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8 Indian Marriage Car Decoration Inspiration for You to Style Your Own Ride for the D-Day

Spruce up your ride for the big day. Here are some spectacular Indian marriage car decoration images for you to take inspiration from.

The Lightsmiths

While you are surely planning a rocking Barat entry, your ride for the Bidaai should look equally spectacular. Whether you are going for a vintage car or a contemporary one, the right Indian marriage car decoration can make a huge difference. The designs can vary according to your choice, of course, but you should scout through the variety before making your final decision. And to help you with that, we have curated a list of inspirational images that can amp your Bidaai ride.

A. Indian marriage car decoration for vintage cars

1. One bouquet for each spot

Tamarind Global

If your vintage wedding car looks anything like this one here, add more pop to it with flowers in different colours. The vibrant bouquets on the bonnet, two on the sides and one at the back of the car make for a complete Indian marriage car decoration. You can choose the flowers that go with the colours of the car or base them on your wedding theme. How every aspect of your wedding then synchronises beautifully will surely take every guest’s breath away.

2. Magical bumper

Vintage Wedding Cars

One style for Indian marriage car decoration can be choosing to highlight a particular spot of your ride. In this case, it is the bumper which looks quite impressive when it comes to the aesthetic aspect of it. Add a sense of vintage feels to a vintage car can hardly be done better than this. Again, your choice of flowers and bouquet can make or break this look so pick wisely. Also, the choice of the flowers is not as important as the colours, so even if you wanted some international flowers, it is best to go with a combination of Indian and international flowers keeping the budget in mind.

3. Simplicity at its best

Vintage Wedding Cars

You are already making a style statement with your vintage wedding car so how about you keep things simple when it comes to Indian marriage car decoration? A simple bouquet atop the bonnet looks apt and complete in itself here. You can take a similar approach to your wedding car and keep things fuss-free. This also leaves the driver of the car clear view of the road ahead without any of the decorations blocking their way.

4. Wreath for the back

Lucros Event Management

Replace the traditional “Just Married” sign with a classic wreath decoration for the back of the car. The choice of the place for display will attract everyone’s attention and wreaths are always pretty. A half-wreath, in this case, looks equally marvellous with this white vintage car. The colour of the car gives you the opportunity to go crazy with your choice of flowers because the botanical aspect of it will blend in everything into perfect grace. How does that sound to you?

B. Indian marriage car decoration for modern cars

1. Cruising in style

The Lightsmiths

Turn your chic ride into an uber chic one with such Indian marriage car decoration. The impact the colours from the fabric tied in a ribbon fashion give the car is instant. And the flower bouquet placed on the front makes it look like the perfect gift for your bride. The throwback feel of this car is enhanced against the sunlight and making the colours and decoration pop. Such a car and Indian marriage car decoration are perfect for any day wedding.

2. Class at its best

Weva Photography, Kochi

Did you ever imagine that a classic ride with a wreath at the side for decoration could look so spectacular? Well, this car right here is proof of just that. The key is to keep things minimal yet stylish. And how do you do that? By choosing the all-time hit Indian marriage car decoration flowers, roses, and turning them into a creation that no one can take eyes off. Ask your wedding decorator or planner for more ideas. Their suggestions might yield something completely new and never done before.

3. Go all out

The Celebrations

And when you have to make it most flamboyant Bidaai ride, go all out with your Indian marriage car decoration. Think ribbons, flowers, net fabrics and all that you can think of, arranged in a neat fashion. This style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those particularly looking for this, such inspiration is the right dose you need. An open Jaimala-style wreath for your car can leave onlookers positively surprised.

Bonus Indian marriage car decoration

4X4 ride

The Lightsmiths

Are you planning for an awe-inspiring car that speaks to your adventurous personality? Cast such spells with a stylish 4X4 ride which deserves more than a simple Indian marriage car decoration. The beautiful pink flowy fabric complements the carnations adorning the windshield. This might even turn your car into a photobooth that people end up taking pictures against. The coolness factor of such an amazing car and Indian marriage car decoration combination can even make your wedding a viral affair on social media.

These Indian marriage car decoration ideas must have ignited a spark in your mind. What do you want as a couple, how you want this aspect of your wedding to be and what impact do you want it to have; consider all such things while finalising your decoration style. After that, all you have to do is to find a florist who can bring it to life.

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