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8 Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Decor

Light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up...but don't put anything on fire. Using candle decoration ideas, you can legit light up the place to make it look 'lit'. Take inspiration from the following decor images for your wedding.

Kriti Van

When you dream of your wedding, you imagine everything happy and pretty with soft lighting blanketing it all. It all looks so whimsical in your dream. But if you want the same effect in real life, it is quite possible, that too with a basic household item - candles. These illuminated decor items can light up your wedding pictures just right, they can be used as a photobooth prop or simply light a passage. How you choose to incorporate it into your wedding decor is up to you but we can guarantee you one thing, the final result will be all worth it. To start with, we've come up with a selection of candle decoration ideas for you to take inspiration from. Let's dig in.

Wax candles

These are what come to mind when one says candle. But using them as a decor item can be hazardous if not carefully placed. That's why candle decoration ideas are often accompanied by mason jars or teacups. Following are some of the friendly candle decor ideas for you to browse.

1. Centrepiece

Platinum World Weddings

One of the most obvious choices for candle placement would be on the table as a centrepiece. It will look pleasant surrounded by a beautiful bouquet of flowers adding to the ambience of your wedding. Your guests won't have to go to the photobooth to get good pictures as they'd be able to take selfies for DP right at the table itself.

The Dream Wedding

Why have a single centrepiece when you fill the entire table with candles and use their illumination bring contrast to the hue of your wedding lighting. Take cues for candle decoration ideas from this rustic themed dinner table. Placing them all in glasses and jars filled with water is a smart move to avoid any unexpected disasters. 

2. Floating candles

Riveting Events

Are you having a cocktail party by the poolside or your idea of Mandap decor is a floating one? If yes, then candle decoration ideas with floating candles are perfect for your event. Get your wedding decorator to make floating centrepieces like the one above and make the candles their focus. Making a thermocol base should do it. The arrangement can be both inexpensive and super pretty.

Riveting Events

Now this one is a beautiful flower arrangement and candle decoration ideas thrown into one. Do you find it as enchanting as we do? If yes, then bookmark this page and show your florist this photo. They can easily create these floating lanterns for your wedding event.

3. A dedicated spot

The Third Eye Photography

Another possible way to beautify your candle decoration ideas can be creating a dedicated spot for them. Find any nook that seems like it could use an aesthetic upgrade and place all your candles at that spot. Flowers and candles are really a classic combination you cannot beat. Place a combination of these at your desired spot and voila! You have another place showcasing your Insta-worthy decor.  

4. Hanging decor

Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners

How about you hang candles around your wedding venue in such a fashion? It makes for beautiful decoration photos that can be the highlight of your wedding album. 

5.  Giveaways


One of the candle decoration ideas that would be a hit with your wedding guests is giving candles as wedding favours. A thoughtful quote or a thank you tag will make the gesture even sweeter. 

Artificial candles

To prevent accidents, make use of artificial candles for decoration. You'd be surprised to see how many candle decoration ideas can be implemented with these artificial lights. Since they wouldn't burn anything, you can place them anywhere in your wedding venue. See how the millennial couples are using them down below.

1. Photobooth

Bittu Flower Decorator

Don't you agree that the soft glow of candles gives you the prettiest of selfies? But better be careful of its flame while you do that. Well, with artificial lights your guests will not have to worry about that and freely get their pictures clicked. That's why you should set up a photobooth with artificial candles. Don't tell us that is one of the most 'lit' candle decoration ideas you've heard so far! 

2. A lit entryway

Heart Of Decor

Decorate your entryway with lots and lots of candles and we promise you that it will look as brilliant as this picture here. Place the candles at some of the spots on the entryway and light up the entire ceiling of the way with chandeliers and hanging candles. This is as whimsical as it gets. Use LED candles that will last hours before they go out, unlike wax candles. 

3. Step well decor

Naach Gaana Vyah, Palam Vihar

If you are thinking of candle decoration ideas to spruce up the steps or staircases of your venue, might we give you inspiration? As can be seen in the image above, all you have to do is play with symmetry and concentric circles. Place candles at even distances make a boundary of flowers so that people don't step around it.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the candle decoration ideas you can actually implement at your wedding that too in a cost-efficient manner? Well, just discuss with your wedding planner or decorator and make your venue awe-inspiring for all your wedding guests. 

Have more ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.