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10 Minimal Invitation Ideas for the Couples With a Simple Taste

Not every Indian wedding invitation is fancy and OTT. Here are some minimal invitation ideas for the couples with a minimalistic taste.

LC Design Co., Delhi

From its font type to its colour scheme, its design to the texture of its paper, everything about an invitation card speaks volumes about the taste of the couple. With the concept of theme and décor at a wedding being the most emphasized upon these days, most wedding invitations tend to reflect the same. However, with the changing mind-sets of the millennial couples, not everyone is looking for invitation ideas just as dramatic as the theme and decor of their wedding. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the OTT invitation ideas, the minimalistic ones have a charm of its own. So, for the new age couples looking for minimal invitation ideas, here’s a list of our favourite 10 that’ll help them pick theirs.

Vintage Floral Genre

Mostly Handmade by Akshita

The first on our list of minimal invitation ideas is one of the most commonly loved invitation themes around the world. With a subtle French flair, these vintage floral invitations bring novelty to the look and feel of invitation cards while also emphasizing on it being a modern wedding that has an old world charm.

Beach Wedding Invite Using a Blush Palette

Pink Whistle Man

Just like the idea of a beach wedding, this watercolour wedding invite backdrop is unique and beautiful. With a theme of floral and a tint of blush, the hand-painted details on this beach-themed invitation are nothing less than perfection hinting accurately at what the guests must expect at the wedding.

Sober Caricatured Wedding Invite

Two Mad Girls

When we talk of minimal invitation ideas, we do not generally take into consideration the caricatured designs as they are known to be OTT and dramatic. However, this simple white backdrop invite, with the only dash of colour being the bride and groom caricatures, make for a simple South Indian wedding invitation that blends in the traditional touch with its quirks seamlessly.

The One Using a Pastel Palette

Artsy Design Co.

All that minimal invitation ideas like these need are a colour palette in mind for inspiration and a theme that follows. Just like the modern Indian wedding, the mood board for this invite has been the shades of pastels blended beautifully with the traditional wedding elements like the elephant motifs and the dhol-shehnai on the handmade invites.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Card

Image Courtesy: The Event Collective

For the coupes that are rather thoughtful about their environment, this eco-friendly invitation is one of the simplest ideas that will surely take their breath away. From using recyclable paper to opting for the old world charm of a handwritten invite tied around with a thread, this one hints at all things personalised.

The One with Embossed Graphics

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Who said minimal invitation ideas cannot play around with graphics? Well, here’s the perfect example of a simple invitation card with embossed graphics of marigold flowers in gold that looks oh-so-beautiful. While flowers are a traditional element at Indian weddings, its adaptation on this wedding invitation is rather modern giving it the much-needed quirk.


One with the Leaves and Petals

Uttara Shah Bespoke Fine Invitations

While floral designs are common with wedding invites, here’s a modern one that uses leaves as the theme of the invite. While the flowers add the much-needed colour to minimal invitation ideas like these, the unique colour palette and the floral borders give the invite an unconventional European vibe.

Personalised Hand Written Invitation

VS Calligraphy and Designs

Now here’s a minimal invitation idea for couples that are looking for something personalised. The refined and muted colour palette of green, blush and ivory looks like the perfect match to a wedding décor that has baby’s breath flowers and hydrangeas, while the hand-made logo and hand-written calligraphy on the invite are for the couples that have a royal taste.

The Classic White and Gold

Image Courtesy: Sketch Design Studio

Next on our list of minimal invitation ideas, is one that is royal and yet subtle. There is something about a plain white wedding invitation card with a golden font that shouts classy like nothing else. The ribbon tied around it and the wax seal stamps only add to its understated beauty making it an apt choice for couples that are looking for a timeless regal wedding invite.

The Simple Invite with a Traditional Touch

Image Courtesy: Inksedge

This is one of our favourite invitation ideas that has a traditional touch to it and is yet very basic and simple. While the genda phool as we mentioned earlier is one of the most used traditional elements on a wedding invite, we love how it’s used as a decorative element on this otherwise simple design making it the go-to choice for couples looking for a minimalistic traditional wedding invite.

From traditional Indian designs to ones that have a European touch, our list of minimal invitation ideas has a wide range of choices for the new age couples to pick from. All they need to do is zero down on the colour palette, the texture of the paper, and the theme to know the kind of invite they want to send out to their near and dear ones for their big day.

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