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Watch These Western Dance Songs Videos Right Now for Your Sangeet

Get ready to match your Bollywood steps with some western dance songs, because these wedding dance videos are setting up a unique Sangeet trend this year.

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

Ladies Sangeet ceremonies are no longer limited to the ladies of the house sitting with Dholak and singing some traditional as well filmy songs for the bride and the bridesmaids to dance on.

Sangeet function has changed over the years to match the extravaganza that comes with Indian big fat weddings. Now Sangeet functions have choreographed performances, an anchor hosting the entire night, a stage being set and the videographer on standby.

Taking this extravaganza up a notch further, we have medleys lately that weddings guests can be seen dancing on, consisting of latest Indian and western dance songs. The medleys consisting of western dance songs that we have listed below include individual dance performances, couple’s specials and flash-mob worthy dance numbers as well.

So, find the one that you relate to the most and get ready to be inspired.

Bride & Groom’s Faceoff

This video is inspiring much for the bride and the groom to get into the musical mood. A grand entrance with the audience in awe of the couple, followed by a mashup of Punjabi, Hindi and western dance songs for a stellar face-off between the couple.

This performance saw both the bride and the groom giving an enigmatic performance for the audience along with their own sets of backup dancers. The groom can be seen showing his macho Punjabi Bhangra moves, while the bride can be seen dancing on her favourite Bollywood melodies teasing the groom and the groomsmen.

You can hear constant hooting in the background, signifying how much fun everyone must have had witnessing the face-off.

The Sister-In-Law’s Solo Performance

When a brother or a sister gets married, it is the sister of either the bride or the groom who gets to have the most fun. Chirpy, lively and the heart of the wedding party, a sister’s dance performance has to be quirky and catchy as well.

A medley of western dance songs amalgamated with many Bollywood numbers creates a mashup that is loved by the young and the old alike. While selecting songs for a medley performance by the sister-in-law, opt for a mix of the 90s songs and latest blockbusters to create a beautiful mashup of the old and the new.

Western Beats Meet Indian Classical Dance

Give a groovy dance performance at the Sangeet function by matching western dance songs with the moves of Indian classical dance form. This combination is a performance to watch and will definitely put the performers as the star of the entire musical night.

While you are at it, ask the medley expert to add classical beats and verses along with the notes of any western dance songs to give more clear dance movements and directions to the performers. Remember to practice Indian classical dance steps thoroughly and in advance to be polished and perfect on the D-Day!

A Quirky Duet Dance By The Bride & Groom

Mixing western dance songs that are romantic with some fun and naughty Bollywood songs is a great concept for the bride and the groom to dance on. Begin the performance by doing a medley on some famous fun couple songs of the 90s followed by a mesmerising concluding performance on any of the power-packed western dance songs, like Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding.

Make such dance performance more dramatic by asking the wedding planners to arrange for a flower shower on stage when the couple is giving their performance.

The Groom And His Crew’s Performance

Boys in the house putting their best foot forward is how we can describe this dance performance. A medley of famous Bollywood songs of 2019 mashed up with the best party western dance songs of the year, this dance performance surely had everyone in the audience grooving to the tunes from the beginning till the end.

A mix of Punjabi and Bollywood songs of the 90s were also included in this medley, making it a colourful performance for everyone to enjoy.

Bollywood Songs On Western Music

If you have a talented DJ in the house who knows how to mashup songs flawlessly, then we suggest that you get an exclusive medley created with beats and music of famous western dance songs and get them tuned with the lyrics of this year’s most famous Bollywood songs. This way, you will have a medley track that is unique and something everyone will be able to relate to and enjoy to the fullest. After all, who doesn’t like having everything customised and exclusive for their own wedding functions?

Go Local With Western Dance Songs

Bring in the flavours of your hometown to your wedding performance by getting a medley created which consists of Bollywood, freshest western dance songs and some regional songs as well.

This way, you will be able to add your culture to your dance steps, guaranteeing that everyone in the crowd is able to sing-along and participate in the performance. Such wedding dance performances can be scheduled as the concluding dance number, where all the participants will be present, matching steps and having a blast together.

We are sure that these Sangeet dance videos with western dance songs have pumped you up and inspired you much to give a spectacular performance at the upcoming wedding as well!

You can either check these videos with western dance songs out and copy them as-is for your own performance, or you can bookmark these videos for reference when deciding on a medley or dance steps for the performance. For Sangeet performances which include western dance songs, you don’t need to worry about finalising a dress code strictly.

These dance numbers will go well with both ethnic wear and western wear alike! Concentrating on keeping the dance steps neat and easily adaptable is the key to successful performance in the end.

We would love to know if you plan on giving a dance performance with western dance songs at the upcoming wedding and the song names that you have chosen for it. Comment below and let us know.