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New Embroidery Designs to Make Your Wedding Attires Stand Out

Embroideries make your attire beautiful and amazing by adding another layer of design to it. Have a look at these new embroidery designs listed for you & be wowed!


Be it a blouse, a lehenga, a sherwani or be it a dress, it is the embroideries on it that make them so appealing. This is a fact that no one can deny. Moreover, the more elaborate the embroidery work is on attire, the more is its price.

When you wear a designer outfit, you pay a huge amount for exactly that – the embroideries.

With the Indian wedding market booming every year, most wedding outfits are now made with new embroidery designs to stand out from the rest.

While the lehengas and the blouses (for both lehenga and saree) have the best scope to incorporate the stunning new embroidery designs, the Sherwanis too have enough work on them to make them distinct.

Moreover, it is these embroideries that give that royal look to your attire and, in turn, you.

We have created a list of multiple attires where you can see how the new embroidery designs are making the outfit look even better.

You may draw some inspiration from such designs and look for something similar in your wedding outfit as well.


A unique set of colours for embroideries

CineLove Productions

The base colour of pale yellow is in itself a bold and unique choice but what makes this blouse so stunning is the colours you see in these embroideries. The rich colours of red, navy blue, purple and green make it one of the best new embroidery designs you may have seen.

Such a design breaks all the norms of the usual convention of going with a single coloured thread for the embroideries.

A hot pink blouse with golden embroideries


A hot pink blouse for your saree is a great choice especially when it has golden embroideries on it. The diagonal patterns and the flower formations make the blouse look subtle and extravagant at the same time.

An arch-shaped design on sleeves


Another blouse that has beautiful golden embroideries, this red blouse is perfect for a lehenga that has white as its base colour. The arch-shaped designs are definitely one of the best new embroidery designs you see on a blouse.

The rest of the embroideries are the popular Indian designs one usually sees in bridal outfits.


An elaborate design for the velvet lehenga

Hitched & Clicked

Velvet is the best material of cloth when you want a lavish look. No other cloth material can beat that. Moreover, the colour combination of maroon and white is as deadly as it gets.

Since the white colour pops out so much from the maroon background, every single detail of the new embroidery designs will be visible in such a lehenga.

The extremely intricate embroideries at the bottom portion of the lehenga is combined with big leaf motifs to fill the rest of the length of lehenga.

Every penny you pay for this extravagant lehenga will be worth it as every guest will be talking about this gorgeous attire for a long time.

A peppy pink lehenga for the Sangeet

The Wedding Salad

For occasions like Sangeet or Mehndi, you need not wear red lehenga but instead go for summery colours. If you choose the colour pink, make sure that the embroideries on it are of white, especially when it is a day event.

This will enhance your appeal considerably. Go for elaborate embroideries if possible. Have a similar tone of embroideries on the blouse as well.

A dress for your reception

Dipak Studios

Most people think of a dress as something made of light fabrics but when it is for your reception, you have to go for a heavier gown. The easiest way to get that look is by having a dress with elaborate embroideries all over it.

However, the only difference we see in the new embroidery designs in a dress when compared to a lehenga or blouse is that the colours of the embroideries are exactly the same as that of the dress.

The embroideries are there to add a bit more gravitas and punch to your outfit.


Golden embroideries on white Sherwani

Kirandeep Photography

A white Sherwani with golden embroideries is the universal attire for North Indian grooms as it matches with almost all the colours that the bride might be wearing. In a Sherwani, the embroideries are always subtle as it is there to improve the overall aesthetics rather than stealing the show.

A pastel green Sherwani with fine embroideries

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

As mentioned above, the embroideries on a Sherwani are not generally made with contrasting colours as it doesn’t look always good on men.

The subtle use of the pastel green embroideries on the Sherwani with the same base colour gives you an idea about how to incorporate designs on your garment. Always go for subtle embroideries when it comes to a Sherwani.

Now that you have gone through these attires, you must have seen how dull they would look if not for the embroideries on them. It sure is the soul of your wedding outfit and hence you must choose it wisely.

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