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Yet to Plan Your Ladies Sangeet Ceremony? Here's How You Can Get a Perfect & Memorable One

Ladies Sangeet is one of the best functions in a wedding and here’s everything you need to know about how to make it fun and a memorable event.  

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If you are wondering about how to make your ladies sangeet a fun as well as memorable event, we have everything you need to know. Ladies sangeet is one function that each of us looks forward to and if you don’t want anything to go wrong, take note of the following things and have a killer ladies sangeet night.

Ladies Sangeet is hands down one of the most fun and looked up to pre-wedding ceremonies that is a ride full of fun and frolic. Whilst there and end number of ways in which you can amp up your fun quotient and make this ceremony, one hell of a rise for all the wedding guests involved, some ideas are greater than the rest. Some of our favourites being the rip off between the groom side and the bride side and some dancing competition between the two sides, we love everything about a ladies Sangeet ceremony. 

Moments That Define The Ladies Sangeet Ceremony


Here are some of the basic details that will help you plan your Sangeet function seamlessly. Give them a read and curate your Sangeet ceremony like a pro because as far as we can tell, the ladies Sangeet happens to be one of the most looked up to pre-wedding given to all the Naach-Gaana!

1. Duration of the event

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One of the first few basic things is to decide on a duration got your ladies sangeet. It shouldn’t be too short and it shouldn’t be too long, either. The ideal duration for singing, dancing and having a blast at your ladies sangeet, without killing your feet too much is around 5-6 hours.  

2. Ladies Sangeet theme

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A ladies sangeet theme defines the entire event. If you a theme in my mind, make sure everyone follows it. The theme can be colour based, occasion-based or every region based. Decide what you want and communicate it to all wedding guests. You can have wedding favours that go with the theme to complete the entire feel of the ladies sangeet event.

3. Decor for your ladies Sangeet Ceremony

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After the theme, comes decor and believe us, you need to get it right. To have a successful ladies sangeet, make sure the decor is comfortably simple and in line with the theme. You can choose 2-3 colour palettes for your wedding decor to give it a more refined overall look.

4. Ladies Sangeet venue

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Once you have the theme and decor in place, you can then decide on a venue according to your requirements. Choose a venue according to the time of the event - day or night. Decide whether you want an outdoor ladies sangeet function or an indoor one. Consider the weather conditions before you’re booking a venue.

5. Food for your ceremony

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Food is one of the most important things at wedding functions. Ensure you have quick finger food items on the menu for the ladies sangeet. Everybody will be dancing and so it’ll be easy for them to grab a few finger snacks. You can have an elaborate main course if you like.

How To Make Ladies Sangeet Fun, Nostalgic And Emotional

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Make it fun by:

1. Creating funny Sangeet scripts


Everyone loves to have fun when it comes to ladies sangeet. It’s one of the most chilled out functions during a wedding and if the emcee has a funny script, it makes everything all the more fun. Make sure you assist whoever is writing the script. Pick funny anecdotes and incidents from your life and include them in the script. Add a few jokes and keep it going with light humour, here and there. There is nothing better than free banter with some chapstick jokes to keep the atmosphere fun and light. 

2. Dance face-off

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You should definitely do a dance face-off. Everybody loves competitions and if it’s between the groom’s side and the bride’s side, it’s even more exciting. Though, if you aren’t having a combined ladies sangeet, you can do couples’ dance faceoff. Add quirky intros for each couple in the script and believe us, everyone will have helluva time at your ladies sangeet. Take cues from these pointers and have a memorable ladies Sangeet night!

Make it nostalgic by:

i) Performing a musical on the bride’s life

Get all your cousins to give a performance on your big day. Mix all songs that you’ve loved all your life and the ones that perfectly define who you are. A great dance musical will take you and your entire family on a nostalgia trip and it’s the best feeling, ever.

ii) Bride's favourite songs

Your best friends know you in and out and we all have that one song that perfectly defines our relationships with our friends. Curate those songs, make a playlist and ask them to perform it for you. Or you can even join them in this performance for a killer ladies sangeet night.

Make it emotional by:

i) Making the bride’s parents dance together

Weddings are an extremely emotional time for the bride’s parents. They are happy because their daughter is getting married, but also sad because she’ll be leaving their house. Seeing your parents dance together will make you emotional as well as ecstatic. It’s the best feeling ever and you don’t want to miss that.

ii) Making the bride’s mother dance with the bride

For a bride, her mother is her best friend. Since the day you’re born, your mother takes care of you and there’s no better way to celebrate your wedding with your mother by dancing with her on your favourite songs. It’ll be an emotional ride but you will cherish it for a long, long time even years after your marriage.   

Traditional Songs For Every Ladies Sangeet

A ladies sangeet night is incomplete without traditional songs and here are a few that you definitely need to play at your wedding. When we say old is gold we really mean it. And as for the young brigade, you can always go for some mashups which are a mix of some old songs and some new ones, a concoction that will ensure that every last wedding guest of yours taps their feet on the dance floor. 

1. Banna Banni

It doesn't get any cuter than this romantic song! 

2. Aaya Lariye 

A little flattering and bantering with your would be is all you need to do on this song! 

3. Akh Kashni

A perfect song for any bride-to-be quite literally!

4. Madhaniya

From the things that define this event to how to make it fun - we hope you now have a clear idea of how to make your ladies sangeet a memorable ceremony. We hope reading these stellar tips and suggestions gave you the juice to make your ceremony totally one of a kind.

Make sure you delegate a few duties to your bridesmaids and groomsmen and ensure that everything is on point and nothing misses the mark on what will become an epic night of fun, frolic and chapstick banter! Make your ladies Sangeet ceremony a fun-filled ride that each and every single attendee remember because there is nothing grander than a big fat Indian wedding.

Till then, are you all set to make a playlist of your favourite Sangeet songs?