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7 Mother of the Groom Dresses for Outdoor Wedding for the Moms

If you are looking for mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding, take a look at these 7 dresses that just gorgeous and definitely worth your attention!


Emotions are at an all high time during a wedding. The most emotional people are generally the mothers of the couple. The bride’s mother is sad to lose her daughter, the groom’s mother understands the pain the bride, and her family is going through, as she herself has been through the same pain and anguish one feels when starting a new life.

However, it is life and it must go on. The mothers have to forget their pain for some time and get through all the ceremonies. In addition, the groom’s mother has to look legit from the Ladkewala side who has come to take her daughter in law to her new home.

Every mother’s style is different. Some like to keep the look OTT, others like keeping it simple and sober. We have everything for everyone. Check out at these mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding and look fabulous at your son’s wedding.

1. Lavish silver embroidered lehenga

Artfoto Studio

Look like royalty in this barely-there pink colour with heavy silver embroidery. The lehenga is rich and tasteful. It will look wonderful in an outdoor setting during the day and even at night. The subtle colour of the dress suits the persona of a mother. The work on the lehenga will make you look younger than you are as it is young and fresh.

2. Half-and-half green and white saree

Artfoto Studio

A saree is classy and evergreen. If you are looking for mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding, a saree is a perfect choice, as it will never go out of style. You can choose any saree you want, but we have some options that we felt were perfect for a mother. This green and white saree is too beautiful.

The half-n-half detail is what makes the look truly stand out. The white net fabric adds life to the saree and the dark green pallu will look perfect under the sunlight.

3. Cream and pink saree with mirror work

CoolBluez Photography

Before we talk about mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding options, we would just like to fawn over the smile on this mom’s face. The simple saree embodies the essence of a mother. To add some bling to the look, the mirror work design on the saree and blouse is just enough. The pink border adds the much-needed brightness in the look.

4. A classic red saree


If you are looking for mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding, you can pick a red saree without a shadow of a doubt! The bride will not wear red lehenga during a day wedding because it will be too much. However, you can wear a red saree without thinking twice. A simple silk saree, just like the one in the picture, and some traditional gold jewellery will make you look beautiful.

5. A timeless red lehenga


Similar to the red saree, if the bride is not wearing red, you definitely should. A red lehenga, for all the mothers young at heart, is absolutely faultless. To tone down the red of the mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding, you can wear a dupatta in a neutral colour and style it in a way that softens the look of the lehenga just a little bit.

Style tip: You can do the same with a saree and use a nude colour shawl to do the same.

6. Orange and red ombre saree

Deepika's Deep Clicks

We have another red saree option for mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding. If you do not want to wear a completely red outfit, you can opt for this one. Most of the saree and blouse is red, but the pallu has orange in it. The ombre effect gives a break from all the red colour and is perfect for an outdoor wedding during the night.

7. Simple blue and golden suit

White Frog Productions

Looking for mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding that are not a saree or a lehenga? Well, check out this simple suit! The blue base and dupatta with the heavy golden lace make it worthy of a wedding. You can also wear it on other wedding ceremonies as well.

Mothers are a huge part of a wedding and they need to look like the part as well! She is one of the most important people in the couple’s life and there is no doubt in our minds that she needs to look absolutely beautiful. Choose one of the mother of the groom dresses for outdoor wedding from our list and enjoy your son’s wedding! We hope you agree with our choices. Do tell us your favourites in the comments when you can!

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