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The moment was a dream! Meghan Markle walked up the steps, took her vows and became the Duchess of Sussex in a beautiful ceremony on 19th May 2018. And we're still dreamy-eyed over her choice of the royal wedding dress. The white Givenchy gown, with a 16-foot long veil that swept the stairs of the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, was breathtaking. 

Wow! While the world celebrated their fairytale, we thought of picking the bridal fashion cues for inspiration. We hope that these help you during your wedding shopping expedition for your own Christian wedding gown.

Meghan Markle's Wedding Outfit:

Guarded as well as a state’s secret, the Duchess' wedding gown is a classic white, long-sleeved outfit with a graphic open bateau neckline (boat neckline), which fit to form, though not snugly. She chose to wear a 5-metre long silk tulle veil, with hand-embroidered flowers around the trim that represented all 53 countries of the Commonwealth including the Indian lotus. She chose to accessorise it with Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, lent to her by The Queen for the occasion, a set of satin shoes (Givenchy) and a petite bridal bouquet.

Here are our notes on all of it:

The Wedding Dress

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Meghan Markle's royal wedding dress had remained a closely-guarded secret till the information was released by Kensington Royal and the French atelier Givenchy before the wedding. 

Created by the then creative head of Givenchy, acclaimed British designer Claire Waight Keller, the ivory dress has been praised for the six seams which let it frame Markle's shoulders and glide over to her waist. It extended from the back to a rounded train, balanced on top by the large veil. 

The 3/4th sleeve design is a modest choice that adds to the elegance and is more often a choice made by most Indian brides too.

Fabric - Double-bonded silk cady (Dress), Triple silk organza (underskirt)

Colour - White (universal trend, since another royal wedding - Queen Victoria's wedding dress)

Fit - Loose fit to form (comfort).

Sleeves - Long-sleeve.

Bridal Accessories

Here is a round-up of the Duchess' bridal accessories -


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Meghan wore the diamond bandeau tiara which belonged to Queen Mary (the current regent's mother) which was commissioned in 1932. It holds a centre brooch which was a wedding gift for Queen Mary too. It fits perfectly with the Christian wedding tradition of something borrowed and something old too.

At a time when Christian brides in India are opting for delicate floral bands on one side and full-fledged tiaras on the other, this crown-shaped classic tiara will be a jewel to flaunt.

Type of Tiara - Classic style

Bridal Veil

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Meghan Markle's bridal veil had a lot of meaning underneath it. It had been received with a lot of surprise by many, who see it in contrast with her feminist views. It was crafted with not just a lot of care and hard work but also heavy research.

The Duchess' veil featured hand-embroidered flora around its trim, representing each of the 53 Commonwealth nations, as well as her own personal choice in flowers. It had a lot of significance for the couple who had then embarked on endeavours around the Commonwealth.

Here are our notes:

Fabric - Silk Tulle

Embroidery - Hand-embroidered in silk threads and Organza.

Bridal Jewellery

Image courtesy: Getty Images (as carried by BBC World Service and Kensington Royal on Twitter)

While the world was awed by her choice in tiara and ring, Markle's bridal jewellery also included simple diamond studs from Cartier and a matching bracelet from their 'Reflection de Cartier' collection. 

Here are our notes on both:

Earrings - Simple diamond studs in white gold (already on point with many Christian weddings, though we do see a traditional preference to yellow gold, especially in Kerala weddings).

Bracelet -  White gold and diamonds (Again in contrast with traditional ideas, which give precedence to yellow gold and bangles, though we do see a few brides opting for a white and diamond approach now).

Wedding shoes

A perfect match with the wedding dress, we spotted the Duchess in a pair of satin shoes (Givenchy).

Bridal Bouquet (wedding flowers)

Image courtesy: Getty Images (as carried by BBC World Service and Kensington Royal on Twitter)

The bridal bouquet was on point with her modest dress ideas, opting for nostalgic cues. It had been reported that Prince Harry plucked flowers for his bride's bouquet (designed by florist Philippa Craddock) - adding Forget-me-nots to it, a favourite of his mother, the late Princess Diana.

Fabric - Raw silk ribbon.

Flowers - Forget-me-nots, Sweet Peas, Lily, Astilbe, Jasmine, Myrtle and Astrantia.

The Indian cue - Keep a place for sentiments wherever possible. This floral memory will be remembered for a long time.

Meghan Markle's royal wedding had helped us all to ruminate on the importance of a wedding gown. A wedding gown is a once in a lifetime purchase and a bride is likely to invest her time and emotions for it. 

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What kind of a bridal gown would you like to wear? With veil or without? Tell us in the comments section below!

-With inputs from Vidhi Maingi Gaur.