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Luxury Car Rentals in Jaipur - Show Your Guests Some Pomp and Splendour by Renting Your Luxe Cars From These Vendors

Love the idea of wedding hoo-ha? Nothing’s more impressive than organising fantastic transport for all your guests through luxury car rentals in Jaipur! Keep reading to know how you can do so!

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With the rise of destination weddings, everyone now wants a flawless wedding with the perfect setting that ticks all the boxes. If you are planning a wedding in Jaipur, arranging luxury cars for you and your guests is one of the key ways to make the wedding complete. Transportation plays a huge role in a wedding, be it when the bride leaves after the Kanyadaan ceremony and Bidai or reaching the destination from your hotel. This is why you need luxury car rental (Jaipur) to help you out with this. When you are planning a grand wedding, do not hold back! Make sure that you have one of the best weeks of your life with multiple incredible functions.

1. Why luxury cars?

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The entry of the bride and groom is one of the most anticipated moments in a wedding and hence you should opt for the best cars to leave a lasting impression on the guests that have assembled. It adds to the glam and glitz of the function, especially when it is a grand destination wedding in Jaipur! Apart from the travel on the wedding day, the celebrations involve a lot of back and forth from airports or railway stations. Therefore, people require quite many rental cars for this.

Now that you know the importance of luxury cars in a wedding, let us have a look at some of the top luxury car rental (Jaipur).

2. Aapno Heritage

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Aapno Heritage has been one of the premier luxury car rental (Jaipur) for the last 7 years. They offer you a variety of cars for all the events before or after your wedding. You get top-notch services at affordable prices with each package customised according to your wishes. The price starts at ₹3850 for a day and it varies according to the vehicle you choose. They not only provide luxury cars but also provide bigger vehicles like tempo travellers, AC/Non-AC buses and so on.

3. D.Tour & Travels

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D.Tour & Travels is a leading travel concierge based out of New Delhi. However, it provides services in Jaipur as well. Their intensive range of luxury cars ranging from Audi to Innova is what makes them one of the ideal luxury car rentals in Jaipur. Since they offer high-end cars, they charge you upwards of ₹15,000 for a day. Moreover, they provide transportation for you and your family from Delhi to Jaipur for the wedding.

As a host, making sure that your guests reach the destination safely is one of the best things you can do for them. It allows them to enjoy the nuptials to the fullest. After all, you do not want to dance for hours to upbeat music during the wedding after a bumpy ride! Their skilled staff makes sure that the complete journey is a joy.

4. AAA Tours

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AAA Tours is one of the most sought-after luxury car rental (Jaipur) because of the varied services they provide. They do not only provide luxury cars for the wedding day, but also provide regular cars like WagonR or other hatchbacks for odd jobs like going to the market. When it comes to luxury cars, a Mercedes is the most popular choice with AAA Tours. You can use it for the bride and groom to leave the venue after the Bidai. Their services start at a price of ₹ 5,000 and they only accept payment through cash or net banking.

5. Auto Riders

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Auto Riders have been offering luxury cars for weddings for almost two decades now. They are one of the few luxury car rental (Jaipur) that have been recognised by the Department of Tourism in Rajasthan for their impeccable work. What makes them click is the immense experience they have in this field, which helps them to keep a note of all the intricate details that help keep things smooth. They provide fuelled luxury cars and other vehicles for you with prices starting at ₹11, 000 for a day.

6. Viratra Travels

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Viratra Travels is a popular luxury car rental (Jaipur). They offer brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota and a few more. On top of that, the best thing about Viratra Travels is that they offer their cars at cheaper prices than others do, starting at just ₹ 1,500. At such affordable prices, you can let many of your guests have a great experience while travelling to your destination wedding.

Renting a vehicle from any luxury car rental (Jaipur) is not just about the glamour glitz, but also about having an experience that will stay with you and your family for a long time. Keeping everyone happy at your wedding is quite a tough task and looking out for luxury car rental (Jaipur) for their needs can bring you one step closer to achieving that.

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