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New Bride Alert! At Your in-laws'? We Know You Will Miss Your Mother, So Let Us Help You With the Daily Chore Calendar

Being a new bride and embracing the post-wedding life isn’t easy at all. Here’s a brief glimpse into what your life might be as a newly-wed bride and things that will make you miss your mom.

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Being a new bride is exciting, no doubt, but no one ever prepared you to take on a deluge of daily chores and triumph over these challenges every single day, right? You can’t help but think of your mom and how she handled everything with ease. Not a peep as you asked for an extra five minutes in bed in the morning or complained about the breakfast options.

Here are all the tasks that are now a part of your daily routine as the blushing new bride to a new family and even if they remind you of your mom every day, you've got this!

Preparing for the day’s menu

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As a new bride, you’re now expected to be able to cook like a grown-up. After all, adults should know how to make their own food. It was super easy to forget how insightful your mom was as she kept your preferences in mind, remembered your dad’s favourites and the rest of the family’s choices as she debated over the food items and cuisines to experiment with every day and still made sure you got your daily dose of vitamins, protein, minerals and other essential nutrients. Phew! How did she ever do it? You’re definitely going to jump at the opportunity to eat at your mom’s as you pore over recipe books with a nervous expression on a boring afternoon.

However, after some time of enjoying the limelight of being the new bride if you have to do it all by yourself now, you can plan on the days meals right after the breakfast is done and unlike the Western breakfast tables, we have a lot more variety and if it gets confusing, you can always ask for votes on dishes or go with the one that you think suits best. In case of a help present, you can guide them to do the same for the day.

Keeping track of the maids


You also learn to be grateful for each day you see your maids at home, cleaning and tidying up the mess. It hits you that they’re a little difficult sometimes, timings can clash, and things can get out of control really quickly. You’ll look back fondly over the days when your mom efficiently checked on their whereabouts and had a solid backup plan in place when things fell apart. You definitely wish she were here to help you out right now. The maid failed to show up on time again today, huh?

As the bride-to-be, you can start taking notes from the best while reminiscing the same is a pro tip here. It is not expected of you to start day 1 as you enter the home as the new bride, but try to keep the backup options ready to run the house in the absence of the maids.

Keeping things organized and locating lost items


Most new brides have felt the pain of moving with a massive collection of personal belongings and items they couldn’t part with. Finding them and designating them a spot is harder than we realize. But isn’t it amazing how our superhuman moms could locate things in a jiffy and knew exactly where to look for that lost earring, that pesky form you needed to fill or your favourite doll you couldn’t go to bed without? Moms know how to ensure everything looks neat and organized too. The post-wedding life is probably making you desperately wonder: What is your mom’s secret?!

Arranging the cupboards all by yourself when it is your own and when it is your husband's or mother-in-law's as the new bride who has just got comfortable with the ways of the house, you can seek their needs as to where they want to put what item of their wardrobe and that way you remember what was put where so you can help yourself and them to find things once misplaced.

Running the house Like A Boss


Married life can be such a wake-up call for a new bride. You need to make your own bed, delegate tasks, do the laundry, cook and clean, stay calm and not panic, coordinate with the newspaper guy, the cable guy, the trash-collector guy, the grocery guy and what not! Your mom even knew all their names and had time for quick, amiable conversations with everyone! How did she pull it off? You wish you could ask her to wave her magic wand and take care of everything in a flash, especially on really tiring days, right?

The keys are in your hand now? Your responsibilities do increase but that is nothing to fear about because every step of it will be explained to you by the elders and you can make for a flawless manager in no time. You've got to trust yourself.

Multi-tasking without batting an eyelid


Married life is full of responsibilities. You, the new bride, are the go-to person for daily crisis-like situations, such as a missing button on a shirt, a burnt dish, a mysterious ailment and a bad stomach ache (will Paracetamol work?) and more. You know you can do it but you can’t help but long for the days when you could just turn to your mom with a puppy face and ask her to intervene. She even had time to go meet her friends in the evening for a quick cup of chai after a crazy day! Phew!

But don't worry, you will have all the help you will need and you will be guided right even though you're new to the house. Nobody expects you to start running the house in a day or two. Get comfortable and let your mister and his family escort you through the day. You're not alone!

How to handle it all - because you can!

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Remember that you are now that you are married and even if you are the new bride you have a whole lot of potential inside you. Don’t panic when something small doesn’t go according to plan and set up daily reminders. You can also keep a diary to make sure you’re not missing out on anything and ask your husband to share the workload. Whenever you’re really confused, remind yourself that it’s only temporary and you’re the captain of this ship! It’s also okay to ease into your duties gradually instead of aiming for perfection from day one and seek help from your mom who has been in your boat earlier. It’s hard to believe that, though. She seems to know everything about everything!

If not on every step, then at least when the time comes for you to actually freak out and have a blank situation where you don't know how to figure it out straight being the new bride of a different household, especially if it is an arranged marriage and every family member here has a new face, you can always seek help from your mother who is just a phone call away or give your mother-in-law a fair chance to come closer to you and help you out so that you share quality time as well as you get to find a way out of the situation that cornered you. And don't worry you gorgeous new bride, the Indian soaps showed it all wrong, mothers-in-law are no momzillas! They're moms too. 

Married life is topsy-turvy and a heady rollercoaster ride. Take it all in and enjoy yourself as a new bride. You’ll become better and better at your daily chores if you stay patient and trust the process. Remember to cut yourself some slack, take a few days off every now and then and use the time to binge-watch shows on Netflix occasionally. Hey, you earned it! And remember to tell your mom how inspiring she is and that you loved how she took care of you and your whole clan like a boss!