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Mindblowing Christian Wedding Card Designs for the Big Day

If you are looking for Christian wedding card designs, we have it all in this blog with some beautiful and fun ideas to look at if you are looking for inspiration.

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A wedding invite is the first official interaction with your guests and family about the wedding. Just because of this fact, the design and aesthetics of the card should be top-notch in every manner. Moreover, the designs should always resonate with the theme or the vibe of the wedding as well.

An amalgamation of the right colours, design and the content is what makes a wedding invite beautiful and appealing. When it comes to Christian wedding card designs, the colour palette usually remains white with subtle designs on it. The designs can be floral or just geometric shapes and lines.

The key is to maintain aesthetics. However, it is not necessary that you always follow the conventional rule but instead go for some quirky or fun Christian wedding cards as well.

Now, let us look at some of the best design templates for your wedding card matter that you can try.

Get a Touch of Fairy Tale Magic

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Have one of the fairy tales incorporated in your Christian wedding card designs by having a doodle image or a painting of a prince and a princess at the centre of the card. You can then have the information either on top of the design or at the bottom. You can put the bulk of the information at the back of the card. Focus on simpler fonts to increase the readability quotient.

A Transparent Card

Image Courtesy: Decor Studio Fusion- Wedding Accessories Donets

Now this is one of the most unique Christian wedding card designs as you may use a transparent plastic sheet to print your information. You may use the white colour of ink for that as it will look exceptionally beautiful on top of the clear case. Here, you can go for some extensive writing style with long ends to it. Include some floral patterns on the corner to give the card some shape. You can also try for sleek lines for borders.

The One With Your Initials on the Seal

Image Courtesy: Bride To Be Beth

If you want an old-school wedding card, go for an envelope design with a seal on it. The thing to note is that the seal you should have the initials of the bride and groom to give it some personalisation. You can use simple colours like white and gold to give it the royal touch and the old-school vibe.

Frame Your Invite

Akanksha Negi Invitations

One of the Christian wedding card designs ideas that you can use for close relatives and friends is to frame your wedding invitations and then give it to them. They can keep it safe and maybe use it as reminder for the number of days left before the big day. Furthermore, they can reuse the frame post the wedding.

A Wedding Invite With Multiple Cards

Image Courtesy: Galerina Invitation

If you have multiple events at your wedding, then you surely need multiple cards for them. For such a case, the best way to go is to create a thick folder like body, that holds all the other cards in it. In such Christian wedding card designs, you can also put in extra information like a map to the event space or add a page to tell the love story of the bride and groom or an itinerary of the wedding. It is up to you how you want to use the extra space available.

Let the Font in Gold Steal the Show

Image Courtesy: Lindsay Neill Graphics

You must have noticed how most wedding cards have their fonts in golden colour. The reason is simple - it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You can use colours like white, navy blue or even black to help the golden pop. In such cases, always use this colour to present the important information like the names of the bride and groom, the date of the event and the event space.

Doodle Your Story in the Invite

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One of the most creative and different Christian wedding card designs is to incorporate a doodle strip depicting your love story in it. You can choose the vibe of the strip as funny, romantic or emotional. Create something that lets the guests understand the beautiful story with ease. Use multiple colours to make it lively. This approach will make it different from the usual ones with just the basic information of the marriage.

List Out the Itinerary in a Fun Way

Pink Whistle Man

One thing to add the fun element through the Christian wedding card designs is to include the itinerary of the wedding in an amusing way. Ask your guests to be prepared for the dance performances, cocktail parties and all the fun games that will be there.

Bring your creative head to the table and conjure some bright ideas for the Christian wedding card designs for your wedding. Choose colours wisely and do not go for loud hues.

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