding planner.

3. Beware of fake pictures and testimonials

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In order to get more requests from prospective clients, many service-based businesses have fake pictures and testimonials posted on their website. Yes, there is an option for that! So while choosing your Indian wedding planner, you might want to make sure that he/she is true to his/her services and that their company is authentic. To find out whether they have fake pictures or reviews, find out if the reviews are written by the same people whose wedding pictures are posted on the wedding planner’s website. All wedding planners post pictures of almost all of the weddings they have covered on their website. So if the people and their pictures match, you know you’ve got an authentic one.

4. Following up is the key

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After you’ve made a list of some of your favourites, you need to follow up with each one of them to check whether they’re available during the dates of your wedding. All wedding planners have an email ID in place, but if they don’t get back to your query, it is okay to call. Make sure you get what you want to have the wedding of your dreams. Don’t spam, though! Call them up during work hours and keep chasing them if necessary. Apart from having you as a client, there must be many more who they'd be handling. It's only fair to for them to be busy but if they seem too busy, there's your red flag that they've got more on their plate than they can handle. In that case, you need to start looking at the rest of your list of Indian wedding planners.

5. Making sure they understand your requirements

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The most important part of wedding planning is to make sure that you and your Indian wedding planner are on the same tangent. If that works in your favour, then you don’t have to worry about a thing and leave everything to your wedding planner. So, it is important to make sure that while you’re telling your planner about your requirements for the wedding, he/she completely understands what you’re saying. On a side note, a good wedding planner will always give his/her point of view in addition to yours. Make sure it matches your mindset. Observe if are inquisitive about your idea of a dream wedding and ask you questions that can cater to the details of your wedding. If yes, you just might have found the right one. But if they keep pushing their ideas on you, it is time to talk to some other Indian wedding planner on your list. 

6. Are they going to take any other booking on your wedding day?

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It is also important to be sure whether your Indian wedding planner has any other plans on your wedding day. If he/she has another wedding to plan which also happens to fall on your wedding date, then you might want to reconsider giving them the contract as they won’t be able to pay complete attention to your wedding and things have more chances of going haywire. Even if they have a competent team in place who can carry out the details, who will be responsible for last-minute requirements that might come up.

7. How big is their team?

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The last thing, however equally important, you should take into account is how big of a team does your Indian wedding planner has. The bigger the team, the more streamlined every step becomes. It would also help in ensuring that the management of different tasks can happen simultaneously. You contact persons also increase with a big team taking care of your wedding. In case you are not able to reach the main person, you can reach the next person in-charge or the next. 

Now that you’re pros (of sorts) in looking for the right Indian wedding planner, why not put your skills to use? Just keep the tips mentioned above in mind and you’ll be golden. But don't assume that after choosing a wedding planner, your job is done. There are a lot of responsibilities that only you can fulfil. Your Indian wedding planner can merely be a facilitator in those aspects. So, choose wisely, folks!

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