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7 Family Games for Sangeet You Must Add to the Itinerary to Pump Up the Evening

When planning the different wedding ceremonies, make sure you add some family games for Sangeet to liven up the evening. We present to you some exciting and unconventional ideas that could make the ceremony memorable.

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Family games for Sangeet are the perfect way to break the ice between the two families, bring in oodles of fun and make happy memories for a lifetime. Sangeet is usually the first formal ceremony attended by both sides of the family in an informal mood. It’s an evening full of dance and songs, fun and games. When one talks about Sangeet games, conventional ideas like a dance-off comes to mind. Both sides of the families hire wedding choreographers and perform on a myriad of peppy, group, solo or even couple-worthy songs.

But we are all about the unconventional! It’s time to move over these stereotyped and clichéd family games for Sangeet and invite a whole new world of fun and excitement. How? Well, here are some unconventional family games for Sangeet that could instantly pep up your evening:

1. Freeze Frame

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This Sangeet game is all about song and dance, with a twist of fun to it. Play the music and let everyone dance around and then pause midway. As the music stops, everyone needs to freeze in the exact position. It’s a great Sangeet game that can be enjoyed by everyone at the same time. The couple can be the judge and see who manages to pull off the most difficult freeze frame for the longest time. This will also make for some crazy and memorable wedding pictures.

2. Passing The Parcel

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Passing the parcel, a game we played as kids, can be turned into a grown-up game for the Sangeet event. Play the music pass a cushion around and whoever has the cushion when the music stops, has to stand up and give a solo dance performance. Again, the main dance and song element remains intact, with a dash of excitement. This is perfect when you have a close gathering of friends and family as your guests.

3. Paper Dance

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This is a perfect game for couples. This is one of those family games for Sangeet that can get extremely competitive, but at the same time fun and exciting. Each couple gets a sheet of newspaper as a defined boundary they need to dance on. Every time the music stops, the paper needs to be folded to half its size. Each time a couple gets off the paper the number of participants reduces. This may sound easy but couples really need to work as a team to stay on.

4. Dumb Charades

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Instead of a dance battle, you can plan a game of Dumb Charades. A very popular game that is enjoyed by people of all age groups and ensures a laugh riot. Every time someone gets a film right, the winning team can dance to a number from the same film.

5. Drinking Sangeet Games

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Raise the spirits and the excitement with drinking family games for Sangeet. Head to the bar for a game of beer pong, 1-minute drinking challenges, make your own shots, guess the flavour etc. This one’s for the young and the crazy, and an absolute hit!

6. Karaoke

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How can a Sangeet be complete without people breaking into a song? Well, use this opportunity to make people sing their hearts out with a Karaoke game.

7. Impromptu Dance Battles

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Instead of well practised and choreographed dance performances, make your guests pick different coloured chits that form one team. Each team has to dance to a medley of songs, showing different stages of a couple’s journey.

These 7 family games for Sangeet are totally in sync with the theme of a Sangeet ceremony- dance, music, fun and togetherness. These games will bring not just the two families together and break the ice but also add a dash of fun and frolic to the whole affair. Adding these Sangeet games also gives the couple a chance to move around and meet their guests instead of just sitting pretty in a corner while everyone else has all the fun. You can prepare your own playlist of the perfect Sangeet songs that could add to the memories.

Ready to plan and include family games for Sangeet to the ceremony? Most of these games don’t require much planning or even organizing. Just make your playlist and let your guests know that it’s going to be a night of dance, music and lots of excitement.

Do you have any Sangeet games ideas and suggestions? Do share with us.