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The A to Z Of Indian Wedding Invitation Wording Format

Caught up in a whirlwind of questions around Indian wedding invitation wording decisions? Then this checklist is definitely made just for you! Read on.

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Thoughtful and pre-discussed Indian wedding invitation wording can save you a lot of time and money over the loss of misprints and confusions. This information will help you check all the important Indian wedding invitation wording pointers for a smooth finalisation of the content.

Right from deciding on the marriage invitation card format for the family of the bride and the groom, to finalising on keeping all the important information crisp but clear, we have got it all covered. This information on Indian wedding invitation wording will provide an idea to your wedding card maker about how detailed and lengthy your wedding card design will have to be.

The best method of practising this checklist is by sitting with both sides of the family and mutually deciding the Indian wedding invitation wording format together.

1. Who Is Inviting The Guests?


The first thing that needs to be decided is, on whose behalf will the invitations be drafted for the guests. While some Indian wedding card designs include names of both the grandparents as invitees, others mention parents as being the invitees with a subtext mention of the grandparents' names as co-invitees.

One modern trend that we often come across nowadays is seeing the couple becoming the main invitees, with the parents and the grandparents as being co-invitees on the wedding invitation cards.

2. What Salutations Are In Order?

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There are various western and Indian ways of salutations that we often come across in Indian wedding invitation wording while addressing the people. You can pick between Mr. & Mrs., Shreeman & Shrimati Ji or the abbreviation versions Shree & Smt while addressing parents, grandparents and in-laws.

And while you are deciding this, discuss the wedding font size and style of mentioning names of all the parents on the invitation card as well.

3. Room For Philosophy?

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If the families want to keep the invitation simple, then you can go ahead with providing just the details in terms of Indian wedding invitation wording for the invites. But in case you want to make the wording fancier, browse the internet to find a unique quote that you feel will be apt for the wedding and your personal perspectives.

Your wedding invitation quote can be a poem, a phrase, a quote or even a famous movie dialogue. Depending on the theme of your wedding and the message you want to deliver to your guests, pick a dialogue that people are able to understand and connect with easily.

4. The Bride Or The Groom First?

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In the case where the bride and the groom’s families are keeping wedding card invitations separate, the first person’s name gets decided easily. But in cases wherein both the parties co-create one invitation card, it is essential to decide whose name will come first in Indian wedding invitation wording format. As the norm goes, the name of the bride gets featured first, followed by that of the groom and his parents and grandparents next.

5. The Invitation In Dialogue

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Right before you share event details, it is essential to write a two liner on behalf of the invitees in the Indian wedding invitation wording format. A message that says ‘The invitees would like to request the presence of the guests to witness the bride and the groom tie the knot in holy matrimony’ can very well be used.

This kind of message can be customised, depending on the tone of the overall wedding invitation. You can decide on keeping the dialogue formal, semi-formal, romantic, spiritual or even candid.

6. Main Event Details

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Provide the wedding venue's address as detailed as possible, even if you are providing a map leaflet along with the invitation card. The address should include known landmarks so that guests will be able to find the venue easily. The address should be accompanied by the time and date of the function in bold and non-italic fonts.

The older guests might find reading venue time and date in artistic fonts a bit difficult. Keeping that thought in mind, always make sure that you choose a font that is easy to read and remember.

7. Additional Details

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Other important details like the wedding dress code, information about the map, timings of various wedding ceremonies like the Baraat assembly, Pheras, Vidai; can all be listed right after the main event details.

The additional details that an Indian wedding invitation wording needs has to be in bold fonts, but it can surely be a size or two smaller than that of the main event details. This will help draw a line between the key event information and the additional ones neatly.

8. List Of Point Of Contacts

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Before mentioning phone numbers of family members in Indian wedding invitation wording, make sure that the said people will be available to take up the responsibility. When a wedding happens, many queries and requirements pop-up. names of the people who will be occupied taking care of other wedding arrangements won’t be a great idea.

Instead, go for family volunteers who can guide the guests through all the queries about the wedding, which also includes providing additional venue-location details to each caller patiently.

Finalising on just the wedding card does not mean that the job is complete. Taking care of Indian wedding invitation wording with a mutual agreement is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Approval of all the participants of the invitee's list is crucial and should be taken into account seriously.

Striking a conversation with both the sides of the family will help you finalise a wedding card that includes all the essential details one would need for the wedding. Above all, make sure that the venue and function details are as informative and easy to understand as possible. In terms of Indian wedding invitation wording font size, you can always consult the card maker to suggest the size that goes best with the design of the card. It's all about attention to detail that results in beautiful and informative wedding invitation cards, sans mistakes of any kind.

We have an array of wedding card vendors, who are experts in providing the best Indian wedding invitation wording solutions. Browse through our vendor's list to consult any one of them, as per your convenience.