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The Sangeet is the official party for an Indian wedding. A celebration with friends, music and a whole of dance. The bride-to-be decides to show a little swag, the groom and his boys show a little panache. And then, there's the family - the mums, dads, aunties and uncles. Whether you're at a Delhi wedding, or day wedding, a destination wedding or one in Mumbai or Bangalore, we know that this one day is just for us, away from the hectic schedule of the other wedding preparations. A sangeet ceremony is all about which side of the family wins - the groom's side or the bride's. That is literally all there is o a sangeet night, well mostly!

Organising a Sangeet is synonymous with a good show of music. However. putting it together is a different task indeed. You want to ensure that your wedding day remains on track, you need a break and even when you want to party the night away, you need to remain fresh for your big day. With this piece, we explore how to organise your Sangeet, planning it out and the details you need to keep in mind - whether it's the Sangeet playlist or your Sangeet outfit.

The Sangeet - Ceremony and event

Photography by Jaspal
Photography by JaspalPhotography by Jaspal

The Sangeet ceremony has become an essential party amid wedding celebrations, though it was more in line with North Indian weddings (be it Punjabi weddings, UP weddings, Bihari weddings, Marwadi weddings or even Rajasthani weddings). With time, the concept of Sangeet or a musical night has emerged with other communities as well, including Hyderabadi weddings (where it is clubbed with Mehndi. Then, there are also bridal showers in Christian weddings, which see a similar concept in terms of song and dance.

In terms of positioning, the Sangeet ceremony is often placed ahead, or alongside a Mehndi ceremony or a cocktail. This stems from the original concept of ladies sangeet where the women of the household teamed up alongside the Mehndi setup. Now, it's a big-ticket occasion, only lesser in scale than the wedding reception and the wedding ceremony.

Planning your Sangeet ceremony:

Photolicious Studio Works
Photolicious Studio WorksPhotolicious Studio

Here are the basics that you need to check into for your Sangeet ceremony:

Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography
Avnish Dhoundiyal PhotographyAvnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Choosing the right wedding vendors for all of these is dependent on four things:

  1. Time of Day
  2. Scale of event
  3. Number of wedding guests
  4. Budget

Do you want a homely Sangeet with a close set of friends and family? Possibly in a room or under the open skies, singing along to favourite songs (even as an Antakshri). Or do you want a grand Sangeet celebration, with a specific theme, decor, guest attire and choreographed dance performances? Make your choices and move to the next stage. 

Hint - This is where your wedding planner should step in!

Organising a Sangeet Ceremony

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Lifeworks StudiosLifeworks Studios

Now, that you have decided the scale of your event, it's time to take it to the next level - actually organising your Sangeet ceremony from the ground up. You need to focus on the following things:

1. Plan your Sangeet music playlist

Arun B Photography
Arun B PhotographyArun B Photography

Planning a Sangeet music playlist is a core task as your choice in beats can make or kill the occasion. Peppy songs that encourage everyone to shake a leg are always encouraged. So, are any older Hindi music songs which you can choreograph a good performance on. Still, keep a scope for repeat favourites in your list as the hours stretch on. Getting the correct songs will automatically pump up your wedding guests and get their adrenaline gushing to mad wavelengths. 

2. Choose your dance music


Choose the songs you would want to perform on. Discuss with your family, friends and their partner if they have any ideas or choices for themselves. You can choreograph a bridal entry, romantic couple songs or a family-based lip dub song version if everyone is on board with them. Please ensure you have a different set of the playlist for everybody present. From a playlist for your brother or your girlfriends or the entire Khandaan. It is really important that you do that so everyone has a relatable song to shake their legs on. 

2. Start your Sangeet rehearsals


Organise your dance performances for the night. Bring in a wedding choreographer, if necessary. Then, practice, practice and practice. Also, enquire into comfortable footwear for the Sangeet night, if you have an elaborate dance routine up your sleeve (we've explored it earlier with shoes for Sangeet). Coordinate with all your guests who are coming from afar and schedule our practice sessions such that everyone gets to practice before stepping on the stage. You don't want any last minute forgotten choreographies or one performer getting bumped with another. Do you? 

3. Arrange for a wedding caterer, the venue for your Sangeet guests

The Basil Kitchen
The Basil Kitchen

Either delegate this to someone in your family, who is organising the entire wedding ceremony or your wedding planner. Nothing dulls a Sangeet ceremony than a power outage or a food supply that's not on time. Your stage and decor should also prop up the efforts you put into the Sangeet. Come up with a memorable food spread, one that everyone remembers and cannot forget the delicious taste of. That is how you truly make an impression by ensuring that the food is nothing less than lip-smacking. 

4. Put together your Sangeet look

Sona Sachdeva Photography
Sona Sachdeva PhotographySona Sachdeva Photography

Choose your look, your Sangeet outfit, bridal hairstyle, bridal makeup carefully. Take an account of how the stage, decor, lighting and venue may impact them. This is literally all you must keep tabs on if you want to host an unforgettable sangeet night - full of dancing, singing and the forging of some long-living relationships. 

We hope our suggestions can help you hold your Sangeet ceremony in a better way. If yes, let us know in the comments below!