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This Is How You Can Prepare a Ladies Sangeet Ceremony Script!

Make sure you add all the fun, wit and quirk to your ladies sangeet script and create a rocking event for all the attendees out there!

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Talk about weddings in India and one will instantly picture a grand affair with a whirlwind of ceremonies.  From Mehendi, sangeet to the actual wedding, each function carries equal weight and therefore, comes with its own set of charms and challenges.

With every ceremony getting the centre-stage, preparations for the same always require to be on fleek to ensure that the event is as grand as the wedding itself. To name one such ceremony, Sangeet plays a pivotal role in building up the essence of marriage, the union of two people. In old times, it used to be a small family function with ladies and kids singing folk songs and seeking blessings of the god for the couple. However, now it has become a striking event of the family and stands high in the glam quotient that needs proper planning and execution.

The most important thing that needs to be planned well for the sangeet is the ladies sangeet script. You can either choose an anchor from the family itself or hire someone. However, it is important to add a personal touch to the script to ensure that everyone in the family can relate to it and not get offended by any lame joke or incident.

For your ease and understanding, below mentioned is the basic idea according to which ladies’ Sangeet script can be drawn.

1. Welcome

The ladies sangeet script should ideally start with a welcome note. Not that you are going for a boardroom meeting, but creating an ambience for the party is important and nothing does it better with a well-knit introduction. Start by introducing yourself and welcoming the guests for the marriage. You can always start your script with “Hello everyone, my name is ABC and I heartily welcome you all to the Sangeet ceremony of Mr X and would be Mrs X.”

You can also discuss about the bride, groom and their respective families. A small joke every now and then will keep the audience engaged but ensure not to offend anyone.

2. Explain The Theme

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Just like weddings, of late, Sangeet ceremony is theme based too. Though the ambience and the décor will say everything for you, make sure you discuss about the Sangeet and what could be expected in the coming hours to the women through your ladies sangeet script.

3. How The Couple Got Engaged

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Sangeet does not merely entail singing and dancing, it also weaves one of the most beautiful moments for the bride. Through your ladies sangeet script, you can tell a bit about the bride and groom, and how they met, how their courtship period has been and what all they went through to see this day. Being creative is the key to an amazing ladies sangeet script. You can also add a screen where the photos of bride, groom, and their families can be displayed.

4. Short Speech by Bride’s Mother

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The wedding is a dream not only of the wedding couple but also their parents. And, a mother is the most important part of the bride’s life. She is a friend, a companion and a mentor forever. To add a personal and emotional touch to the Sangeet, make space in your ladies sangeet script for a short and emotional speech by the bride’s mother. Make it short and heartfelt. Only the presence of the bride with her mother on the stage will bring magic to the complete Sangeet ceremony.

5. Songs/Dance Sequences

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Now that Sangeet has started on a great note, how about getting to the fun part? Start with the favourite quote, shayari or song of the bride. Keep the mood light with fun jokes and heartfelt messages. Invite the brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and more on the stage. There are a number of songs that are made for the wedding and related ceremonies. Though, every culture has different traditions but who doesn’t want to enjoy a Bollywood night!

6. Special Bride Performance


Now, it is time to bring the star of the ceremony. There are a number of Bollywood songs, which can help the bride to express what she is feeling. Choose, Sajan Ji Ghar Aye, Mera Piya Ghar Aya and similar songs to tap feet on. All you need is creativity and spontaneity.

7. Special Groom Performance

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When the bride is dancing, why shouldn’t the groom too? Choose a romantic number on which a groom can perform. He has vowed with his heart to his sweetheart and now it’s time to make vows to her family with the help of some dance moves.

8. Couple Dance

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When the groom is on stage, don’t leave the chance to invite the bride on the floor too. This calls for a perfect couple dance. They are the star of the ceremony, and dancing to the tunes of a romantic song will surely add a charm of an already beautiful evening.

9. Invite Everyone On The Dance Floor

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As the evening passes by and your amusing ladies sangeet script is keeping the guests glued, it’s time to level up the fun. Invite everyone on the dance floor and elevate the vibe of the party. Add peppy songs and full Punjabi numbers to the list and get everyone groovy.

10. Jokes & Emotional Connect

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In a sangeet script, it is very important to keep the guests engaged with your superb comic timing. No matter if you are trying to follow a well-prepared ladies sangeet scripts, improvisation always works. You can also crack intelligent jokes on the family and in-laws, but make sure that you are not offending anyone.

You can also add some catchy Hindi Shayari and poetry to spice up the evening. In the end, creativity and promptness are going to be your best partners while creating a ladies Sangeet ceremony script.

So, what kind of script are you preparing? Share your ideas in the comment section below.