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Head to the Hills! Best Hill Stations in India for Honeymoon for Couples Who Crave for Nature & Adventure!

If you've always felt a calling from the mountains, your most romantic holiday should also be in the hills! We have a list of some of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon for couples who can't have enough hills! Read and start planning!

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Every natural landscape has a different kind of magical allure. And as far as the hills are concerned, they have their own ways of seduction! Mountain lovers swear by one quote that John Muir once said, "You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you"! 

So couples who believe the best honeymoon destinations are all up in the hills, you're in luck! We have carefully created a list of some of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon for you! Dig in and get to know about some enchanting places in India at different hill stations. Read, learn what's special about each of these destinations in different parts of India. Check out these best hill stations in India for honeymoon now!

1. Mussoorie-Dhanaulti

Vibrant Holiday Destinations

When you're looking for some of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon, you must add Mussoorie and Dhanaulti to your list. The quaint little town of Mussoorie with roadside cafes and bakeries at Landour Bazaar will remind you of all those lovely children stories by Ruskin Bond! Stay near the market for some sheer colonial vibes. You could pack a little picnic for a romantic date by the serene Jharipani or Bhatta Falls. Experience some local Garhwali cuisines and stare at gorgeous starlit sky at Camp Thangdhar in Dhanaulti.

Things you must do: 

  • Witness the spectacular snow-capped Himalayas at Lal Tibba
  • Visit the organic apple orchards for some natural goodness.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks and valleys at Dhanaulti Adventure park.

Best time to visit: September- June.

Approximate budget: (4-5 days): ₹12,000 to ₹14,000

2. Arunachal Pradesh

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The lush green mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and pure air of Arunachal Pradesh make it one of the most desirable and hence best hill stations in India for honeymoon. Get lost in the picturesque natural beauty of Ziro Valley and Dibang Valley. If you are a couple who loves to explore, don't miss the Ziro Music festival and Solung festival which are absolute cultural treats. Enjoy their local rice beer and scrumptious pork dishes. Spend a week in this little piece of heaven in North East to make your romantic honeymoon an epic tale to remember!

Things you must do: 

  • Trek to Talle Valley.
  • Visit India's largest monastery in Tawang.
  • Take pictures of snow-covered Sela Pass and frozen Sela Lake.
  • Witness nature's stunning beauty at Dibang valley.

Best time to visit: April- June, October- March and July - September (for the monsoon bathed valleys)

Approximate budget: (7 days): ₹50,000

3. Auli

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Pack your woollens and skiing kits for an incredible honeymoon at Auli. If you're the kind of couple who want to make your honeymoon an opportunity to feed that adventure bug in you, this is one of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon! Auli's snow delight and white mountain trails make it the ideal honeymoon destination for adventure-seeking couples.

Things you must do: 

  • Go skiing at the highest slopes of Mount Nanda Devi.
  • Trek from Joshimath to the Valley of Flowers.
  • Take a 4 km rope-way ride with spectacular views.

Best time to visit: January-March and May-November.

Approximate budget: (6 days): ₹25,000 to 28,000

4. Darjeeling

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Take a stroll on the cosy streets of the Mall, sip the most aromatic and exquisite tea in the world, watch captivating sunrise over the Kanchenjunga range with your beloved at Tiger hills...Darjeeling isn't known as the most romantic and thus one of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon for nothing! Couples are believed to have fallen in love with each other time and again simply by being at the cute town!

Things you must do: 

  • Stay at a tea estate resort for a luxurious experience amidst tea gardens.
  • Watch the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga at Tiger hills and you can also recite a few romantic poems and quotes to your partner!
  • Take joyride at the UNESCO recognised Toy Train and sing that legendary "Mere Sapno Ki Rani" to your beloved!
  • Eat, drink and shop at the Chowrasta for some exotic artefacts.

Best time to visit: April: June and October- December.

Approximate budget: (5-6 days): ₹34,000

5. Kodaikanal 

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After the North and North East, let's take you to one of the southern part of our country! Kodaikanal is one of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon not just because of its fascinating mountains but also the picturesque forests. That's one reason behind its name that literally means "The Gift of the Forest" in Tamil. A trip to the Guna Cave, Dolmen Circle with its pre-historic significance and trek to the Palani Hills- Kodaikanal will surprise you with her versatile chapters of nature! Things you must do: 

  • Long romantic walks on the scenic Coaker's Walk.
  • Boat ride at the pristine Kodaikanal lake.
  • Trek to the Dolphin nose and echo point.
  • Have some childlike fun moments at Caps fly Valley here you can experience a boomerang!

Best time to visit: October- March, April- June and July-September.

Approximate budget (6 days): ₹32,000

6. Spiti

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Untouched, calm and magnanimous- prepare to be mesmerised by the grandiose Himalayan beauty. Spiti is the ideal spot for best hill stations in India for honeymoon if you're a couple who's looking for off-beat location, biking experiences and the wanderlust bug.

Things you must do: 

  • Bike trip from Manali-Spiti. You can also hire a cab.
  • Camping by the crystal clear Chandratal Lake and gazing at zillion stars above you.
  • Visit Tabo, Langza, Key and Kibber monasteries.
  • Gorge in some mouth-watering Momos and Thukpas and shop for beautiful Tibetan masks.

Best time: May-October.

Approximate budget (6 days): ₹30,000/- to ₹40,000

You don't have to follow the cliche and can totally design your own honeymoon package. Look for the best hill stations in India for honeymoon, compare the prices offered by each travel agent and see what suits you best. Choose your own preferred hill stations and ask for deals or choose one from our list of best hill stations in India for honeymoon. Remember, your honeymoon is the first romantic getaway as a married couple, and you deserve nothing but the best! So don't compromise on your requirements and desires. Make lots of stories and give your honeymoon the "Unforgettable Tale of Love" tag, forever!

Need help in planning your trip? Talk to our travel agents for great deals on honeymoon packages or bookmark our curated take on best hill stations in India for honeymoon.