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While not mandatory, seating arrangements make life simple for everyone involved. Whatever the size of the event, expected cost, or aesthetics, you’ll always be better served when you are prepared. Here we present to you twelve of the best decoration images that truly capture the essence of an ideal seating arrangement.

1. A regal wedding reception

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Outdoor wedding receptions and decoration are fun and adventurous and you are free to play with spaces and undulating ground surfaces. A picnic themed aesthetic with white and checkered table clothes, ample walking areas and an outdoor bbq are the way to go. Cost varies with scale and a moderately sized event can cost upwards of 2 lakhs.

2. Church Wedding

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Churches are romantic as well as religious and each church has a unique story to tell. Seating in Churches is provided for naturally for the congregation and other elements like lighting and decor are also often in-house. From a simple Baptism to the Royal wedding Churches are therein every step of your life! Costs can vary depending on venue and budget. If you want some inspiration for a Christian wedding dress then you'll find it right here. 

3. Colourful engagement with close friends and family

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While weddings are more social, an engagement can often be a more personal and intimate experience. Share your moment with close guests in full colour with a medium sized hall with a modern style seating. This decoration image captures the essence of a wonderful engagement at a cost of about 30 grand a night.

4. Sangeet checkers

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Inspired by the legendary dancing chess girls of Akbar the great this chess-themed dance floor is the perfect accompaniment to an awesome Sangeet. Who needs conventional seating when you can be the queen of the dancefloor and checkmate the king! Depending on scale costs can be anything above the 50 grand mark.

5. Gorgeous Sikh wedding

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The calm environs of a Gurudwara is the ideal space for Anand Karaj or the Sikh wedding ceremony. The best part is of this arrangement is that for the needy, it is absolutely free, but voluntary donations can be made. Seating is usually sex-segregated, and lighting and food are provided for at comparatively minuscule costs.

6. Modern music themed seating

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For the couples who love music, this sort of arrangement is useful for an engagement or a wedding reception. You can add your favourite instruments to the mix and a DJ always comes in handy. Costs can vary substantially, beginning with the 10k range,  but can increase exponentially if you get a great wedding DJ.

7. Outdoor semi-circular

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This seating arrangement works best for smaller crowd sizes, with the semicircular arc creating the impression of a more intimate and cosy setting. Lighting costs are lesser than a full-blown garden party and if used during the day, you only pay for the seating.

8. Pool party

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The perfect way to chill for cool peeps a pool party is an awesome way to celebrate the summer. With these parties being all the rage, costs have come down substantially and a good bargain can be had for 30 thousand. This fab decoration image captures the excitement and the lush nature of an awesome pool party.

9. Beach fashion

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The ideal destination for sea lovers, beaches are an ideal setting for a sunny wedding. Sets can be designed the Hawaiian style with flowers and colourful garments, and evening lights are not too expensive to come by.

10. All squared

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A squared arrangement can be used both outdoors and indoors. With great viewing angles, this arrangement can be scaled up and it works well for Vedic weddings where home is conducted in the central square. Costs can start at 20-25 thousand and go up depending on scale and extravagance.

11. Morning garden party

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A quintessentially British tradition, morning weddings are a new fad especially during the cooler months in India.  Venues are available for rent at highly competitive costs and sunlight is free for all!

12. Palace wedding

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Give yourself the thrill of being a Maharani or a Shehzadi, as the gorgeous backdrop of an erstwhile royal palace caresses your wedding frame. The most spectacular colours and lights, Rang aur Noor will be your baraat for the day! All inclusive costs in Udaipur start at 15 lakhs.

With these gorgeous decoration images of a varied range of seating arrangements, you can never go wrong while setting up your party. For every occasion and for every budget we’ve got you covered in every manner.

Want to share your own awesome seating ideas! comment below!