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Here's Why Booking An Online Pandit Makes the Most Sense Now!

Gain a digital advantage for your wedding ceremony by sourcing an online pandit. Here we explain the whole new online pandit segment and what to expect from it.

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Need some digital help to ease you through the rituals and ceremonies that are part of a marriage ceremony? Well, there is a service now that will make your life easier. You can opt for an online pandit booking and consultancy service for all requirements - be it your engagement or the house warming after your marriage!

With most wedding vendors and businesses extending an online arm, things are now becoming easier and easier for today's couples. Be it a directory of vendors for all your needs or a pandit, you can get it all online! Yes, you heard it right - a pandit.

One quick scan for the keyword 'online pandit' on Google, will land you into a list of several pages where one could schedule pujas (be it a Ganesh puja or a Gauri puja) at their hour of convenience while also eliminating the hassle of finding the items needed for the said puja.

There are several other services available ranging right from festivals to special occasions. There are also many sites available for different cities which would offer similar services to make performing ritual duties a tad bit easier while relying on a knowledgeable online pandit.

So, this post will guide you through the whole new online pandit segment, what to expect from it and how much it would cost you:

1. Is it accessible everywhere?

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To our surprise, some of these online pandit directories have over  5,000 pandits across India and about 700 pandits abroad. Once you contact these platforms, they will find an online pujari who can cater to your specific puja at the comfort of your own home/office with all the materials required be it in Delhi or Denver!

While most of them cover all metropolitan cities and capitals, some websites even have online pandits registered with them all the way in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and even Singapore. Owing to the vast Indian population in these countries, the same pujas are available without a single compromise.

2. The puja directory

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Starting right from major rituals including a Havan, Shant Vidhi, Satyanarayan Katha, house warming, naming ceremony or even a wedding ceremony, these online pandits will help you perform any puja you require to the best of their knowledge with the best of Puja Samagri, which too they can gather for you before the actual puja is scheduled.

If you've found it hard to find a pujari or need the assistance of one end moment for a function, this online pujari portal will come to your rescue with their easily accessible sites, contact number and assistance teams.

3. Beyond pujas

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The online pandits apart from your usual puja requirements can also help you with horoscopes, online astrology chart reading, Vastu-Shastra consultancy for your home, Puja Samagri shop and even palm reading. All of these can be conducted without the physical presence of an online pandit and all seamlessly online with you just behind a screen!

Such progress makes it easier for those living abroad or having a hectic schedule where managing everything is hard as is.

4. How does it work?

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Let's say you've scheduled a puja on a festival and you faced a tough time finding a pandit who could help you out. It is then these websites come to the rescue! You enter all your details starting right from the choosing the particular puja, for an added bonus these websites also explain in detail all about the puja starting from its requirements, significance down to the price you would incur.

Once you select the suitable puja you would like to perform you must enter your details which include name, contact details and address. You must pay upon completion of the puja. You could also ask any doubts or make special requests. The busy days, these sites may ask for your details before an actual confirmation to look for an online pujari before they can finally confirm.

6. Are these sites reliable?

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Always be sure to check the site well before you proceed to make a booking. We strongly advise against online payments to avoid any confusion. Also since it a new branch of online pujari services, there is always a chance of some unregulated sites running scams so always take some preventable steps and rely on the sites that seem genuine and use the contact numbers in case you have any doubts regarding the same.

These online pandits make the entire process of conducting pujas, getting a consultancy or even understanding the significance of a puja so much easier and seamless. These sites are informative, easy to use and provide the best of knowledgeable online pujaris who are well versed for every puja requirement at the comfort of your home be it abroad or in a small town in India.

Between all the confusion and running around for planning a wedding, if you ever forget to call a pujari for a puja or need to consult and understand a ceremony these online pandits come to the rescue and we could not help but appreciate this service for its ease and diligence. The entire review system in place also ensures that you can help one another with this new-found service!

Have you come across some excellent online pujari sites? Do let us know in the comments below!