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Indian Sangeet Ceremony: Ideas and Inspiration for a Memorable Sangeet Night

Wondering how to plan the perfect Sangeet ceremony according to Indian traditions? Here’s a list of everything you need to know.

Sangeet ceremony

Sangeet ceremony

Image credit: Kiara Advani

Contributing Writer: Queenie Singh

If you're about to get married soon and are wondering what a Sangeet ceremony is or what its significance is according to Indian traditions, you've landed at the right place. A Sangeet ceremony is a huge part of the many traditions and customs of an Indian wedding and you should know everything about it if you plan one in the near future or are attending one soon. We've got everything you need to know about a traditional Indian Sangeet ceremony here, from what it means to its significance, who to invite to a Sangeet ceremony, when to throw one, Sangeet ceremony dress ideas and Sangeet ceremony decoration ideas. 

In this article:

1. What is a Sangeet Ceremony?

2. Sangeet Ceremony Celebration Ideas

3. Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

4. Sangeet Ceremony Decoration Inspiration

5. Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs 

6. Sangeet Ceremony Quotes

What is a Sangeet Ceremony?

Sangeet ceremony

Photographer: Luxmi Digital Studio

Sangeet is synonymous with singing together. Typically, a Sangeet ceremony is a North Indian pre-wedding function that involves the bride and groom's family singing and dancing throughout the evening to celebrate the oncoming wedding. Historically, the Sangeet ceremony used to only involve the ladies, who would sing folklore and play Dholak to tease the bride and celebrate her marriage. Today, the Sangeet ceremony has evolved into a full-fledged function where the bride and groom's families and friends come together to sing and dance to Punjabi and Bollywood songs, give performances on stage and dance on the stage. 

Who to Invite to a Sangeet Ceremony?

As mentioned earlier, the Sangeet ceremony used to be an all-ladies event earlier. But now, it is a pre-wedding function where the bride and groom invite all of their family and close friends. If you're soon getting married and are wondering who to invite to your Sangeet ceremony, you can either invite only your close friends and immediate family or all of the guests who you've invited to the wedding and the wedding reception. If you're having an intimate wedding or a destination wedding, you should be sending the Sangeet invite to all of your guests staying at the wedding venue with you. 

When to Plan a Sangeet Ceremony?

A sangeet ceremony is a pre-wedding event; thus, it is typically planned a day or two before the final wedding ceremony. If you don't want the ceremony to happen a few days before the wedding, you can also plan it the day before. If you're having an intimate wedding or a destination wedding, it is best to do the Sangeet ceremony the day before or after the wedding, as it will allow all your guests to attend the event and dance their hearts out with you!

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Sangeet Ceremony Celebration Ideas

Sangeet Ceremony Celebration Ideas

Image Credits: ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

From bridal solo performances to fun family games, everyone is filled with excitement and joy on a Sangeet night. So, if you're up for one such night, take a look at some super fun Sangeet Ceremony ideas to make the event a phenomenal success!

Funny Sangeet Script

The first thing you need to make a smashing Sangeet night is a great ladies sangeet script. And one of the fool-proof Sangeet Ceremony ideas is to create a humorous script. If you can tickle the funny bone of the audience, that's half the work done! Crack jokes, interact with family members and friends, disclose embarrassing secrets about the groom (with permission!) or arrange quick games to get the audience involved. You could hire a professional emcee or if you have a funny friend or uncle who always cracks people up, use them to host! Laughter never fails!

Surprise Karaoke

Who wouldn't love to sing along with Bollywood songs on a karaoke track? So how about turning this karaoke night into a surprise? One of the popular Sangeet Ceremony ideas is when you hold the mic and sing your favourite songs! But when there is a surprise element in it, it becomes all the more fun. Call the groom or bride's name as a surprise and ask them to sing on one of their favourite 90's Bollywood songs. It's not about the technicalities, but the fact that everyone has fun!


One of the Sangeet Ceremony ideas that can never fail is a classic dance-off between team bride and team groom! Take help from the wedding choreographer to prepare some smashing dance sequences on popular Bollywood songs and let there be a dance fight! Ace that Nagin Dance, do those killer Thumkas, and simply set the stage on fire with all your Zumba steps and Salsa moves! Don't forget to sport flashy outfits for your performances!

Quiz Time!

What's the bride's favourite ice-cream flavour? Who was the groom's first crush? What colour was the bride's mom's outfit the previous day? Creating such fun quiz questions for couples could be one of the most popular Sangeet Ceremony ideas! And the fun part is that if there are more wrong answers, so are the laughs! Catching the forgetful uncles in their "oops, I forgot again" moments is just as entertaining as the "aww" ones when the groom gives the right answer! Include such exciting Sangeet games to make the night crazy & delightful!

Fashion Show

Let the inner divas and debonair come out! Organizing a fashion show is one of those Sangeet Ceremony ideas that hardly anyone can resist participating in! Set the stage with some jazzy light decor, play some upbeat music at the background and encourage every family member and friend to walk the ramp! You could assign different rounds, like Indo-western outfit round or talent round, which would give the participants to showcase their talents and fashion statements!

Dance, dance, & more dance!

What's a Sangeet without a full-blown dance bash? When all the above mentioned Sangeet Ceremony ideas are well executed and done with, it's time to open the chill box! Ask your wedding DJ to hit all the foot-tapping groovy numbers and get everyone on the dance floor. This is the part where there are no rules, no system, or absolutely no reservations! The one and only principle is, "Dance till you drop!" Slip in your comfy dancing shoes and just keep going till dawn breaks!

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

If you're a bride-to-be or a wedding guest soon to attend a Sangeet ceremony and are confused about what to wear at the function, we've got your back. Scroll and see 10 of the best Sangeet Ceremony dress ideas for you to wear!

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Bedazzled Outfit for Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

Image Credits: Falguni Shane Peacock

Rakul Preet Singh looked stunning in her custom Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga on her Sangeet night. The actor bedazzled in her dreamy off-white and silver lehenga, replete with intricate light gold embroidery on a beige base. The outfit was adorned with Swarovski stones, crystals, sequins, beads, and silver acrylic flowers with pearl tassel details. Jackky Bhagnani complemented her look with a royal blue blazer jacket from the same designer. Take inspiration from this dazzling duo for you and your partner as your sangeet ceremony dress ideas. 

Back in Black Sangeet Ceremony Outfit

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

Image Credits: Sawan Gandhi

Take inspiration from Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma for your sangeet ceremony dress and slay the floor like no one else. Both wearing Sawan Gandhi for their sangeet night, Surbhi chose a beautiful black cutdana and sequin embroidered cape with a chevron pattern on the border, while pairing it with a sequin embroidered pant and blouse. Karan complemented her look by picking a timeless black velvet bandhgala with cutdana and sequin embellishments.

Pastel Dreams Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

Image Credits: Seema Gujral

Digital influencer Sakshi Sindwani and her beau Raghav Arora looked resplendent in Seema Gujral couture. Sakshi’s coffee-tone lehenga features bright floral appliqué motifs with the gleam of sequins & crystals, while Raghav looks dapper in a raw silk set embellished with mirror work in a linear pattern. 

Groomsmen Attire for Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

Image Credits: Mandap Ethnic World

When it comes to picking out a stunning outfit for each one of the wedding ceremonies, girls run the show. But why should girls have all the fun? For the groom and his BFFs, choose to set the stage on fire, and give competition to the girls when it comes to picking dapper sangeet ceremony dresses. 

Ivory Glory for Your Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony Dress Ideas

Image Credits: Falguni Shane Peacock

Influencer Sakshi Sindwani’s Sangeet look was one for the ages! She wore a faded peach-based, silver handcrafted Lehenga custom-made by Falguni Shane Peacock. The bespoke Lehenga was created with floral motifs that are adorned with numerous Swarovski stones, pearls, crystals, beads and sequins. It was styled with a chic halter neck blouse replete with tassels and a full-length, tulle jacket—mirroring the same details as that of the Lehenga set. Raghav Arora complemented her look with a peach Sherwani embroidered with architectural and regal motifs that were adorned with sequins, and styled with a pair of raw silk pants.

Traditional Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Mahima Mahajan

This one is a more traditional take on a Sangeet ceremony dress. If you're confused about what to wear at your Sangeet ceremony, go for something similar. Look for simple lehengas in light shades that have silver and gold embellishments and embroidery. 

Chic Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Nadine Dhody

There's no better colour to wear at a Sangeet ceremony than a neutral shade or white. And if the dress is heavily embellished like this one, it adds a cherry on top for sure!

Designer Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Rachit Khanna

Have you had enough of Indian traditional dresses at weddings? Go for something contemporary like this. The sangeet ceremony is the perfect occasion to don gorgeous gowns and dresses like this one and you should be making the most of this opportunity. 

Unique Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Ritika Mirchandani

If you aren't looking to wear a traditional lehenga or the same old gown at the Sangeet ceremony, this one is a great option for you. Pair this up with glittery and dewy makeup to complete this look for your Sangeet night. 

Glamorous Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Sawan Gandhi

The sangeet ceremony is the perfect event to rock all the gold and glitter you have. You should be having this kind of dress in your wardrobe to wear at the Starry night themed Sangeet ceremonies. 

Aubergine Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Seema Gujral 

We've said this before and we'll say it again- Aubergine is the colour of the season and it is here to stay! And if you want to integrate this beautiful colour into your Sangeet ceremony, this lehenga is the perfect option for you. 

Simple Sangeet Ceremony Dress

Sangeet ceremony dress

Image Credits: Tarun Tahiliani

Simple, chic and elegant- this is what describes this Tarun Tahiliani classic perfectly. If you're a plain Jane, this is going to be your type of Sangeet ceremony dress. Take cues from the subtle colour and the unique dupatta style and bookmark this for your Sangeet night!

Ivory Sangeet Lehenga

Image Credits: Anushree Reddy

Check out this alluring ivory net lehenga with cutdana embroidery for your Sangeet look. Paired with a hand-embroidered ivory cape, this white lehenga is sure to turn heads on your Sangeet. The ensemble incorporates lacquer tones of golds and silver with hand-embroidered detailing.

Sangeet Lehenga in Shade of Lavender

Image Credits: Natasha Dalal Label 

Want some Sangeet lehenga trends that scream grace and panache? Try this exquisite designer net lehenga in ice blue shade to create a show-stopping impact. This co-ord set lehenga has some impeccable embroidery work all over it with small tassels around the blouse hem. Sport a net dupatta and a sleeveless blouse to go with your lehenga.

Sangeet Ceremony Decoration Inspiration

Sangeet ceremony decoration can vary from one wedding to another. It all depends on what the couple wants. These days, many couples plan to have a themed Sangeet night and thus the decor also varies accordingly. Here are some of our favourite Sangeet ceremony decoration elements that you can integrate at your own Sangeet night. 

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Mystic Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: Akarshana Events Entertainment, Decorator: Silhouette Events, Venue: Golkonda Resorts

We're loving everything about this decoration- from just the right amount of mist to create an ambience, to the table centrepieces, the candle stands and the chandeliers. You should be bookmarking this to show to your planner or decorator. 

Disco Balls Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planners & Decorators: Aura Affaire, Photographer: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu, Venue: Samode Palace

This is a very unique Sangeet ceremony decoration idea and we're all for it! If you're looking for something that will set your Sangeet night apart from the rest, this is THE perfect decoration idea for you and you should be bookmarking this. 

Starry Night Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: Dream Makers Event & Entertainment

If you're planning a starry night-themed Sangeet night, take a look at this decoration idea. You can take inspiration from the gorgeous golden decor and the mirror finish furnishing that complete the whole vibe of this idea. 

Sangeet Ceremony Decoration for Entrance

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner and Decorator: F5 Weddings

This is a very simple yet beautiful decor idea for your Sangeet ceremony. You can get this installed at the entrance and this will surely serve as a great photo drop for all your guests' pictures. 

Garden Themed Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner and Decorator: Experiential Weddings by Mapsor, Venue: Hotel The Gold Palace & Resorts

This is another gorgeous idea for an entrance decor for your Sangeet ceremony. If you're having a garden, forest or tropical-themed Sangeet night, you should bookmark this idea right away for inspiration.

Royal Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: Marriage Colours

Sangeet nights are made for grand stage setups and Bollywood dances! This Sangeet ceremony decoration is perfect for an event that has lots of live music and dance performances and the cherry on top is, it also looks otherworldly beautiful. 

Glam Night Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: Rani Pink

If you're having a glitter and glam-themed Sangeet night or are looking for unique decor ideas for your Sangeet ceremony, this one should be bookmarked to show to your wedding planners or wedding decorators. 

Sangeet Ceremony Decoration for Table Centerpiece

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: RK Events

Table centrepieces can add a lot of grandiose to the Sangeet decor and you shouldn't be missing out on that. Look for flowers that go with your theme of the Sangeet night and opt for candlesticks and candle stands like the one used in the picture. 

Ambient Sangeet Ceremony Decoration

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Decorator: Wedding-e-Khas

Red sets the vibe of the Sangeet ceremony perfectly and if you're looking for something similar, this is a great decor idea to bookmark and show to your wedding decorator and wedding planner. 

Sangeet Ceremony Decoration with Chandelier

Sangeet ceremony decoration

Planner: Weddings By Neeraj Kamra

Just like centrepieces, chandeliers can also add a lot of grandiose to your wedding venue at the Sangeet ceremony. If you're looking for a similar vibe, bookmark this to show to your wedding planner right away. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Don't we all want absolutely amazing wedding invites? Whether they are unique WhatsApp marriage invitations or the traditional paper and card ones, one thing you cannot miss out on while finishing your wedding card is to include a beautifully created sangeet ceremony invitation for all your guests.

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Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Akanksha Negi Invitations

Take inspiration from this simple yet elegant sangeet ceremony invitation for your big day festivities. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Divinespace Design

How much purple can purple be? Make your pastel wedding dreams come to life with this amazingly gorgeous sangeet ceremony invite. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Weddings by Graphē

Make your wedding invitations stand out with the elegance of desi glam, and let your starry sangeet night be one of the most beautiful ceremonies around your wedding day. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Dhruvi Doshi Designs

Nowadays, WhatsApp and animated wedding invitations have become all the rage. With so many beautiful options available to get your sangeet ceremony invitation created as per your preferences, this is one of the trendiest options to consider while finalising your wedding invite. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: New Era Invites

If you are looking for classy options to choose from for your sangeet ceremony invitations, look no further than this beautifully created formal wedding invitation.

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: The Morphic Studio

A classic, simple elegance can never go out of style. To make your sangeet ceremony invitations stand out while imbibing the beauty of simplicity, this stunning invitation design has to be on your list. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: The Wander Ink

Weddings in India are celebrated with over-the-top galore, imbibing inspiration from all the different traditions, cultures, and regions of the country. Add a touch of Rajasthani royalty to your sangeet ceremony invitations with these Jharoka-inspired invites. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Varda Designer Invitations

If you are looking for a perfect balance between traditions and innovation while picking out your wedding invitations, you cannot overlook this impressive book design, especially for your sangeet ceremony invitations. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Wedding Prashantarts

Your wedding invitations should not only be created as per your vision and personality but also hold all your emotions for the upcoming festivities. Celebrate your love story through your sangeet ceremony invitations in the most beautiful manner. 

Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Designs

Designer: Customizing Creativity

For all the millennial brides out there who absolutely love the dreamy allure of pastel weddings, we have just the perfect wedding and sangeet ceremony invitation to go perfectly with your vision for your big day. 

Sangeet Ceremony Quotes

Sangeet Ceremony Quotes

Image Credits - Sirat Couture

It's your Sangeet night. You are living every ounce of your fairytale and dancing the night away with the love of your life. When you are caught up in such a dreamy moment, capturing it and transforming it into memories to cherish for life is the only way to go. Find the perfect Instagram captions and sangeet ceremony quotes to mark the beginning of your happily ever after on social media with our handpicked Sangeet captions. 

  • “When in doubt, dance it out! #sangeetnight”
  • “Wedding bells and dancing spells: the magic of my sangeet.”
  • “Channelling my inner Bollywood star for the sangeet!”
  • “The sangeet is just the beginning of the celebrations to come.”
  • “Here’s to a night of music, dancing, and love at our sangeet.”
  • “Dance like nobody's watching, but secretly hope they are!”
  • “Sangeet vibes on point with the love of my life.”
  • “The best kind of wedding is one that leaves your bellies (and hearts) full.”
  • “In our family, we don’t hide crazy…we put it on the porch and give it a cocktail!”
  • “The party doesn’t start till we walk in.”
  • “Twirling into forever with my soulmate at the sangeet.”
  • “You're my favourite dance partner.”
  • “Dancing the night away at our sangeet.”
  • “Dancing hand in hand, forever.”
  • “Good friends, good music, and a night full of memories at the sangeet.”
  • “Two hearts, one dance.”
  • “Music, moves, and pure joy!”
  • “Lost in the rhythm. Steps filled with love.”
  • “Unleashing my dance moves. Forever dances in this soul!”
  • “When in doubt, just dance it out!”
  • “Finding my happiness, one dance step at a time.”


We hope this blog was able to help you understand the true meaning of the Sangeet ceremony in India and that you were able to decide on a theme, dress and the type of decor you need for the big day!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or reach out to us on any of our social profiles, The team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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