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Confused About Aadhar Card Name Change Online? Find All The Solutions In This Guide

Whether you need to change your surname in your Aadhar card or correct the spelling mistake in your name, you can easily do it online. Learn the step by step procedure for ‘Aadhar card name change online’ by reading this article

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After the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the Aadhar card or UID (unique identification), it has become absolutely important to keep your Aadhar card updated. You can easily correct and update your Aadhar card details online including your name, address, date of birth, etc. And that's a change you must remember, especially if you're getting married.

While changing your name after marriage is a personal call, your permanent residing address does differ, as you move in with your life partner.

Remember, that an Aadhar name change online request requires time, as does a change of your permanent address, so it is prudent to plan it accordingly. There is a limit to the number of times you can update or change your Aadhar card details so be careful about this. If you don’t want to correct your name online then you can get it done at your nearest enrolment centre by filling up a form and paying Rs. 25.

Getting it done - An Aadhar card name change online

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However, if you wish to know the process of an 'Aadhar card name change online', here is everything you need to know, have and do:

1. A linked mobile phone number is mandatory for Aadhar card name change online

First of all, for an Aadhar card name change online request, you need to have your mobile phone number registered with your Aadhar card. Your mobile number is required for online transactions like receiving and submitting OTP for authentication.

Remember, it is essential that your mobile number is reflected in your Aadhar card before you apply for a name change request. Without a registered mobile number, you will not be able to do so through the online portal. You would need to visit an Aadhar office instead.

2. Use SSUP (Self Service Update Portal) For Aadhar Card Name Change Online

By using SSUP, you can update your demographic details such as name, address, gender, mobile number, email and date of birth. So, everything related to updating your UID or Aadhar card can be done using this user-friendly website.

7 Easy Steps For Aadhar Card Name Change Online

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A. Visit the SSUP (Self Service Update Portal) website to correct or change your Aadhar card name.

B. Log in with your Aadhar card number.

C. Now you have to submit a request for your Aadhar card name change online. You need to fill the request in English as well as your local language. It is mandatory to make the request in both the languages.

D. Choose any supporting document to provide as a proof for your correct name from the list of documents required for Aadhar card name change online (given below under 4th subheading of this article). Write your Aadhar card number on the document clearly. Self-attest the document and write your name clearly below your signature or thumb impression.

Scan and upload the soft copy of this supporting self-attested Proof of Identity document online.

E. Once the request and documents are submitted, you will receive your Aadhar card request number which you have to save carefully. This number can be used to track your Aadhar card name change online status and for future references.  

F. Your Aadhar card name request will be further verified by the UIDAI officials. Your request can be rejected if the information is incomplete or not identical to your other provided data. However, if every information provided is correct and complete, your desired changes will reflect in your Aadhar card name for which you will be notified too.

G. Your Aadhar card name update can take up to 90 days as written on UIDAI website. You will get an Aadhar letter with the updates at your address. You can also download your updated Aadhar card from UIDAI website.

Documents Required To Change Your Name

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You need to submit a self-attested authentic identity proof to update or correct your name online. You can submit any of these identity proof for the same. Please note you don’t need to submit all of these documents rather submit only that number of documents which is required by the website.  

  1. Passport
  2. Pan Card
  3. Ration or PDS Photo Card
  4. Voter Identification card
  5. Driving licence
  6. Certificate of Marriage
  7. Legally approved name change certificate
  8. ECHS Photocard
  9. A document containing a proof of the marriage of the applicant issued originally by the marriage Registrar
  10. Photo identification cards issued by the Government of India
  11. Service photo ID cards that are issued by the PSU
  12. Job card of NREGS
  13. A photo identification that is issued by some Recognised Educational Institution
  14. Licence of Arms
  15. Photo card of the Freedom Fighter
  16. Photo Passbook of Kisan
  17. Photo Bank ATM card
  18. Photo Credit card
  19. Photo card of the Pensioner
  20. Photo card of CGHS
  21. Residing Address card of the applicant that contains both the name and photo that was originally issued by the Department of Posts
  22. Handicapped medical certificate or a disability Identification card
  23. Identity Certificate containing the photo of the applicant on a proper letterhead and is issued by either the Gazetted Officer or the Tehsildar

Things To Take Care Of While Updating Your Aadhar Card Name Online

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1. Fill the online form in capital letters and don’t make any mistake while submitting the information. Make sure the information filled by you match the information provided in the supporting document. Recheck before submitting it.

2. Check the supporting documents attached to your request. All of them need to be self-attested with your signature above your name.

3. Carefully save your URN Aadhar card number for future reference.

As you have read it above already, there is nothing so difficult about changing or updating your Aadhar card name online. You can easily do it yourself without visiting the enrolment centre. Your Aadhar card or UID is an important identity proof which will be required for many official purposes. So, update your Aadhar card today with the aforementioned easy steps and keep your documents ready for any future need.

Do not delay this very important process because it will take about 15 to 90 days in total. That is why it is advised to be done in advance rather than in the time of urgency.

Now when you know how easy it is to change and update your Aadhar card name online, do it yourself as soon as possible.