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An Answer to "When Should Wedding Invites Go Out" for the Couples

Have you ever wondered when should wedding invites go out to your friends, family, co-workers? Keep reading to know the right timings to send them out!

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Weddings are a big deal for everyone involved. The groom and bride, their parents, siblings, close family, and friends, all living in India or abroad. Your wedding is very important for them as well. Apart from you, they are the happiest when they know that you’re engaged and are going to get married soon.

Now, they know all about the wedding and the preparations going on and are super excited to attend it, but that is all in an informal space. From the moment they know about the wedding, they eagerly wait for their wedding invites. They wonder how it is going to look, where the ceremonies are going to take place and all the other details.

So, formally inviting them is a huge task for the couple who is getting married. Close friends and family also help them complete the task of inviting everyone.

This task starts months before the actual wedding date. It is done so because your guests need time to get ready for your wedding like shopping for their wedding outfits, or - if someone has to travel from far places - booking tickets, taking leave from work and so many other tasks have to be done by them before they are ready to attend your wedding.

That is why it is so important to know when should wedding invites go out in a way that is suitable for you and your guests. Wedding cards are distributed at different times for different types of guests. If your guests are nearby and know about the wedding, you can invite them some days before the pre-wedding ceremonies start, while others need to be notified in advance.

If you are confused about when should wedding invites go out to your guests, read more to know about the right time to roll out these invites!

1. Family


If you are wondering when should wedding invites go out for your immediate family, that answer totally depends on you. Your close relatives like your uncles, aunts and cousins are involved in the wedding preparations too. The elder members probably have more say about many of the ceremonies than you do. It is just a formality and a sign of respect to give them an invite and ask them to come. They do not need any prior notice to prepare for your wedding, as they are doing it side by side with you.

Therefore, you can invite them when the wedding cards are first printed or to make it more interesting, plan a small get together before the hustle stats and get them their invites then, it is totally up to you.

2. Friends


Your friends are just as excited as you are for your wedding. They cannot wait to tease your partner and spill all your secrets. Friends make weddings fun and it is important to invite them before all the festivities start so that they also have time to prepare for your wedding.

You can invite them a month before the wedding date if you want to invite them to all your pre-wedding ceremonies.

Now we know not all your friends are very close to you and you only want to invite them to your wedding, so when should wedding invites go out in this situation you ask? Well, you can invite them a week or 10 days before the wedding.

3. Neighbours


The answer to the question when should wedding invites go out to neighbours is simple, just 2-3 days before the wedding. If some of them are special and you are planning to invite them for some other rituals as well, then you can invite them 2-3 days before they start.

4. Co-workers


You spend most of your time with your colleagues and have decided to invite them to your wedding! So the big question is when should wedding invites go out for them? You can invite your co-workers for 4-5 days before the wedding. It is enough time for them to get ready and decide what they can wear to your wedding!

5. Friends and family living abroad


We all have friends and family that live very far away from us. Now it is very tricky to decide when should wedding invites go out to them. You can invite informally the day the wedding date is fixed so that they can book their flights and get good deals. In addition, they have to get their work leave approved, so it is best to inform them beforehand.

Now, you can send the formal invitations to them as soon as they are printed to six to eight weeks prior, whatever suits you more.

We hope we have solved some of your confusion about when should wedding invites go out for different types of guests. Tell us if you think our timings are correct in the comments section below!

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