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Top 27 Bridal Entry Songs for an Unforgettable Entrance

One of the most magical moments of your wedding day is your bridal entry. Make the most of it with a beautiful and unique bridal entry song that creates the ambience you have dreamt of at your wedding. Check out our list here.

bridal entry songs

bridal entry songs

Photography: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Let’s be honest, the most important moment for every bride is her bridal entry! This is the exact moment she has been dreaming about ever since she fell in love with her prince charming. Her grand entrance is all about ‘HER’ stepping into the spotlight and walking towards her new life. But wait a minute, for the perfect moment, you need the perfect list for bridal entry songs! 

We are here to help you set the tone for the heart-stirring occasion.

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Top Bollywood Bridal Entry Songs 

We will begin by discussing the top bridal entry songs in Bollywood style. From iconic songs to new-age remixes, we have covered it all! Discover the best Bollywood bridal entry songs of the decade.

Who doesn’t adore Anushka Sharma’s bridal entry song? She set an example for all the millennial brides as we walked in her pastel lehenga. Download the bridal song “Din Shagna Da” and walk in like nothing less than magic.

If you’re looking for traditional songs for bridal entry, this soul-stirring track is the one for you! Its meaningful lyrics and soothing tune will add a sentimental touch to the moment.

Unleash your inner Bollywood diva with this melodious song. You get to play real life heer to your ranjha with this Punjabi bridal entry song.

This exciting song will lift up the spirits of everybody present in the room. No wonder; it is one of the fun bridal entry songs and the best choice for a lively bridal entry.

This B-town track is one of the most nostalgic bridal entry songs for Indian weddings. The song celebrates the bond between a father and daughter and will leave you in tears.

This is one of the most soothing Punjabi bridal entry songs. Make your way down the aisle as a bold and happy bride with this track in the background.

Unique Punjabi Bridal Entry Songs

Punjabi songs have a touch of tradition and culture in them. We have brought to you bridal entry song list for creating emotional and festive vibes. Our list includes it all, from classics to modern blockbusters. Make your bridal entry one-of-a-million with these rhythmic beats

Social media has indirectly declared this track the 'most famous North Indian bridal entry song.’ The fun and folk vibes of this song will make you fall in love with it!

Another gem by Neha Bhasin, this bridal song for entry is a big hit. Fused with high energy, this track is everything a modern bride longs for!

We know it as the #sneakersong but it is a popular Punjabi song that radiates happy wedding vibes. It is one of the most unique bridal entry songs that depicts a bride who doesn’t shy away from expressing her excitement.

We cannot miss this one from the grand bridal entry song list! The voice of the real-life groom will sweep you off your feet, literally! 

We cannot miss out on listing some engagement bridal entry songs! This trendy track is not only lively but also very soulful.

This is a favourite of many brides-to-be for all the obvious reasons. It is listed as one of the most soothing and meaningful bridal entry songs for Indian weddings. 

Classic English Bridal Entry Songs

Searching for the perfect bridal entry English song can be quite difficult. That’s why we have shortlisted the best bridal entry songs for the girl who loves modern love ballads. Check out the beautiful melodies and pick one for your aisle moment.

The romantic bride will be swooning over this romantic melody. The sentimental girl's bridal entry song should be a soothing tune that represents her personality. 

Christina Perri: A Thousand Years

You are bound to sway to the tunes of this popular track as you walk down the aisle. This bridal song entry will surely make up for a dreamy entry!

Ed Sheeran: Perfect (Official Music Video)

Looking for bridal entry songs with groom in engagement? We’ve found you the ‘perfect’ song, quite literally! Reminisce about your dating years as you walk in hand-in-hand with your partner. 

Elvis Presley: Can't Help Falling In Love (Official Audio)

An enthu bridal entry english song should definitely make it to the list! Here is a magical track for all the brides who wish to stand out as they walk towards the love of their lives.

John Legend: All of Me (Official Video)

This one has to make it to the offbeat bridal entry songs for its popularity and lyrics. We adore John Legend as this gem that is a gift for all brides!

"At Last" by Etta James

Bridal entry English songs can create an intimate ambiance that is perfect for a bride’s dreamy entry. “At Last,” in particular, is a tender and soothing track that can create magic on the aisle.

Unique Bridal Entry Songs 

The bridal entry song reflects the bride’s style and personality. Just like her individuality, the song should also be completely unique! Explore the wedding bridal entry traditional songs that hit the beat in its own special way.


The emotions depicted in this track are what bridal dreams are made of! It is the perfect choice for a heartwarming bridal entry.

Ranjha (Sid x Kiara Version) | Official Extended Audio

As a classic love story comes to fruition, it deserves a harmonious track for all the feels! This one has a modern and contemporary vibe to it and will definitely win hearts around you.

The soulful vibe and edgy tune of this masterpiece will leave starstruck. Brides-to-be, this song is your chance to create a romantic and serene ambiance.

Sita Kalyana, Video Song | Kumari | Aishwarya Lekshmi

The traditional melody of this enchanting song will leave you mermerized. The graceful aura of the bride mixed with this Indian bridal entry song is sure to create magic.

The soul-stirring lyrics and uplifting tune of this track will add a charm to your wedding celebrations. It is one of the best bridal entry songs, known for its cultural touch!

Looking for offbeat and peppy bridal entry songs? This popular track will win over your heart if you are a true bridechilla!

“Ganesh Paat Besadiye” by Nidhi Dholakia

The folk and traditional touch of the track will have the audience reaching for the tissues. This Gujarati song for bridal entry is one of the best bridal entry songs nidhi dholakiya has gifted us!

Among the popular Coke Studio bridal entry songs, this one by Kailash Kher is a sure-fire winner! Enter with a sufi feel and vibe as fill the room with an enchanting touch.

The list of bridal entry songs does not end here, as we cannot miss out on this Bengali bridal entry song! Let there be a celebratory feel in the room as you walk towards your new life.

Dear brides, you need a fun and unique song for the most important day of your life, isn’t it? We hope that this list will help you turn your dreams into reality. These fun bridal entry songs are sure to win over the audience and your groom. Each of these songs has a charm of its own, and you’ll be spellbound by each one of them.

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