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90s Bollywood Songs: 25+ Songs From the 90s for Your Wedding Playlist

Looking to add the evergreen and beautiful 90s Bollywood songs to your wedding playlist? Check out our handpicked list of timeless songs from the 90s for your wedding playlist.

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No matter how much we love to dance to the latest Bollywood songs, there is always a special place in our hearts for 90s music. Especially when it comes to singing them along or even adding it to the playlist for your Sangeet night, there is an ocean of Hindi songs collection we absolutely love! Whether it's a homey ladies Sangeet among family and friends or an intense Antakshari competition between the bride squad and the groom squad, old Bollywood songs have always come to our rescue!

In this article:

1. 90s Bollywood Romantic Songs
2. 90s Dance Songs from Bollywood
3. 90s Bollywood Wedding Songs

So, if you're all excited to add timeless 90s Bollywood songs to your wedding playlist, you've picked the perfect era! Check out some hits from the 90s and start prepping now!

90s Bollywood Romantic Songs 

For all the 90s kids, one movie that has always been a favourite amongst kids and parents alike is the cult original, DDLJ. What better way than to incorporate a timeless 90s Bollywood romantic song like Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the leading roles. The ultimate love anthem, this song has been the longest-running blockbuster. 

Want an evergreen love song that reminds you of the butterflies of first love to be added to your wedding playlist? Pehla Nasha from the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is one of the most popular and romantic Bollywood songs that you can dedicate to the love of your life. The beautiful melody of this 90s Bollywood romantic song resonates with people from all generations. 

Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin Title Track

Another popular 90s Bollywood romantic song is the title track of the movie Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. A melodious and soul-touching song, you surely cannot stop yourself from singing along with its beautiful lyrics. Your lady love will surely fall head over heels for you while you dedicate this song to her. 

Relive the magic of the 90s era with the romantic track Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain from the movie Pardes, making it a perfect choice as a wedding couple dance song. Begin your new chapter with your partner on a sweeter note with this wonderful romantic Hindi song. 

A massive hit and one of the most popular 90s Bollywood romantic song has to be Chand Chhupa Badal Mein from the movie Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam. From the catchy lyrics to the tune to the choreography, this Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai starrer track is an absolute perfection that displays the purity of love you share with your partner. 

Looking for a perfect song that aptly captures how you met your would-be partner? Take cues from the 90s Bollywood romantic song Raah Mein Unse Mulaqat from the movie Vijaypath that talks about how they met, and even after being anxious about falling in love, you cannot escape its magic. 

Another catchy song that you cannot miss out on adding to your playlist of 90s Bollywood romantic songs is Aankhon Se Tune Kya Keh Diya from the movie Ghulam. The chemistry between Rani and Amir Khan is definitely an inspiration for your own dance performance with your partner. 

Your love for the golden era of the 90s cannot be justified without you falling in love with another romantic hit, Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai from the movie Saajan. This is the perfect background score for your romantic love story. 

Tu Hi Re l Bombay

One of the iconic 90s song that instantly became a stupendous hit was Tu Hi Re from the movie Bombay. A beautiful song that skillfully blends its soulful lyrics with a soothing melody, you cannot stop yourself from being completely immersed in its beauty and magic. 

Yeh Haseen Vadiyan from the milestone movie Roja is still a popular 90s Bollywood romantic song. It remains a favourite because of its beautiful music, heartfelt singing and its ability to mentally transport you to a different place. 

Sensuous music with the powerful voice of S.P. Balasubramaniam—you just have to sing along with this beautiful 90s Bollywood song for the sheer romanticism of it! Here's an additional tip: How about you make a video of your solo performance on this love song with a little bit of drama and acting and share it with your fiancee for pure fun?

This is an evergreen song from the movie, Yes Boss. Shahrukh Khan is forever a heartthrob and his numbers are forever favorites with every generation. 

90s Dance Songs Bollywood 

One of the most favourite 90s dance songs in Bollywood that still makes our feet tap and we cannot resist but go all out, sit on the floor, and do its signature step is Chal Chaiya Chaiya from the movie Dil Se. This peppy number is a popular choice for wedding playlists even today.  

Looking for a 90s dance song that is full of energy for your amazing stage performance? Every kid from the era grooved to the music and had the lyrics of the original Oonchi Hai Building from the movie Judwaa learned by heart. While both the song and movie have been revamped today, this song brings the same craze for every 90s Bollywood-loving kid.

One of the most popular 90s dance songs of Bollywood has to be the original 'Humma Song'. Ek Ho Gaye Hum Aur Tum from the movie Bombay is a happy and peppy song that has to be on the playlist for your sangeet ceremony. 

Jaanam Samjha Karo Title Track

Another popular 90s song that you should definitely add to your wedding dance playlist is Jaanam Samjha Karo title track. The wonderful duo of Salman Khan and Urmila Matondkar gave this movie and song an alluring fairytale feel. 

NA Na NA Re - Mrityudaata

One of the classic 90s dance songs in Bollywood that is a favourite in every wedding, even after two decades, is NA Na NA Re from the movie Mrityudaata, sung by Daler Mehndi. He made his entry into Bollywood with this popular dance song that quickly became a crowd's favorite track. 

If you wish to add the ultimate party song of the 90s to your wedding playlist,? You cannot overlisten to the upbeat track Oh Oh Jane Jaana from the movie Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. The song became an iconic hit, entering Indian pop culture and setting the trend for Salman Khan to appear shirtless in his future songs. 

Another superhit song from 90s Bollywood is Chunnari Chunnari from the movie Biwi No. 1, that you can definitely add to your wedding songs playlist. This Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen's starrer track quickly became a wedding favourite soon after its release. 

Bhangada Paale Aaja Aaja | Karan Arjun | Shahrukh Khan | Salman Khan

A 90s dance song Bollywood that is full of energy and adrenaline is Bhangada Paale, from the iconic movie Karan Arjun. Add this song to your wedding playlist, and be assured that all your guests will be on the dance floor in no time. 

An evergreen song with an equally popular hook step that is one of the best 90s dance songs Bollywood has to be Jumma Chumma de De from the movie Hum. For a true Bollywood fan, as soon as you hear this track, you cannot help but sing along with it and enjoy its music to the fullest. 

90s Bollywood Wedding Songs

90s Bollywood wedding songs are one of the most popular genres that we hear even today in most of the wedding festivities. A beautiful song that the bride and all her bridesmaids can playfully perform is definitely Saajanji Ghar Aaye from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

A popular pick from the 90s for family Antakshri during weddings or ladies sangeet is Maye Ni Maye, from the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Most of us have sung this song at least once in our lifetime, and is today a popular 90s Bollywood wedding song. 

Add the sweetness and touch of blooming love to your story by performing on one of the most romantic and soothing 90s Bollywood wedding song, Maine Payal Hai Chhankai by Falguni Pathak.

Wedding songs in India can revolve around teasing family members while also enjoying the celebrations with them to the fullest. For all the brides, you can surely dedicate Aaj Hai Sagaai from the movie Pyaar to Hona Hi to your brothers. 

One of the cult classic and an absolute wedding favourite song from the golden era of 90s till today has to be from our absolute dearest DDLJ. Add the tadka of Raj and Simran's romance by adding Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna from the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge  to your wedding playlist. 

What better way to choose your 90s Bollywood wedding songs than to choose from a classic family movie from the era?

Give voice to your playful banter with your partner by choosing to perform on Chal Pyar Karegi from the movie Jab Pyar Kisi se Hota Hai.

Ready for your all-girls Bachelorette night? Then singing along with karaoke tracks on 90s Bollywood songs after a couple of shots is an absolute must to keep the party alive! This fun, carefree song from DDLJ, sung by the legendary Lata Mangeshkar, is almost every girl's favourite song! Talking about her perfect dream boy and where to find him—it's all just so dreamy, isn't it?

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Start your sangeet night with these 90s Bollywood songs and once you get into the groove, just keep hitting! Make everyone a part of your celebrations, and you will always burst into laughter every time you remember this night! The best thing about enjoying yourself among friends and family is that you really don't need to worry about your performance. All that matters is having fun! Play all your favourite 90s Bollywood songs and just sing and dance along. 

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