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50+ Gorgeous Mandap Design Ideas to Checkout Now for Your Wedding Inspiration

From cascading flowers to beautiful colour palettes and structures, your mandap design is a lovely canvas that can be transformed per your vision. Check out the fantastic mandap design inspirations for your wedding day.

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Pearls Wedding N Events I Photographer: Pervez Taufiq

While you are busy finalising your wedding details like the perfect wedding venue, fun photobooth ideas or shortlisting the beautiful wedding poses to capture your special moments for posterity, don't miss out on one of the major wedding decorations that will have a major impact on all of your wedding guests. Yes, you guessed it right. The beautiful and auspicious place where you will be exchanging vows with your beloved and solidifying your relationship for eternity - the magnificent mandap designs. 

From the spectacular canopy of flowers to hanging chandeliers and rustic boho themes, your mandap design can be created exactly as you envisioned by talented wedding planners and designers. If you are in any way confused about how you would like your mandap design to be, we have created a list of stunning designs and decors that you should check out for some major inspiration before you book your choice of wedding decorators

Fairytale Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Did you dream of a fairytale setting to exchange your vows and begin your happily ever after? We have found one of the most enchanting and gorgeous mandap designs that you cannot overlook. The sheer colour palette and floral galore has left us spellbound. 

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Mughal-inspired Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Atisuto Events I Venue: JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa I Photographer: WeddingNama

With millennial brides choosing minimalism over extravagance, how can you miss out on checking out this rustic yet chic mandap design for your wedding day? With Mughal-inspired columns and Jaali work, the gorgeous setting is beautifully elevated with a colourful play of exotic and wildflowers. 

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Mandap Design With Dome

Mandap Designs

If you have chosen to add a stunning floral wall to your wedding decor, how can you miss out on such a gorgeous floral mandap design that looks nothing less than straight out of a storybook? 

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Rustic Floral Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Diakon Events I Venue: ITC Grand Goa

If you are the one to plan your wedding decorations as per the latest trends and style, why not add the gorgeous Pantone Periwinkle shade to your mandap design and setting? The beautiful rustic mandap structure against such a stunning colour palette looks like a dream. 

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Gorgeous-in-Red Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Are you looking for a simple mandap design for your wedding festivities? We have just the right pick for you. With a unique pillared structure, the beautiful mandap design with white and red roses exudes a subtle elegance perfect for millennial couples. 

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Ivory Simple Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Decorators: Devika Narain and Company I Wedding Planners: A New Knot I Venue: The Leela Palace Udaipur

With ivory becoming one of the most popular wedding palettes for couples nowadays, this stunning mandap design will surely provide you with gorgeous white wedding decor inspirations. Against the sandstone facade of the venues, checkered floor and surrounding waterbodies, the beautiful mandap design will be a perfect pick for your white wedding. 

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Floral Mandap Design for Wedding

Mandap Designs

If you wish to get married under a huge canopy of flowers overlooking the sea, take inspiration from this stunningly decorated mandap design. With fresh flowers through the aisle and cascading beautifully through the mandap ceiling, getting married in such a serene setting will surely be a dream come true. 

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Scarlet Floral Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Decorators: DreamzKrraft I Venue: ITC Grand Goa

Want to create an upscale and beautiful ambience for your wedding festivities? How about recreating this stunning mandap design filled with gorgeous red roses for the win? 

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Rustic White Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Galore

If you are planning an Anand Karaj and want to shortlist an absolutely beautiful and amazing mandap design? Take a cue from this white decor against the serene green that perfectly captures the rustic beauty of this decor. 

Pastel Beauty Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: F5 Weddings I Photographer: Rajesh Satankar Photography

If you are a fan of pastel colour palettes for your wedding festivities, we have just the right pastel mandap design for you to choose from. With dreamy floral decor and clear furniture, it will be a stunning pick for the upcoming wedding festivities. 

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Structured Glass Mandap

Mandap Designs

Wedding Designer: Interflora India I Venue: The Taj Mahal Palace

Are you planning your wedding indoors and wish to choose a beautiful mandap design that looks absolutely spectacular at any 5-star hotel or banquet hall? Take a cue from this glass-structured mandap design with mirrors against a rose-filled flower wall and bright pink decor. 

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Mandap Design Close to Nature

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: It's an Affair I Venue: Taj Santa Cruz

Want to envision a nature lover's mandap design? We can be assured that it looks nothing less than this gorgeous green beauty filled with white flowers and big banana leaves with a constructed platform for you to exchange your wedding vows. 

Splash of Colour Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Kyc Events I Photographer: Dream Diaries

This awe-inspiring mandap design will be all you need to create magic at your wedding ceremony. Choose a colourful mix of wildflowers with the ceiling filled with cascading exotic floral strings, and it will create a lasting impact on each one of your wedding guests. 

Mandap Design With Magic Halo

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Mpire Events I Venue: Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa I Photographer: Magic Motion Media

This gorgeous outdoor mandap design is the perfect mix of traditional and modern, making it ideal for all our forest wedding festivities.

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Earthen Roots Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planner: Q Events and Weddings I Photographer: The Lumière Project I Venue: Conrad, Pune

Are you looking for beautiful floating mandap ideas to ensure that your wedding pheras are straight out of a fairytale? A neutral, contemporary colour palette blended effortlessly with earthen roots and brass bells to create a picture-perfect combination of modern and traditional decor.

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Blooming Pink Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Have you finalised your beach wedding venue to host a splendid celebration with your loved ones? Why not go ahead and choose a beautiful mandap design as well that will look ever the more enchanting for your grand wedding by the sea? 

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High-tech Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Want your mandap design to complement your personality while imbibing grandeur in each of its elements? This beautiful setup by this mandap is a pious yet simple structure, but its symbolism is profound. Every element of the mandap has been carefully crafted to complement the theme of the couple who wanted something unique and personal. 

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Mandap Design With Glass Dome

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: The A-Cube Project I Venue: The Taj Mahal Palace

We absolutely loved this stunning glass dome mandap decor from the beautiful wedding of Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu. Inspired by the idyllic and serene beauty of Kashmir, the wedding decor paid tribute to Gautam’s heritage by incorporating the prints and fabrics of the region. Pastel ombre flowers in the backdrop evoked the memory of the valley’s floating flower markets while the panelling on the mandap was reminiscent of a Shikara, Kashmiri houseboat with its intricate jaalis and carved panels.

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Lotus Floating Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: The Crimson Circle I Photographers: Knotting Bells

Always wanted a floating mandap for your wedding celebrations? Add beauty to your big day with a mesmerising mandap afloat on the water overlooking the sea. The hues of pink and the combination of colourful florals with green foliage made the mandap look breathtaking.

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Bamboo Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Niché Events By Priyal Mehta I Photographer: True Shades Photography I Venue: JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

If you are a fan of earthen tones and wish to incorporate nature at its best on your wedding day, take inspiration from this beautifully crafted mandap design. Made with fresh green bamboo, cane baskets, and lots and lots of leaves, carefully finished with thin mogra ladis, beautifully tied to the sides to sprinkle some freshness around. 

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Pretty Purple Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

If you are looking for inspirational ideas for your marriage mandap, we have just the perfect mandap design for you that will tick off everything on your checklist. From chrysanthemums to cockscombs to hydrangeas and roses, every flower was handpicked to build on to the colour story.

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Extravagant Mandap in White

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Innocept Studio Pvt Ltd I Photographer: CineLove Productions I Venue: The Leela Goa

Set against the dreamy skies & beautiful ocean, the mandap design looked gorgeous. Baby's -breath, infused with all elegant details, created a beautiful affair that you cannot overlook while choosing amazing mandap decor ideas for your big day. 

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Floral Mandap by the Sea

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Wedding Duo I Photographers: Photo Tantra I Venue: Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa

For your beach wedding, it's always a good idea to incorporate a bit of colour to your wedding decor to add that much-needed vibrance, just like this stunning mandap design. 

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Cascading Wildflower Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: DreamzKrraft I Wedding Decorator: Atisuto Events I Venue: The Oberoi Udaivilas

Create an illusion of a forest wedding by taking inspiration from this beautifully decked-up mandap design. Amidst the Wildflowers, this beautiful assortment of organic wild florals with a splash of baby’s breath creates a wildly romantic open-to-sky wedding mandap adorned with vintage lamp posts and modern pole lighting.

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Cascading Wildflower Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Designers: Decor By Komal I Venue: W Goa

A simple yet elegant mandap design for your wedding ceremony can add a touch of traditionalism amalgamated with modern decor elements to create a unique and absolutely spectacular setting.

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Swastik Traditional Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: Event Pitara

Straight out of a pastel dream, this incredible mandap design is a beautiful melange of tradition, love and delicacy of bloom. Soliciting the Swastik symbol and blending it right with the florals to add the perfect magic.

Ombre Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

When shortlisting wedding mandap decorations with flowers, this mandap design is one such example that you cannot miss out on. The beautiful ombre effect, along with a mirrored aisle, creates a breathtaking spectacle that you should surely include in your wedding festivities. 

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Rustic Beauty Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: VLW Global I Venue: Alila Diwa Resorts

This beauty crafted with a merry blend of reds & whites, pretty little details, and everything earthy elegance gave us the perfect mandap design. 

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Classic Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Galore

Transform your magical wedding moments into everlasting memories filled with beauty, elegance and fantasy with this absolutely dreamy mandap design that perfectly balances the white and pink colour palettes. 

Tree of Life Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: Kyc Events 

Choose opulence while envisioning your dream wedding mandap. We have picked just the right inspiration for you to ensure that your wedding festivities are nothing less than grand. 

Storybook Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: Design by PeeraPach

If you are a fan of fairytales and cannot wait to begin your happily-ever-after with the love of your life, take a cue from this splendidly magical mandap design and ensure that your love story is one for the classics. 

Mandap Design With Blushing Canopy

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: DreamzKrraft I Venue: JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa

Under the blushing canopy, capture the fairytale-esque essence with a pink and white floral arrangement and decor through this ravishing mandap design.

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Vibrant & Peachy Mandap Decor

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Galore

Gone are the days for pretty pinks and ravishing reds, Tis' the season for some peachy galore. Ensure that your wedding decoration is at par with your dream vision, just like this beautiful mandap design. 

Temple Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

It's not necessary that you always have to create your dream mandap design from scratch. If your choice of venue already has a structure built for you to change your sacred vows in serenity, you can always elevate its look through different wedding decor. 

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Mandap Design With Glass Pillars

f Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: Kyc Events

Presenting you with a mandap of many dreams. Escape reality and slip into a floral wonderland with a design specially curated to develop harmony between culture and grandeur.

Royal Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Mpire Events I Photographers: DotDusk I Venue: The Leela Palace Jaipur

If ivory and white are your go-to choices while choosing even the most minute detail of your wedding, take inspiration from this gorgeous mandap design and setup. A mandap design set to tie two souls together for a lifetime teams up seamlessly with a stunning backdrop that does absolute justice to the magic that is about to unfold. 

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Mandap Design With Subtle Minimalism

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Standing tall against the lush green fields of tea plantations, this subliminal mandap design is nothing short of a dream. The filigree mandap pillars beautifully create an arch where flowers are hung for showering blessings on the newlywed couple. 

Floral Wreath Mandap Decor

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Q Events and Weddings I Venue: Conrad, Pune

The Mandap traditionally has four pillars in four corners under which the ceremony is performed. The structure represents the new home that the newlyweds will build together, and the four pillars represent the four stages of life. Beautifully blending the traditions of Jewish and Hinduism, the couple stuck to traditional colour palettes for their wedding decorations. 

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Enchanted Forest Mandap Decor

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: A-Cube Project I Venue: The Taj Mahal Palace

Inspired by the idea of bringing to life a fairytale setting for Alanna Panday & Ivor Mccray's Dreamy Wedding, the hall was transformed into a magical garden filled with lush white florals and wild greens with twinkling lights on the aisle to create a dazzling and dreamy setting. The mandap features deconstructed acrylic arched arranged in a semi-circular ring to create a cosy gazebo with greens and in-lit birds hanging overhead for the couple to take their pheras.

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Ruby Red Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: The Wedding Design Company I Photographer: Fotowalle - The Story Folks I Venue: Suryagarh Palace

Red Roses. Pink Rose Petals. Tuberose and Lotus’, can you fathom the magic when they all come together? If not, just take a look at this spectacular mandap design that looks perfect for your royal wedding festivities. 

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Mandap Design of Your Dreams

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: Akarshana Events Entertainment I Wedding Decor: Silhouette Events

Leaf weaves that form a unique interlocking pattern take the shape of a mandap that wraps the place of ceremony in a swirl formation, flowing upward, symbolising a connection between the real and spiritual world.

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Simple Temple Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: The Crimson Circle I Photographers: The Blemished Tales I Venue: Hotel Dreamland

While looking for traditional temple mandap designs, this beautiful setup should definitely make your list. This simple mandap design will be perfect for couples who want fabulous decorations without going overboard on their budgets. 

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Mandap Design for South Indian Wedding

Mandap Designs

Image Courtesy: The Petite Project

The pillars and the structure of this mandap design are carefully designed considering a South Indian Home. With intricate carvings and patterns that would always remind us of the essence, culture, tradition and heritage. Coconut, supari, terracotta and small brass details remained the hero elements to bring the entire look together, which was nothing less than magic.

Pretty Pastel Mandap Design

Mandap Designs

The beautiful aisle complemented the gorgeous mandap, which was made of pretty florals and beautiful details, and looked stunning against the gleaming ocean. The gorgeous mandap design was created to celebrate the union of popular social media influencer Niki Mehra. 

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Mandap Designs

Wedding Planners: VLW Global I Photographers: The Bombay Brigade I Venue: Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia

Now with such an impressive list of gorgeous mandap designs, we surely cannot just choose one as each one of them has its own unique beauty. Get in touch with your choice of wedding venues and discuss how you can transform your wedding festivities into the most magical celebration of your life with the best wedding planners and designers near you. 

Which one of these gorgeous mandap designs would you choose for your wedding? Do let us know in the comments below.

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